How Can I Use Process Street with Excel or Google Sheets?

There are many ways you can integrate spreadsheets into your Process Street workflows.

  1. Export all your Process Street data using our Reporting API
  2. Integrate Process Street with Google Sheets via an automation
  3. In a template, upload a spreadsheet to a file widget that others can download and use or refer to when completing a process
  4. In a template, use the embed widget to embed a Google Sheet or Excel sheet directly into your process so that users can see and interact with your sheet without having to leave the checklist or template
  5. In a template, link to a spreadsheet that is hosted on Google Drive or an excel doc hosted on OneDrive or Dropbox. This is useful if you want a single source of truth for the spreadsheet or want people to update the spreadsheet as part of the process
  6. Connect with Google Sheets or Excel (must be using Office 365) via Zapier and automatically send data from your checklists (such as form field data) to spreadsheets
  7. Export your checklists to CSV from your checklist dashboard and from templates
  8.  Run multiple checklists from a CSV file


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