Completed Checklists

When you’re finished with a checklist you can mark it as complete, which hides it from your dashboard and your Inbox, and shows yourself and your team that it no longer needs working on.

“Completed” is one of three states that checklists can be in:

A checklist marked as complete cannot be changed unless it is made active again.

Completed checklists do not count towards your active checklist limit in our free plan.

Completing a checklist

There are two ways to change a checklist to complete.

Option 1: Complete all tasks

Checklists automatically change to “complete” when all tasks (and required fields) are ticked off.

You’ll see a shower of confetti and a green banner at the top of the checklist.

Option 2: Manually change the state

Alternatively, to mark a checklist as complete no matter how many tasks are ticked off, click the “Complete checklist” button in the right-hand menu when viewing a checklist.

Note that you cannot complete a checklist if you have required fields or Stop Tasks in use. These will need to be completed before you can complete the checklist.

Viewing completed checklists

You can view completed checklists in your Checklist Dashboard.

Reactivate completed checklists

To re-activate a completed checklist (allowing you to edit fields and un-tick tasks), open it up and click the “Reactivate this checklist” button.

To archive a checklist, you will first need to re-activate it (a checklist cannot be both complete and archived).

Learn more about running checklists and archiving checklists.


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