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Train new and existing hires with detailed SOPs! 

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 Don’t let inefficient onboarding prevent you from growing…

Get new hires up to speed quickly and effectively!

Give your new and existing employees detailed checklists. This lets them carry out their duties while getting trained with a full guide to refer to!

Efficient onboarding

Process Street is simple to use and was intentionally designed to get you up and running within minutes, not months.

Faster training

Humans (especially new hires) make mistakes when a strong process isn’t established. Checklists break down “impossible” tasks into bitesize chunks

Fewer errors

Instantly see the progress your team has made on a process in our checklist dashboard.

Increased accountability

Don’t let tasks (or people) fall through the cracks. Gain control and visibility into whether your team has actually followed the process.

More consistency

Cut wasteful hours of searching for the most recent process doc. Consolidate, centralize, and collaborate all in one place

Less digging

Excited to see what Process Street can do for you? Check this out:

 Stop wasting time with recurring manual tasks. Build your master process with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, and automate all of your most common onboarding tasks in seconds.

Create actionable workflows in seconds

With our Approvals feature, approving or rejecting items from colleagues has never been so easy. Decisions can be made with one click from your phone, in-app, or straight from your email inbox. Stop mistakes from being made!

Streamline the decision-making process with Approvals

Quickly build collaborative workflows and monitor progress using the Checklist Dashboard. Instantly check your team’s progress, organize work, and identify any potential issues. Be your team’s guiding light!

Teamwork makes the dream work

You don’t have to worry about siloing your tools. We connect to over 2000+ apps. You can automagically schedule, assign, and update your other apps with a click of the mouse.

Supercharge onboarding by using all your favorite apps with integrations

With our built-in forms, you can collect and manage structured information. Then, seamlessly pass data between Process Street and your favorite integrations.

Utilize forms to enforce order and gather data

Utilize advanced features like conditional logic to create dynamic workflows  with if/then logic that instantly adapts to your team’s changing needs. 

Power up with conditional logic

With our Overview Dashboard feature, teams are given a transparent view of all in-progress tasks. Bring visual management into your company and stay on top of your team’s work.

Track the status of tasks with the Overview Dashboard

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Trusted by great people

Trusted by great companies

Teams around the globe 💙 Process Street. Here’s why

Process Street rocks

"We could have created a traditional playbook in MS Word, but we wanted something more action oriented. We want everyone to feel they are responsible for executing on something rather than just reading something."

Jeremy Smith

Director Product Development, H&R Block

Elegant and efficient

"An elegant, yet efficient, checklist tool! I love the overall design and the simple way that you can update or change a process. You can tell how much thought went into things like click reduction and ease of use.."

Matthew Kelley

President, Gold Medal Waters

Oozes quality

"Awesome product. The guys have put huge effort into this app and focused on simplicity and ease of use. The product oozes quality. Nice one."

Paul Clifford

CEO, Disruptware

See first-hand how Process Street has helped companies save more money, be more productive, reduce errors, grow their business, and much, much more.

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