The Growth Strategy Zapier Used to Get Over 1,000,000 Users

In this episode of the Business Systems Explored podcast, we talk to Zapier’s Alison Groves about growing a tech startup to 1,000,000 users.

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Want to grow your software company to 1,000,000 users? In this episode the Business Systems Explored podcast, we speak to Alison Groves, the Partner Marketing Manager at Zapier, and find out exactly how she did it.

Zapier is an intuitive automation platform that connects your SaaS apps together. In the beginning, Zapier was doing cold outreach to software giants like Salesforce, asking them if they could build integrations for their platform. Now, there are over 500 Zapier partners — Process Street included — and that’s because of the partner marketing work Alison has been a part of.

For a business that survives on the cooperation of other businesses, Zapier has quickly shot up the ranks and become the go-to platform for connecting apps that don’t have native integrations.

How did they forge such great relations with so many big companies? Listen to the episode to get the growth strategy they used.

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“The earliest days of Zapier were purely trying to help one customer solve one problem” (tweet this)

Show notes

  • How to get your app featured on Zapier
  • Increasing customer retention with integrations
  • How to connect 575 apps together (that’s over 4,300,000 possibilities)
  • Saving time with workflow automation
  • Why starting off employees with customer support is the best way to train them
  • Why integrations can give signups a huge boost for SaaS companies
  • How Zapier went from chasing big apps one-by-one to 95% inbound
  • The criteria Zapier use to pick and choose their partners
  • What happens when you get rejected from a Zapier partnership
  • How Zapier uses a 35-point checklist to onboard new partners
  • How content marketing ties into product marketing
  • Separating your marketing and your knowledge base
  • Zapier’s SEO strategy which runs on autopilot
  • Building over 10,000 landing pages with unique copy
  • On Seth Godin’s Connection’s Economy
  • How Alison helped grow a company that has saved customers 14 million hours of work

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