3 Awesome New Checklists on How to Make a Podcast

How to make a podcast

How to Make a Podcast with Process Street

Strangely enough, I came into the content writing world from a sound engineering degree. While I stuck with it for the full three years, after a while I turned back to what I always enjoyed in college – writing.

When there weren’t enough essays to write, I got whatever writing work I could online, and, after three years of (unrewarding) jobs and about three hours of sleep, I graduated today (applause) with knowledge of two things: writing and audio.

Three years of writing ‘SEO friendly’ (read as: only search engines understand it) articles about waste removal services, and I’m finally where I want to be.

Now I can write about things I like, and that’s what we’re bringing you here. The first checklist I wrote for Process Street – The Podcast Publishing Checklist – along with three more written by the fantastic James Schramko from SuperFastBusiness – a man I can truly say knows his stuff about sound.

We first saw the three new checklists in the blog post The Formula for Creating a 1,000,000 Download Podcast on OkDork.

How to make a podcast with Process Street

Podcast Publishing Checklist: How to Make a Podcast from Start to End

This is a process you can run from start to end each time you want to write, record and publish a new episode. It works for first time podcasters learning about how to make a podcast and veterans, containing useful tips from my personal experience as a sound engineer and audio editor.

The Podcast Publishing Checklist is a broad overview and a general DIY guide, but we noticed other great checklists from James Schramko and thought we’d offer them alongside for some more situational advice on marketing, formatting and publishing via iTunes.

Get the Podcast Publishing Checklist

How to make a Podcast Formatting Checklist

Podcast Formatting Checklist

What’s a tried and tested format for podcasts? James explains in this podcast formatting checklist. The elements of successful podcasts are all listed so you can add a touch of professional sheen to your episodes. You’re free to edit the template and suit it to your own needs by drag-and-dropping the tasks, editing the names and adding content/comments. You can also share it with anyone who helps you edit and track their progress!

For those just starting out, you can check out resources for intro music at the Free Music Archive. As for funny audio grabs, you’ll likely come across these as you record your episodes, so be on the lookout for anything you can sample (you might not have enough material in your first episode, but don’t worry).

Get the Podcast Formatting Checklist

How to make a podcast for iTunes

How to Get Your Podcast Live on iTunes

The journey from concept to publishing can seem long, but using checklists written by someone who has a refined and efficient process will make it a ton easier. The process includes targeting your podcast at the right people by using correct categories as well as useful podcasting tools, for tracking your downloads and more.

There are some unexpected steps in here, so be ready to make some changes to your podcasting routine – but don’t worry, it’s sure to make a positive impact.

Get the How to Get Your Podcast Live on iTunes checklist

How to make a podcast with 100 listeners

How to Get Your First 100 Podcast Listeners

Once you’ve got the recording and publishing over and done with, it’s time for the promotion. Maximize the 80/20 principle, as explained by Beatriz Arantes, and make sure that all of your efforts don’t go unnoticed. These first 100 listeners are a real achievement, because consumers who get in at the ground level are likely to follow you as you release more content. For example, how comfortable would you be coming into a TV show at Season 5,  Episode 6? Your first listeners won’t have to catch up and could become the founding members of your core listenership as time goes on.

Get the How to Get Your First 100 Listeners checklist

Bonus Podcasting Tips

  1. How do you keep your notes organized? If you have a mess of paper all over the place, you might consider going paperless. This guide on how to use Evernote for all your documentation tells you how to keep things clean, efficient and environmentally friendly.
  2. Having a digital copy of your show notes makes it easy to add them into your promotional blog posts, as an insight into your recording process and to be indexed by search engines.
  3. You can offer show notes and transcript PDFs and bonus episodes as content upgrades, generating you even more leads while giving committed fans a little extra.
  4. Store a backup of your podcast files or share them with collaborators using Google Drive.

Do you guys have any tips or resources you find useful when learning how to make a podcast? We’d love to hear about your success stories and the ways you can fit podcasting into your busy schedules.

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