Using Email Notifications in Process Street

Email notifications make it easy to keep track of the important events in the templates and checklists that matter to you.

There are several ways an email update will be triggered.

First up, Process Street will send you the following email alerts by default:

  • When you are added to a checklist or task
  • When a checklist or task you are added to is due for completion
  • When another user @mentions you in a comment

However, email notifications are not sent for your own actions.

For example, if you assign yourself to a checklist or task then you will not receive a notification.

If you want more notifications than the above, you will need to subscribe to either the template or checklist.

Subscribing to templates

Click the cog next to the template’s name to bring up the right-hand menu…

… and click the “More” button.

Now just click “Subscribe”.

Template subscription notifications

Subscribing to checklists

If you only want to receive notifications from a specific checklist, open up the checklist and click “Subscribe” in the right-hand menu.

Subscribing to a checklist will send you notifications for the following events.

Checklist subscription notifications

Remember that you aren’t sent email notifications for your own actions, meaning only edits and updates others do to a checklist will be sent to you.

Think of it this way; while you want to know what’s going on with a checklist, you don’t need to be reminded of your own actions, which would also bloat your inbox.

Using @mention to send an email alert

@mentions in Process Street work in much the same way as many other apps. If you want to send an email alert to a team member from inside Process Street, you first need to be viewing a checklist.

Once you have a checklist open, scroll to the bottom of the relevant task and type “@” to bring up a list of team members that you can direct your comment to.

Choose the desired team member from the dropdown, then type out your comment as normal. When you’re done, send the comment.

Note that you can reply to @mentions straight from your email app — no need to login into Process Street.

Email alerts from assigned tasks

If a user is assigned to a task with a due date, they will receive email notifications both when they are assigned to the task, and when the task is due.

To learn more, check out our articles on task assignments and task due dates.

Managing Email Notifications

You can manage your email notifications by visiting your profile & settings page and clicking on the notifications tab.

From here, you can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe from all emails (expect billing related emails).

And choose to receive a once-a-day reminder of your overdue and upcoming tasks.

For more information on triggering email notifications, please check out our email notifications article here.

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