How to Add Someone with Limited Access?

You can add someone with limited access to your organization by inviting them either as a guest or a member with limited permissions.

To add a member or guest to a specific template or checklist, open up the item in question and click the “Add Members” button in the right-hand menu.


Alternatively, you can access the “Members & Guests” tab of your organization manager by clicking your organization’s name in the top right of your app view.

Once there, enter their email address (and, optionally, their name) and hit “Invite” to add them to your organization as a member. If you want to add them as a guest instead, make sure you tick the box below the email address field.


You can also share checklists with anyone using a public link. The activity of anyone who uses this link will be recorded as an anonymous user.

Checklist sharing does not require the user to have a Process Street account, so it’s great for tasks such as collaborating with a client on a checklist.

If you want to know more, check out our article on managing user permissions.

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