Creating & Managing Groups

You can group users together to manage all of their permissions at once or easily assign them to a folder, template, task, or checklist.

For example, if someone new joins your team you can assign them to a group to automatically add them to that group’s folders, templates, and checklists.

By default, all members will be assigned to the “All Members” group.

Users: In order to create or manage groups, you must be an Administrator.

Create a group

Creating a new group is super simple to do.

You can head straight to the Groups tab, or click the name of your organization in the top right of your screen, to access your organization management area.

Navigate to the “Groups” tab and then click the “+ New Group” button, to create a new group.

Give your group a name and click “OK” to save it.

Add users to a group

Now you’re ready to add users to your group. Click the pencil icon to edit the group.

In the Members tab, type an email address or search users by name. Click on the user you want to add to the group.

If someone is not already a part of your organization, you can invite them as a Member, by typing their email address.

Note: You cannot invite guests to be part of a group. Learn more about the difference between members and guests.

Default groups

If this is the first time you’ve accessed the Groups tab, you’ll see there are four default groups in your account.

You can choose to keep these, edit them or delete them, it’s up to you!

Manage groups

Click the pencil icon to edit, update or delete any of your groups.

Remove a user from a Group

Click the “remove user” icon to remove a user from a group.

Change a Group icon

To change the icon or avatar photo on a group, click on the Properties tab, click ‘change photo’, upload your file and click “Update” to save your changes.

Change a Group name

To change the name of a group, click on the pencil to edit the group. Next click on the properties tab, change the name of the group and click “Update” to save your changes.

Delete a Group

To delete a group, click on the pencil icon, then click on the properties tab.

Click the “Delete” button to remove the group from your organization.

Learn more about managing group permissions and task assignments.


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