6 Powerful PPC Management Checklists to Run Paid Ads

PPC Management

PPC has become one of the most profitable customer acquisition methods for businesses. With the massive audience reach available through giants like Google and Facebook, this only makes sense. However, not having a strong PPC management process could be dramatically impacting your managed campaigns’ ROI.

It can take months and countless hours to put together a strong process to handle all your PPC efforts. Not only do you need to design it so that you can understand each step, but it also must be structured so someone else can step in and know how to do it.

We spent the last few months doing the heavy lifting for you. We put together the 6 most important PPC management checklists that every paid acquisition manager or specialist should use.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” – Mark Twain

We all know the value of having strong systems, documentation, and processes. Proper workflows help save time, reduce team errors, improve performance, and create more transparency.

In this post, I’m going to give a brief outline of each of these checklists and how they can help your organization.

These Process Street templates have been built to take advantage of features like conditional logic, form fields, Zapier integrations, and much more. These features help you automate more tasks and streamline your workflows.

If you want to jump in and go straight to the checklists, here they are:

PPC Audit Checklist

PPC audit Checklist

One of the most important duties of a PPC professional is figuring out ways to get the most return on advertising spend. The only way to do this is by fully understanding the goals behind the ads and reviewing the ad campaigns to ensure things are set up properly.

This checklist was designed to be run after two main triggers. This first trigger is when a new account is acquired. It is hard to know how to improve an account if you don’t understand what has already been done. The second trigger is after at least 3 months of data for a campaign has been accumulated. After three months you should have enough data to review and gain deeper insights into what is working and what isn’t.

This checklist will walk through setting up goals, ensuring campaign settings are optimized, allocating budget, reviewing keywords, choosing proper ad extensions, and much more.

Click here to get the PPC audit checklist.

PPC Daily Campaign Review Checklist

PPC Daily Campaign Checklist

Unfortunately, we are not at the point in human history where technology is perfect. You never know when there might be a server error or a snippet of code “accidentally” gets changed by another department. This can cause your ads to stop and will impact your KPI’s. If you only look at your accounts under management weekly then you could potentially have multiple days of zero performance.

It is also good practice to check your campaigns daily to make sure everything is working properly. This PPC daily campaign checklist was created to help you conduct a quick spot check of the most important areas of your account.

Once you get the hang of it you should be able to knock out a daily review in under five minutes.

Click here to get the PPC daily campaign review checklist.

PPC Weekly Campaign Review Checklist

Weekly PPC campaign checklist

After a week of running a campaign, you should be able to gain early insights on your ad conversion rates. This is also a good amount of time to see how any a/b tests are performing.

A mistake that some companies make is to start moving a bunch of levers around without clear planning upfront for what they’re trying to optimize—and what will be impacted by those changes.” – Dan Siroker

The weekly PPC campaign checklist focuses on reviewing key performance metrics, analyzing keyword performance, optimizing bidding strategies and helping you record any insights gained. The information gathered can then be turned into a weekly report that is shared with any stakeholders.

Click here to get the PPC weekly campaign review checklist.

PPC Monthly Campaign Review Checklist

Monthly PPC Campaign Checklist

Before you know it a month has already flown by. Most organizations or clients require a monthly report summarizing positives, negatives, and action items for each account under management.

This checklist helps take the guesswork out of what areas of an account should be reviewed. This ensures that your time is strategically focused on improving the account and not spent trying to randomly sort through a months worth of overwhelming data.

The PPC monthly checklist will guide you through checking campaign settings, keywords, KPI’s, quality score, and much more.

Click here to get the PPC monthly campaign review checklist.

Performance Marketing (PPC) Keyword Competition Analysis Checklist

Performance Marketing Keyword Competition Analysis Checklist

Every PPC export has spent time creating lists of keywords that they feel will help make their campaigns successful. The keyword seems to be directly in line with the ideal ad copy, it has search intent aligned with the ideal customer, and it will most likely convert at a great rate.

But (you knew there was going to be a but), the competition level is extremely high. This means that your ad spend could get utilized very quickly and your customer acquisition cost will also increase.

This checklist was modeled after Chapter 5 of Brian Dean‘s Definitive Guide to Keyword Research. You should use this performance marketing competition analysis checklist to figure out how difficult it will be to rank for a particular keyword.

Click here to get the performance marketing (PPC) keyword competition analysis checklist.

New Facebook Ads Creation Checklist

Facebook Ads Creation Checklist

With U.S. digital ad spend expected to surpass the 100 billion mark in 2018, Facebook is poised to own over 20% of this market. It made sense to create a checklist specifically tailored for PPC specialists who handle Facebook ads.

This checklist is designed to be run every time a new Facebook ad campaign needs to be built from scratch. Typical use cases could be a new client is acquired by a marketing agency or a company decides they want to start using Facebook ads.

This checklist walks through creating, targeting, and implementing a new Facebook ad campaign.

Click here to get the new Facebook Ads creation checklist.

Don’t leave your PPC campaigns up to chance

The best way to use these checklists is to set them up in Process Street. All the conditional logic and other functionality have been pre-built to save you time.

If you just can’t get enough of our checklist and want more be sure take a look at some additional resources below. We have included links to checklists that will help your marketing team crush the competition, onboard new marketing clients, and conduct in-depth keyword research.

In the comments section below let me know what you think of these PPC management checklists! Is there anything missing? Did you implement them? If so, I would love to hear how you got on.

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