12 Inspection Checklists to Maximize Safety in the Workplace

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In industries all across the globe there are countless people whose responsibility it is to preserve the safety of others.

This template pack is geared to make the lives of those people easier.

Our collection of Process Street inspection checklists make sure to cover inspections of all different varieties within a range of industries.

Some of our checklists are geared toward adherence with specific regulations while others are more generally purposed, promoting best practices.

Each checklist is built to be dynamic, interactive, and 100% editable.  All data entered into the checklists is stored in a table format within the template overview section to be reviewed later or exported.

Either select the checklist you wish to use from the list of quicklinks below, or scroll through the whole pack to read a little about each one.


12 Inspection Checklists

Rental Inspection Checklist

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This Rental Inspection Checklist is geared to be used by landlords or leasing agents to manage tenants and check up on the health of the property.

It covers:

  • Notifying the tenants before arrival
  • Inspection of potential insect infestations
  • Checking of plumbing fixtures and signs of damp
  • Assessing key appliances, and more.

Click here to access the Rental Inspection Checklist.

Pretrip Inspection Checklist

Pretrip Inspection Checklist Header

This Pretrip Inspection Checklist is engineered for truck drivers and haulage companies to make sure that their vehicles are in prime condition before beginning a long journey.

It covers:

  • Assessing the tire tread
  • Checking fluid levels and pressures
  • Inspecting brake lights
  • Reviewing both the foot brake and trailer brake
  • Automatically updating the log from the checklist, and more.

Click here to access the Pretrip Inspection Checklist.

FHA Inspection Checklist

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This FHA Inspection Checklist is designed to adhere to the standards of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Federal Housing Administration and specifically looks to protect home buyers through assessing the health of the property.

It covers:

  • Hazards within the immediate location of the property
  • Assessing the soil health of the surrounding ground
  • Analysing the structural health of the building
  • Reviewing the connections to key utilities, and more.

Click here to access the FHA Inspection Checklist.

Fire Inspection Checklist

Fire Inspection Checklist header

This Fire Inspection Checklist is geared for use assessing buildings of all different kinds. It can serve as a fire inspection checklist for large residential or commercial buildings as well as service smaller homes or establishments.

It covers:

  • Certified fire extinguishers
  • Checking escape routes and exits
  • Assessing the electrical systems
  • Testing fire alarms and sprinklers
  • Testing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and more.

Click here to access the Fire Inspection Checklist.

Restaurant Health Inspection Checklist

Restaurant Health Inspection Checklist Header

This Restaurant Health Inspection Checklist is geared for an external assessor who visits restaurants and needs an effective means of recording their work.

It covers:

  • Inspecting food storage practices
  • Reviewing garbage and refuse processes
  • Assessing food preparation
  • Checking for appropriate employee hygiene, and more.

Click here to access the Restaurant Health Inspection Checklist.

Roof Inspection Report Template

Roof inspection report template

This Roof Inspection Report Template is designed to help an individual or a team inspect the health of a residential or commercial roof.

It covers:

  • Checking for broken tiles
  • Performing a risk assessment
  • Checking ridge and gable tiles
  • Inspecting for weep holes
  • Assessing the lead flashing, and more.

Click here to access the Roof Inspection Report Template.

Electrical Inspection Checklist


This Electrical Inspection Checklist is geared to help you as an inspector assess the danger you are placing yourself into when beginning an electrical inspection. It is followed by the most multi-purpose electrical inspection for buildings, residential or commercial, which we can create. If you need a more specific electrical inspection, perhaps for marinas, electric vehicles, or hospitals, check out our electrical inspections pack.

This checklist covers:

  •  Exposed conductors or circuit parts
  • Assessing the Arc Flash Boundary
  • Calculating short circuit and clearing times
  • Bringing the correct PPE, and more.

Click here to access the Electrical Inspection Checklist.

Site Inspection Checklist


This Site Inspection Checklist is designed for a formal inspection of a construction site from an external assessor, yet can be used to monitor and improve internal practices also.

It covers:

  • Checking available site facilities
  • Reviewing first aid strategies
  • Assessing chemical policy and adherence
  • Examining scaffolding practices, and more.

Click here to access the Site Inspection Checklist.

Forklift Inspection Checklist

logistics templates - forklift inspection checklist header

This Forklift Inspection Checklist is geared to provide strong maintenance checks and processes for forklift vehicles within an industrial environment.

It covers:

  • Inspecting vehicle tires
  • Checking fluid levels
  • Testing the seat belt
  • Monitoring the battery restraint system, and more.

Click here to access the Forklift Inspection Checklist.

Facility Inspection Checklist

logistics templates - facility inspection checklist header

This Facility Inspection Checklist is designed to be used by warehouse managers on a monthly basis to make sure their storage facilities are in peak operational condition.

It covers:

  • Checking for damage and cleanliness
  • Examining fire extinguishers
  • Checking for supply of key eqiupment
  • Assessing the suitability of all front and back areas, and more.

Click here to access the Facility Inspection Checklist.

Home Inspection Checklist


This Home Inspection Checklist is designed to help buyers assess a potential home as part of their searching process. This checklist would be run on every shortlisted property visited.

It covers:

  • Checking external areas
  • Assessing the condition of the roof
  • Accounting for draining
  • Inspecting for termites or other insects
  • Checking on the plumbing and other systems, and more.

Click here to access the Home Inspection Checklist.

Vehicle Inspection Checklist

logistics templates - vehicle inspection checklist header

This Vehicle Inspection Checklist is designed to assist you in performing an annual inspection on your vehicle. The focus is on industrial and commercial vehicles.

It covers:

  • Assessment of the engine performance
  • Reviewing the health of the windows and mirrors
  • Checking all lights are working appropriately
  • Inspecting tire tread, and more.

Click here to access the Vehicle Inspection Checklist.

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