How to Use Evernote for Business Document Management

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I hate paper and I love Evernote. I use it to store everything. I automatically forward files from my email to my Evernote (including snail mail which is automatically scanned and emailed to me). I take photos of every document I sign and business card I’m given using their iPhone App and I even forward my Workflowy history to Evernote.

Some people may suggest using Dropbox or Google Drive, but Evernote has a specific benefit that makes it kick ass: Search.

Evernote is built around search. All documents, images and photos are scanned and made searchable. This means you can dump everything into one folder and Evernote will make it instantly searchable from any of your devices. No organizing, no tagging, just sweet, sweet search.

Video Walkthrough:

If you want to learn more about how to use Evernote as a document management system for your business, check out the below webinar with Brooks Duncan and Steve Dotto as they take you from A-to-Z on how to use Evernote to go paperless in your business.

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Evernote seriously needs the ability to specify notebooks and notes that should not be synced onto a phone. I love storing and backup and anywhere access, but my phone has only 64 GB of storage and there is a lot of non evernote stuff to keep there.

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