How to Create Compelling Content for Your Business

How to create compelling content

Ok, so, I am far from an epic content creator. I am, however, aspiring to become a better one and in that journey, I have come across some great resources on how to become a better writer and content creating extraordinaire.

I mentioned some of these in my post – Advanced Content Promotion Checklist (interactive checklist), but this is such a critical point that I thought they deserved their own post. Plus, this is kind of an exercise for me where I force myself to re-read them all. I hope they help you create epic content.

On a side note, if you’re interested in blogging we just released our tool Checklists for Bloggers – a simple way to create checklists that you can embed onto your blog and capture leads with. Check it out here.

Advanced Guide to Content Marketing

Advanced Content Marketing Guide
This huge guide from Neil Patel is more than just a post on writing, this is a full blown guide on content marketing from soup to nuts.

If you’re interested in content marketing in any way and have not read this guide, get on it. You can jump to Chapter 4 (it has 10 chapters) to see the beginning of the writing process, but there is a lot of lead up content before that so it really is worth reading from the beginning.

In this guide, you will learn how to research and position your blog topic, how to find, schedule, write and track content, how to promote your blog and more.

Write Epic Shit

Write Epic Shit

Corbett wrote a great post on why you should “Write Epic Shit”. This was originally featured on Think Traffic – a really cool blog that he has now merged with the even cooler blog, Sparkline.

In the post he gives a few cool case studies of why this is so important and generally gives you a nice kick-in-the-butt reminder of why you should be focused on creating epic content.

The Research and Science Behind a Perfect Blog Post

Perfect Blog Post

This is a totally kick-ass post by Kevan over at Buffer that actually breaks down a blog post and gives advice and data on how to structure your headlines, images, word count, links and more. Great post with very actionable tactics on how to structure blog posts.

Atypical Tips for Writing Awesome Blog Posts

Content Pyramid

Interesting post by Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income about some of his unusual writing practices and why he believes they work. Some very interesting creativity and productivity hacks here that are definitely worth checking out. I really like the content pyramid concept.

What Makes Content Spread: The Anatomy of a Post That Got Over 500,000 Likes

Benefits and Loss

This is a post by Leo Widrich one of the Co-Founders of Buffer where he interviews Marc and Angel who run a blog at

The interview breaks down a specific post “30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself” which “is a post that got more than 500,000 likes, 20,000 Tweets and several more thousand shares on other social networks”. Definitely worth checking out.

The Definitive Guide to Content Marketing

The Definitive Guide to Content Marketing

This is a post by Walter over at iDoneThis that breaks down an awesome approach to content marketing with tons of actionable tips and hacks that you can use from today. There are some great tips on getting traffic from community portals and a bunch of cool stats from their own campaigns.

Create Epic Content

Epic Content

Another post on Epic Content, this time by Demian Farnworth at CoppyBlogger and gives a slightly different angle on why creating outstanding content is key to successful content marketing. If you still need some re-enforcement check out this post.

Know any others?

And that’s it for my post round up. Do you know any other great resources on creating epic content (including your own!)? Leave them in the comments.

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