Robbins Estate Law Outperform Competition by 2x (with Process Management)


Robbins Estate Law is a law firm in the Austin, TX area.

By using Process Street, they have been able to overcome many growing pains that law firms often face, like simplifying long, complex processes, reducing human error, and simplifying the daily recurring tasks.

As a result, their attorneys handle roughly 2x the number of cases for their industry’s average.

Owner Kyle Robbins describes how they achieved this by using Process Street to upgrade their process management methods, letting their business run at scale beyond humble Excel beginnings.

In this Process Street case study, we’ll cover:

Robbins Estate Law story

Robbins Estate Law uses Process Street for:

  • Estate planning process management
  • Estate probate process management

They’ve benefited from using Process Street by:

  • Doubling the amount of cases each attorney was able to manage per day, by streamlining workflows and automating manual tasks
  • Tracking exactly what work is due or outstanding, who is doing it, and when it needs to be done by
  • Reducing human error by enforcing process control & due dates
  • Offering flexibility when things don’t go exactly as planned with branching decision trees
  • Effortlessly managing collaboration of 10+ employees in a single process


Originally, Robbins Estate Law were using Excel spreadsheets to manage all of their workflows and daily tasks. By their own admission, it was “completely unworkable”.

Hundreds of cases had to be tracked in Excel and employees would have to memorize over 100 different steps over a 9 month period while taking an estate through probate. Employees would have to know what the next step was without a clearly defined process documented in front of them.

Kyle Robbins himself described the situation as:

“Absolute insanity. Things were slipping through the cracks, I did not feel comfortable growing (I had to cap what we were doing) and I began to look for an engine that could map our process.”

Due to the sheer amount of cases active at any one time, and the way processes were managed, the quality of work was difficult to maintain and progress would be complicated to keep track of.

“Our process is very complex, it changes, and depends on a lot of different timelines and circumstances. I was very pleased with the way Process Street allowed us to map our process, and track what to do next, when to do it by.”

Solution: How they used Process Street

Process Street also offered flexibility of when things do go wrong, deadlines and due dates for upcoming tasks can be adjusted easily.

We now run our cases through Process Street. Every team member has multiple tasks throughout that they are assigned to, and up to 10 employees will be working on a Workflow Run at any given time.

“The beauty of it is, now we can see what to do next and when to do it by, no matter which case we’re working on.”

Employees instantly know which tasks are overdue, so they can clearly prioritize tasks for specific cases.

Upcoming tasks can be viewed weeks or even months in advance, which provides transparency into size of workload employees have at any given time. This way, it’s far easier to identify capacity issues like if someone is overwhelmed, or behind, and why.

“Everyone can see what everyone else has on their plate. It is just a beautiful system we’ve designed where things don’t slip through the cracks anymore.”

For example, a case that Robbins Estate Law started in March 2021 had dozens of task, with many branching decision trees where different tasks would require different results and different subsequent tasks.

This was made easy with Process Street’s conditional logic; now everyone is on the ball with communications and proper task execution.

“The thing that really differentiated it for me was that things [inevitably] go wrong, get delayed, and don’t always stick to a rigid timeline. Process Street allows my staff to override the due date and stretch it out, if they need to. They have the ability to change when a task is due, and the change is then reflected in all of the other tasks that are dependent on that one.”

Not being stuck in a rigid process with an obsolete deadline that was set 6 months ago before the team had full clarity on deliverables means that Robbins Estate Law has the flexibility to be able to change what to do next and when to do it by, based on the needs of the client.


“Now we literally just log in, see what our upcoming tasks are, and get to work, without having to worry about forgetting anything, without having to scroll through hundreds of different cases and read up a little summary as to what we’ve done in order to remember what we have to do next.”

Using Process Street’s Reports feature and making use of saved views, Kyle Robbins and his team are able to look and easily identify overdue tasks, and get to the root cause with zero time wasted.

With a clear overview of task completion, alongside status, dates, and who is working on the process, it’s easy to determine which areas might require attention, to focus in and see if anything needs to be adjusted.

“It’s a powerful, powerful system that we’ve created that allows us to be more efficient, more accurate, and it has changed the way we do business. We are very pleased with it.”

Save time & money by improving how you manage processes

We’re excited to continue supporting Robbins Estate Law improve their processes & daily workflows, and we’d love to help you do the same.

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[Process Street] is a very powerful engine. It completely revolutionized our ability to grow. We were able to double, very comfortably, and we see that each attorney is probably able to manage twice as many cases as most of the other people in my industry.

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