How To Create A Newsletter: Top 20 Newsletter Templates For Your Business

Newsletter templates: How to create a newsletter

When presented with state-of-the-art SEO methods and swish social media platforms, it is easy to dismiss newsletters from your marketing strategy. But what if I told you, by doing so, you are missing out financially?

66% of email marketing involves newsletters. This makes newsletters the top email marketing method.

Keep that statistic in mind, as I fire another interesting fact at you. 59% of business to business marketers state that email is the most effective channels in regards to revenue generation. We know that email marketing is predominantly newsletters (66% of it). Can we not infer the huge revenue potential email newsletters have for your business?

In light of this, Process Street has gathered 20 newsletter templates. Each template provides the backbone structure to ease the creation of your newsletters.

Besides these 20 newsletter templates, Process Street also provides a newsletter template process. This process guides you, increasing the efficiency of your newsletter creation process.

Treat this article as an all-encompassing platform, designed to help you create your email newsletter. We have structured this article into the below subheadings:

  • Why do you need email newsletters?
  • How do you write an email newsletter?
  • Process Street’s newsletter template process
  • 20 top newsletter templates

Scroll down for more information on the templates provided, or access them via the quick links below:

20 email templates

Process Street’s newsletter template process

Why do you need email newsletters?

Why do you need email newsletters?


The New York Times is an internationally influential newspaper. It has 14 million subscriptions to 50 plus newsletters. These subscribed readers consume twice as much content as non-readers. They are consequently, twice as likely to become paid subscribers. Why?

Newsletters grow relationships even when people are not actively making purchasing decisions. A strong customer base is cemented and a healthy, meaningful relationship is built.

The New York Times is one of the top ten newspapers in the United States. It seems newsletter creation plays a significant role in this achievement.

Like The New York Times, 40% of business to business marketers prioritize newsletter creation. For example, entrepreneur and successful blogger Troy Dean publishes newsletters on a weekly basis. Troy Dean, along with the other 40%, recognize how important these campaigns are for customer engagement.

But how important?

Put it this way, statistics show that 80% of newsletter readers will spend more time on a given site, compared to non-readers.

To summarize, email newsletters can significantly increase customer engagement and establish good customer relationships. In doing so, email newsletters can:

  1. Spread brand awareness via habitual communication.
  2. Leverage existing content.
  3. Engage subscribers with different types of content.
  4. Guarantee reach to your subscribers.

I say can because there is a difference between a campaign that will reap these above benefits and one that will not. What makes a newsletter triumph, and what makes a newsletter flop as a tragedy? That is, ‘How do you write an email newsletter?’

How do you write an email newsletter?

Event reminders, surveys, product/service information, and promotions. Newsletters contain multipurpose content and thus need a multipurpose design.

With so much going on, it makes it difficult to draw readers in and create an engaging campaign.

It is difficult. But it is possible.

Before we discover the answer on ‘how to write an email newsletter?’ let’s first consider the factors that separate these triumphant newsletters from the tragedies.

Case study one: NoshOn.It

Below is an example of a good email newsletter, one produced by the company NoshOn.It. Have a look. What do you think makes this good?

Newsletter - NoshOnIt


You don’t have to be an aspiring foodie to find this campaign captivating. I have indicated the factors that make this a great email newsletter below:

  • A good design: the layout of the newsletter goes from having one column to almost two columns. Feature piece content is balanced out with supplemental content.
  • Plenty of white space: The design is not cluttered.
  • An eye-catching call to action:‘Spam” language is avoided. This makes the call-to-action stand out.

Case study two: Litmus

Below is another great email newsletter to review, one produced by the company Litmus. Again, what do you think makes this newsletter great?

Newsletter - Litmus


I have again summarized what makes this Litmus campaign good below:

  • A good design: The newsletter is separated with blocks of color. This makes the newsletter as a whole look cohesive and sections stand out from one another.
  • Bold fonts: The use of bold fonts is striking and makes the content stand out.
  • Text variety and section dividers: A ton of content is delivered. Yet the user doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

Newsletter tragedies and their mistakes

I am not going to name and shame, but I am sure you have also received newsletters that, to be blunt, sucked.

Content mushed together on a cluttered, unfocused page would make anyone hit ‘unsubscribe’. It is easily done, as I mentioned before, creating a newsletter is difficult.

To make the creation process easier for you, I have indicated the top newsletter mistakes below:

  • Mistake one: Subscriber list is poorly segmented. Content is generically sent out to all subscribers. List segmentation allows delivery of tailored, personalized content.
  • Mistake two: Information overload. It is best to follow this general rule: If your newsletter requires more than a couple of explanatory sentences, a web page is more appropriate.
  • Mistake three: Competing call-to-actions. Less is more when it comes to call-to-actions. With each call-to-action added, the effectiveness of each is reduced.
  • Mistake four: Inconsistent design and layout. To prevent confusion, use a standard format for every single newsletter.
  • Mistake five: Vague subject lines, which is self-explanatory and easily fixed.

So far we have considered the benefits of writing email newsletters; the factors that make a good email newsletter, and common email newsletter mistakes.

To fully answer the question ‘how to write an email newsletter?’ I give to you Process Street’s newsletter template process.

Did you know you can pretty much create a process for anything? In this case, the newsletter template process gives structure to the process of writing an email newsletter.

Scroll down for more information about this newsletter template process.

Process Street’s newsletter template process

Newsletter templates: newsletter template process

Process Street is a Business Process Management software. As a free, simple, and powerful tool, Process Street allows you and your teams manage your recurring tasks and procedures.

Process Street’s newsletter template process is a dynamic and interactive checklist. Each step in this process is designed to steer you away from common newsletter mistakes.

The process guides you through each step in the creation of your newsletter. Tasks are prioritized and task order is ensured. This frees both your time and mental energy, so you can focus on creating engaging content.

This newsletter template process utilizes the following features for both ease and efficiency:

Click here to access the newsletter template process

Within this newsletter template process, you choose a newsletter template to work from. This brings us to the next section of this article. Our top 20 free newsletter templates for your business.

20 top newsletter templates

Use these templates along with Process Street’s newsletter template process and create an awesome newsletter.

Financial Business newsletter template

Designed to share complex information, such as money news and tips, the Financial Business Newsletter has both a bright and sharp appearance.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 1

Click here for the Merge Financial Business newsletter template

Orbital Digital newsletter template

This newsletter has been designed with tablets and e-readers in mind. The template design has a lot of space and is great if you want your newsletter to have a visual focus.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 2

Click here for the Orbital Digital newsletter template

Bold Business newsletter template

Its heavy style, such as pronounced headlines, gives the Bold Business Newsletter a striking and exciting look. The template aims to leave a lasting impression and to be bold.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 3

Click here for the Bold Business newsletter template

Polaroid Real Estate newsletter template

Most suitable for a real estate company.  This Polaroid Real Estate newsletter template is great for adding videos and images. The design is suitable for mobile devices and tablets.

Newsletter template: template 4

Click here for the Polaroid Realt Estate newsletter template

Black Widow Company newsletter template

Using bight red and geometric lines gives the Black Widow Company newsletter template a striking visual appeal. The templates blocky design and use of white space means lots of information can be added without the newsletter appearing cluttered.

Newsletter template: newsletter template 5

Click here for the Black Widow Company newsletter Template

Corporate Business newsletter template

The newsletters you want to send may not always be external. Internal newsletters are as important, providing company updates and announcements to your employees. Use the corporate business newsletter to do this.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 6

Click here for the Corporate Business newsletter template

Citrus Splash Employee newsletter template

A brighter, less formal template for you to send an internal newsletter. The Citrus Splash Employee Newsletter has a fun design whilst remaining professional.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 7

Click here for the Citrus Splash Employee newsletter template

Times Bulletin newsletter template

The black and white design gives this template a unique appeal. Structured columns, plenty of white space and bolded text. Again lots of information can be added without the newsletter appearing cluttered.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 8

Click here for the Times Bulletin newsletter template

Green Wave newsletter template

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 9

The Green Wave template is great if you want your newsletter to have a landscape as opposed to a portrait view. Columns and white space mean that you can add plenty of detail to your newsletter.

Click here for the Green Wave newsletter template

Pook newsletter template

This newsletter goes with a modern and sleek design whilst also being fun. Clear call-to-actions stick out to encourage the subscriber to read more.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 10

Click here for the Pook newsletter template

Sonata newsletter template

The Sonata newsletter template has a clean aesthetic. Plenty of slots for images help capture your brand’s essence.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 11

Click here for the Sonata newsletter template

ZURB Ink newsletter template

The ZURB Ink newsletter template has a great fluid layout which can be customized with colors, images, and wording of your choice. This template comes with a separate CSS stylesheet and HTML file to ease the editing process.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 12

Click here for the ZURB Ink newsletter template

Wire newsletter template

The Wire template is a great newsletter template for marketers rolling out a new product or service. Make your product copy stand out with the dark background of this template.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 13

Click here for the Wire newsletter template

Webinar newsletter template

The Webinar template is useful for promoting articles, new products, webinars, and events. For example, give the where and the when of a webinar and grab the recipients attention.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 14

Click here for the Webinar Invite newsletter template

Resonant newsletter template

The Resonant newsletter template design is perfect for welcoming new users to your service. The newsletter template design gives a taste of who you really are to your customers, without overwhelming them.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 15

Click here for the Resonant newsletter template

Textual e-Newsletter template

The Textual e-Newsletter template is clean and uncomplicated in its design. Convey information quickly and efficiently.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 16

Click here for the Textual e-Newsletter newsletter template

Terra Cotta Digital newsletter template

This grainy, down to earth newsletter is easily customized. This template is again perfect for both mobile and tablet users. The design is unique and perfect for short stories and vivid images.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 17

Click here for the Terra Cotta Digital Newsletter template

Change Is Good newsletter template

The clean, modern design uses both images and simple one-sentence lines to draw the readers in. The template design has schools as a focus, but the sleek layout can be used for any newsletter.

Newsletter templates: template 18

Click here for the Change Is Good newsletter template

Coffee Bum newsletter template

This Coffee Bum template uses a subtle color palette and a modern, minimalistic design. It is a great fit for any email marketing need.

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 19

Click here for the Coffee Bum template

Responsive Design newsletter template

Newsletter templates: newsletter template 20

This Responsive Design newsletter template is targeted towards mobile users. The template has variable sections and elements allowing you to mix and match.

Click here for the Responsive Design newsletter template

Marketing for success

Marketing is a core business procedure that needs effective management.

As a marketing process, newsletter creation needs appropriate management. Use this article as a platform to do just that. Use this platform to facilitate the creation and management of your newsletters.

Below are some additional marketing-related resources to help you with your marketing efforts. Click on the quick links to use these resources.

How many newsletters have you written? What do you find difficult when creating your newsletters? Let us know in the comments section below as we would love to hear from you.

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