How To Earn Money With Process Street’s Partner Program

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Want to make more money from your clients, without making them pay more?

Well, with Process Street‘s partner program you can do just that – for every customer you refer who sets up a paid account, you’ll get a cut for no extra effort. Hell, there’s a reason we’re one of the top business process management software apps on the market.

To get you started, this section of our consultant’s guide to Process Street will go through:

  • How to generate passive income by referring Process Street
  • How the partner program works
  • How much you’ll earn from referred sales
  • How to earn money from referring people without your unique link
  • Setting up your affiliate account
  • Generating your referral link
  • How payments work
  • Monetizing Process Street outside of referrals

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If you have reservations about recommending us to clients that’s not a problem – just check out any reviews of Process Street to get a little assurance before earning passive income with referrals.

Let’s get to maximizing your profits without needing extra effort or money from you or your clients.

How Process Street’s partner program works

Process Street’s partner program is easy to set up and use – all you have to do is share a unique link which will take viewers to our home page. If they sign up for an account from there, you’ll then be entitled to a cut of what their contract is worth.

For example, if you have a following on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, you could share your referral link on there to benefit from your audience (if you think that they will be interested in the product).

Alternatively, you could just send the link to clients who are working with you to improve their business’ consistency and documented processes.

partner program process street partner program overview

How much you earn

We give you 20% of whatever your referral pays for the first year of their contract.

It’s so simple that the only uncertain part is what pricing plan your clients will be on – remember that organizations are billed per member (and admin) per month, and if they sign up for a year then they’ll save money.

So, if your client signed up for a year on the business plan with 30 members in their organization, they’d pay $4,500 and we’d ship $900 your way.

Note that your clients will have to follow your link for you to automatically get the 20% cut. Just send them your personal affiliate link which, when clicked, will direct them to the homepage, from which they can set up a new account.

partner program earn 20 percent of sales

Earning money from referrals outside your link

With the vast number of business apps in your tool belt, you may have already referred customers to us without using the link. Don’t worry – we’re not just going to ignore the business you sent our way.

We’re happy to credit you with previous referrals, amounting to the same as if they’d used the referral link (20% for the first year of their contract).

To sort this out with our team you just need to get in touch with our support portal. Do this by:

Just send over the email address or domain of the company you referred, along with how long ago you referred them, and we’ll credit you. We will ask the company whether you referred them to double check.

How payments work

It’s all well and good to know how much you can earn from referring a client to us, but that knowledge is useless without knowing how the payments work. After all, if you don’t provide us with the correct information then we won’t even be able to pay you for the extra sale.

Referrals can pay monthly or yearly

When paying for Process Street your referrals can choose either a monthly or yearly business plan – monthly costs $15 per organization member per month, while yearly costs $12.50 per member per month. Alternatively, our “Enterprise” level plan costs $52.50 per member per month and comes with full onboarding, setup, and integration services.

In other words, even if a large client doesn’t want to pay you to help them set up and integrate their processes, if they sign up for the enterprise plan you’ll still be getting a large pseudo-commission.

partner program pricing plans

Clients on a “monthly” setup will pay every month, and so you’ll receive your 20% every month. Alternatively, if they go for a “yearly” plan they’ll pay it all at once, meaning you’ll get the 20% cut for the year in one sum too.

Payments adjust according to whatever the referral pays

As stated above, you’ll get 20% of whatever the referral pays for the first year they are a member. This means that after the first year we will stop crediting you with any value from that contract.

However, if the client decides to upgrade (or downgrade) their pricing plan during that year, your referral bonus will be adjusted accordingly – you’re not limited to whatever plan the client initially chooses. So, if they start on a smaller plan to test out the app and then upgrade, as soon as their plan changes your bonus will also increase.

Payment is sent out a month after collection

The other major thing to note about how payments work is that we send your cut the following month to the client paying us. The total payments from your referrals is tracked over the month, then 20% of that is sent out the following month.

For example, if someone you referred to us pays $1,000 to set up an extensive yearly plan and is billed in February, we will send you $200 (20%) come March 16th.

You can withdraw payments amounting to over $50

Due to GrowSumo‘s business model, you won’t be able to cash out your referral earnings until they total over $50. In other words, you need to refer clients who pay a total of $250 or more for their first year with Process Street in order to cash out your referral cut.

Note that Paypal (if you use them) charge a 2% fee every time you do so, up to $20. It’s not a massive deal by any means, but if you can take out more than $1,000 at a time you start to avoid some of that fee, so letting your payments build up can be a valid tactic.

Multiple payment methods are available

We prefer to send any payments through Paypal and into your GrowSumo (affiliate) account, as this makes it easier for you to track your total referrals and cash everything out in one go at the end of the month (along with referrals to any other products you’re promoting).

partner program payment method

However, other payment methods are available to those in non-Paypal regions. To find out more, contact our support portal.

Setting up your affiliate account

Now that you know how much you could be earning and how often we’ll pay you, it’s time to set up your affiliate account and start boosting your profits.

To do so, first follow this link:

This will take you to our GrowSumo partner application page, which contains a little more information on our partner program, such as an FAQ further down the page.

monetize processes process street partner program join now button

Click the “Join now” button in the top left of the page, then either create or log into your GrowSumo account. This will allow you to track your referrals for Process Street and other services in one place.

Once you’ve entered your information you’ll be shown your personal Process Street referral link – this is what you’ll need people to click and sign up using in order to easily mark them in our system as being referred by you. From this pop-up window you can also get a head start on your affiliate adventures by sharing the link on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by using the buttons provided.

monetize processes process street partner program referral link

Managing your affiliate account and claiming payments

You can view your affiliate account and link at any time by logging into GrowSumo. From your dashboard you’ll be able to see handy stats such as:

  • The number of times your link has been clicked
  • The number of signups via your link
  • How many paying customers were created with your link
  • How much you’ve earned in referrals (both pending payments and approved ones)

Clicking on the “Referrals” tab will allow you to see the information of customers you have referred, such as their name, company, and the date they signed up.

Meanwhile, the “Payouts” tab will display your payment information and allow you to review your balance. From here you can also cash out your earnings (if they total over $50).

partner program growsumo dashboard

Monetizing Process Street outside of the partner program

You don’t have to refer customers to Process Street to earn money through us – you can charge an hourly fee to set up a client’s account, templates, and integrations, sell example processes you’ve made, or content lock them to capture leads for potential clients.

Charging to set up client organizations

The biggest avenue for monetizing Process Street is to be paid by a client to set up their organization, templates, integrations and automations. That way you not only work closely with the client to make sure that they get the most out of the platform, but you can guide them through each and every step to documenting, improving, and deploying efficient processes.

Typically this will involve charging an hourly fee to take control of the client’s Process Street organization. From there you can set up and improving their templates, integrations, and automations, and since you have full access you can be certain that the client will be able to take full advantage of Process Street’s advanced features.

Remember that you can both charge an hourly fee and earn money by referring us to clients – it won’t cost your clients anything extra, but we’ll still be giving you a 20% cut of their contract value while your main services (setting up templates) is paid by the client.

Selling templates

Selling templates is a great tactic for earning more money without having to spend a massive amount of time with a client (or if they’re not willing to pay you per hour for your services). Instead of working with them over time to build and perfect their processes or providing customized templates to their specifics, you could sell a folder of slightly more general use templates which they could then either use or customize.

Think of them as your own personal template packs, such as the example ones we’ve created for HR templates, employee onboarding, real estate checklists, and more.

partner program selling templates

To do this, just create a set of templates which could prove useful to your clients, such as inventory management. Once you’ve got a potential pack to sell, group them together in a folder and price them up according to what you think they’re worth (without setting up integrations, etc).

If a client just wants you to give them a set of processes to use, you can either copy the folder straight over, customize a template or two and then copy it, or even swap templates in and out according to what the client actually needs.

The client knows exactly how much the templates will cost them and knows what the templates are (using either our guests or template sharing feature), and so custom combinations are easy to negotiate.

Again, just remember that privately sharing a template will let the client import the template for free, so if you’re planning to sell them, it’s much safer to show off the template through our guests feature.

Using forms to capture leads

If you’d rather gather leads or mailing list subscribers, you could use a form builder to send out a survey that contains a Workflow Template at the end. This way any viewers will need to enter their details before being able to see or access the template.

This is a great way to grab peoples’ attention and get an opportunity to draw a larger audience. Everyone loves free stuff, and since they only have to fill in a quick survey to get a template, you’ll draw in a larger crowd than if you sold it straight-up.

Earn more with Process Street’s partner program

The best part about using our partner program is that it doesn’t affect your clients in any way – they don’t have to pay anything extra, still get access to the same fantastic process documentation software. Hell, you don’t even lose much time, as for around 30 seconds of setting up your GrowSumo account you earn an extra 20% of whatever customers you recommend.

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Although we’re coming to the end of our consultant’s guide to Process Street, make sure to check out the next entry where you’ll find a collection of extra resources to help you and your clients make the most of the product. From posts and templates to podcasts and free ebooks, the value-per-word will be insane, so don’t miss it.

So, what are you waiting for? You know how to use Process Street, why you should be using it, and how to earn more money with it, so get out there and working with your clients!

Have any questions about our referral program? Enjoying the guide so far? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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