Running Multiple Checklists

You can run multiple checklists at once using our ‘Run multiple checklists’ feature.

This is a great tool which allows you to run and assign checklists to various groups of people at once.

Examples could include assigning individual checklists to a team or assigning checklists to groups of 3 people for a class project.

Users: Admins and Members with “Can edit and run”, “Can view and run” or “Can view own and run” permission can run multiple checklists from CSV. 

First things first, you’re going to need a CSV file.

Formatting your CSV file for import

Multiple checklists must be run by uploading a CSV file, or by pasting comma-separated values (CSV).

Use a CSV to import the following values for your checklists:

  • Checklist name
  • Checklist due-date
  • Assignee 1
  • Assignee 2
  • Assignee 3
  • Assignee ‘n’

-> Download a CSV template here


  • There must be a header row e.g. checklist name,due date,email1,email2,email3,email4
  • Due dates must be formatted month/day/year and must include a time e.g. 8/31/20 17:00

Import your CSV file

Click the cog next to the template you’d like to run multiple checklists from, then select the ‘more’ button from the right hand menu.

Next click ‘Run multiple checklists’ in this menu.

For example, run a checklist for your quarterly sales kickoff. Assign a checklist to each region.

And here’s the result in Process Street after uploading the file:

If you start with data in a Google sheet or Excel file, be sure to export the data as a CSV file first, to allow you to import it.


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