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How to Create Your First Product Demo Video as a Total Newbie

Product Demo Video

Like any employee who works at a young startup, last month I was given a task which threw me far out of my depth.

Even though I’m an audio tech graduate whose final project was video-based, I can’t say that my skills destroying VHS tapes and creating feedback loops translated too well.

Either way, the task was clear:

Create a 5-minute demo video for Process Street showing off most of the features, with screen recordings and slides.

It took me much longer than it should have. But, in the end, I polished it off nicely and got back to doing what I’m better at — writing articles (phew).

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Video is Here!

Process Street Video Example

Video is finally here!

Video is a great way to train staff and explain complex tasks quickly and thoroughly.

Now you can add video to your documents in Process Street.

Add video from YouTubeVimeo or Upload from your Computer.

Some ways to use video include:

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