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Do You Have a Referral Partner Program?

Do You Have a Referral Partner Program?

Updated March 7, 2024

Yes! Our referral program is a simple self-service program where you sign up to become a referral partner and earn 20% commission on sales for the first 12 months of each account you send to us.

Learn more about it and sign up here.

There are a number of ways you can be a referral partner. These are just a few of the many creative methods our most profitable partners are using.

Customize and share our pre-made workflow templates

We currently have ~300 pre-made workflow templates, which you can share as as Lead magnets, Content upgrades, interactive podcast show notes, course content and more. Search our workflow template library and edit them to suit your needs.

Once you edit a workflow, your partner key will be embedded in the workflow, as long as you have connected your Partner Key to the Process Street organization you’re sharing the workflow from. If the user converts within 90 days of accessing your workflow, the sale will be tracked to your referral account and you will receive a commission payment.

Build your own workflow template packs & sell them

Some of our partners build their own workflow template packs and sell them as digital products, like a business in a box.

As well as the revenue they get from selling the workflows, they also get the recurring commission payment for bringing customers to our platform.

Value-adding for coaching & membership programs

We also work with partners who offer Process Street as a value add in their membership or coaching groups.

For example, in addition to the core value proposition the influencer offers, they also include a Process Street account which is pre-populated with workflow templates that the member or client can use as part of their own business.

In this example, the subscription cost of the Process Street account will be included in the price the member pays to join the group or course. We could negotiate a reduced rate for partners. Plus you get a recurring commission payment for the first 12 months of them being a customer of ours, (this includes top-up payments for any upgrades for expansion they make during that time).


We’ve also created The Consultant’s Guide to Process Street to help you and your clients make the most of the platform, with chapters ranging from an introduction to Process Street to documenting client processes and small business resources to brush up your skills.

Download the e-book for free using the link below:

Check out the individual chapters of the e-book for free below:


Learn more about our partner program and sign up here.

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