13 Top B2B Review Sites to Uncover What Customers Really Think

review sitesOne of the most important things when running your business is understanding how your customers feel about your service.

We all know that it’s tough to gather all the feedback you would like. You’re more likely to talk to customers in your support channels when they experience an issue, but that doesn’t always give you a holistic understanding of their experience with your product.

Equally, social proof is a very important area to leverage when trying to bring new customers on board. This means that public praise of your product can increase your acquisition rates and lower acquisition costs.

Positive or negative, reviews – particularly public ones – provide huge value to businesses in how we shape immediate and long term decisions.

This is why we at Process Street are writing up a list of the top places you should make sure you have listings for, should make sure you monitor for feedback, and make sure you engage on to improve your customer’s experiences.

13 top review sites for business software

To kick off, here’s our quicklist of our top 13 sites to make sure your B2B product is listed:

Top B2B Review Sites: G2 Crowd

review sites g2 crowd

G2 is one of the biggest review sites available for the SaaS space.

Over 1m visitors per month is pretty impressive anyway, but add to that the +300,000 product reviews you’ll find on the platform and it becomes one of the most in-depth sources of product reviews.

The whole system is geared to make sure you get a solid high level overview from as many people as possible. Lots of commenters will also leave deep-dive reviews to explore certain aspects of your platform, but sheer volume of feedback is probably the most impressive thing about G2’s offering.

On top of this large volume of reviews, G2 users can upvote and downvote other reviews. In this way, the community tends to amplify its own feelings – if you’re keeping your users happy then you can expect to see detailed positive reviews receive lots of points and become more prominent.

The community is typically quite sensible and measured in its responses, so don’t worry too much about people finding a small bug or anything like that. They’ll likely point it out! – but this isn’t Twitter, if you know what I mean?

Example listing: Process Street on G2 Crowd.

Top B2B Review Sites: CompareCamp

review sites compare camp

CompareCamp is a bit different to somewhere like G2 Crowd as this isn’t a community aggregator-style review site.

CompareCamp piece together expert reviews of different software products and look to deep-dive on a single product at a time.

The positive of this is that the reviews typically tend to be broad-reaching. It will look at an overview, at features, benefits, technical specs, integrations, support, pricing, etc etc.

This kind of review is important alongside the customer feedback you might find on more community-oriented review sites. Customers tend to touch on what impacts them – which is super valuable. But not every customer has the same needs or pain points, so sometimes you need a broader overview which can highlight multiple different aspects.

Example listing: Process Street on CompareCamp.

Top B2B Review Sites: SoftwareWorld

review sites softwareworld

SoftwareWorld is included here because it offers something different again.

Instead of being a community-focused review site like G2 Crowd or an independent reviewer like CompareCamp, SoftwareWorld focuses on topics and categories.

Process Street doesn’t have its own page on the site – a place people can navigate to in order to read about the product.

Instead, SoftwareWorld might have categories like Business Process Mangement or Workflow Management, and Process Street would appear in these pages. On each page, Process Street would have a slightly different write-up based upon how well if fulfills the job of that category.

This is useful for choosing tools for a specific need, when those tools will have huge overlap in terms of consumer uses. Reviews from users might give you the wrong impression if they’re using the tool for a different end goal.

Twitch might have rave reviews from its users, but you’d always choose Slack ahead of it for your business.

Example listing: Process Street is number 1 for Business Process Management.

Example listing: Process Street is number 3 for Workflow Management.

Top B2B Review Sites: GetApp

review sites getapp

GetApp is one of the smoothest sites on the market. It feels smooth and clean, and it does a pretty good job with reviews too!

It has over 800k reviews on the platform and features a number of great features for comparing apps.

However, where GetApp excels is on more of a recommendation kind of approach. It has a number of features geared to this kind of recommendation engine including inputting information about your existing software stack and then prioritizing your results based on how well the available tools integrate with the selection of tools you already use.

This is a smart approach as it takes a holistic view to building a system rather than just using a tool.

In short, if you want to be recommended tools dependent on info about your business then GetApp is a really useful review site to look into.

Example listing: Process Street on GetApp.

GetApp also pulls in offsite reviews from other review sites like…

Top B2B Review Sites: Capterra

review sites capterra

Capterra is one of my favorite review sites and I think it has an easy UX along with an engaged and active community.

Another positive of Capterra is that the individual webpages for categories seem to consistently rank highly on Google. With an Ahrefs domain authority rating of 87, this should be no surprise but it also suggests strong page design and SEO game.

Capterra boasts nearly 1m reviews and over 700 different categories. This gives a lot of data and the site is pretty well designed for you to leverage that data.

The main feature which enables this, in my view, is the comparisons section where you can basically pull different tools up to display side by side with each other. You can do a side by side view for multiple bits of software and this really seems like a user-friendly design at the core of the decision making process.

My only criticism would be that the team could improve the search function. I’d like a display category which shows the highest rated apps but accommodates for the difference between companies with one review at 5 stars and a company with 400 reviews at 4.5 stars. In my eyes, the 400 review company should show up higher.

Perhaps there’s a p-value-style data-reliability algorithm which could do that? But it’s a minor criticism and it comes from a place of love.

Example listing: Process Street on Capterra.

Top B2B Review Sites: TrustRadius

review sites trustradius

TrustRadius probably has the most comparisons with G2 Crowd in that we’re talking about a large community of engaged users who want to share their feelings and thoughts about different software products.

For this reason, TrustRadius becomes a particularly useful tool for gathering user feedback and understanding pain points.

TrustRadius also push the fact that they don’t accept payments in order to influence results. This is a welcome feature of their platform despite the difficulties I’m sure this presents for the business model of the platform!

Often in review sites, you’ll be displayed results not for “Highest rated” or “Most reviews”, but “Sponsored” by default. And as it normally appears in a small little box with muted tones placed at the top of a page designed for you to scroll down, many people will not see it and will only end up browsing software which has paid to be seen.

Not an ideal system. So TrustRadius’ approach is a real positive and it’s good they’re championing this.

To add to this, TrustRadius also shares the Linkedin authentication system we saw with G2. Allowing you to see which software your Linkedin connections recommended is a really big move when it comes to reinforcing trust!

The only potential issue so far is that TrustRadius has a smaller selection of tools presented and seems to lean more toward the legacy/enterprise suite. But if that works for you, it works for you.

Example listing: BPM on TrustRadius.

Top B2B Review Sites: Software Advice

review sites software advice

Software Advice provides a kind of hybrid solution between the three major forms of software recommendation processes.

On the one hand, it provides community reviews so you can look at what other users have experienced (though many reviews might be pulled in from Capterra), and can take all the benefits of that. On the other, it also provides expert reviews and analysis to help you gain that more holistic view on a piece of software you’re looking into.

On top of all that, there’s also the option to get in touch directly and access a consultancy service via the phone. In this way, Software Advice positions itself as a one-stop-shop and a high-end tailored advice outlet.

If you’re short on time and have far too many bits of software to select from, perhaps give them a ring?

Example listing: Process Street on Software Advice.

Top B2B Review Sites: IT Central Station

review sites it central station

IT Central Station has a large community of users who give their thoughts and feedback about software.

Where IT Central Station differs from some of the other tools in this list is that it takes an explicit focus on the enterprise market.

Is a tool a great startup which can do one thing well? Is that startup planning to expand its support team or integrations next year? Well, this kind of tool might not have as much joy on IT Central Station.

But the big players which have complex feature sets with in-depth help guides and user manuals, you are more likely to find. And that’s a good thing. These big enterprise tools are a significant investment and have a large learning curve, so it’s vitally important to research them well.

Don’t be surprised to see IBM suites at the top of lists on this one.

Example listing: Business process management.

Top B2B Review Sites: Finances Online

review sites finances online

Finances Online is one of the biggest review sites out there and growing at a decent rate.

With over 7,000 detailed product reviews on the platform, you have a good chance of showing up in front of many prospective users while also gaining great feedback about your product.

The reviews on Finances Online have a good vetting process and are submitted via a process which encourages detailed feedback. You can only leave a review if you can authenticate yourself via Linkedin and the review you leave is gathered via a survey-style layout – asking different questions and probing for the customer’s thoughts on a variety of areas.

This process probably reduces the overall number of reviews, but in doing so it safeguards quality and puts up barriers to manipulation by your competition.

Add to this that the FO internal team provide their own reviews of products too, and you end up with a really good picture of the software you’re looking for.

Finances Online is expected to hit about 35m pageviews in 2019. It’s a real contender.

Example listing: Process Street on Finances Online.

Top B2B Review Sites: Top Ten Reviews

review sites top ten reviews

Top Ten Reviews is a bit different to many of the others in the list. It’s really more of a blog which gives lists of what it thinks are good choices for various different things.

Thing is, it ranks fairly well across Google and your potential audience may give it a read – so it’s worth pointing out.

There’s a lot more B2C content but it targets long tails of all kinds.

Example listingBest Online Accounting Software of 2019.

Top B2B Review Sites: SaaSGenius

review sites saasgenius

SaaSGenius is a pretty new addition to the game, but I’ve included it in here given its specialist focus.

I’ve been focusing pretty hard on B2B SaaS products, and this one targets that specifically too. So give it a chance, check it out, and participate.

Example listing: Business process management.

Top B2B Review Sites: PC Mag Business Software Index

review sites pc mag

PC Mag is a pretty well-established tech magazine. The print editions began in 1982 and the online version in 1994.

So it’s fair to say their domain carries a lot of weight. In raw pulling power, Ahrefs gives a domain authority rating of 90 – but it’s the brand’s reputation which you should pay attention to.

Sure, you might be into TechCrunch or Wired but many of your customers might not be. A long established brand like PC Mag which generations have seen online and in print can play a crucial role in swaying buying intentions.

You’re not selling hip and trendy consumer products, you’re selling business services to decision makers in – preferably – large organizations.

Don’t sleep on PC Mag’s demographic trust scores.

The content may not be what it used to be in the 80s and 90s, but don’t forget about it because many of your customers haven’t.

Example listingThe Best Document Management Software for 2019.

Top B2B Review Sites: Software Suggest

review sites software suggest

We finish off our list with Software Suggest.

This one carries many of the features we’ve seen so far. There are user reviews, lots of categories, industry insights, and a bunch of different things.

Why have I left this one for last?

Is it because the community is a bit smaller? At 140,000 verified reviews, the answer is yes compared to the big players – but that’s still a very solid number.

The real reason I’ve left this one until the end is as a little reward for you, the reader.

You see, what makes Software Suggest interesting is that they incentivize users with rewards. This isn’t wholly unusual. G2 Crowd offers an Amazon voucher for your first post.

But what Software Suggest offer is a $10 Amazon voucher for that first review and thereafter the opportunity to receive $100 if you write a review selected as one of the Top 10 reviews left that month.

So, if you fancy having a nice meal out paid for, just pop in every now and then and write up a review for one of your favorite tools.

Hell, why don’t you pop over right now and give it a go?

Example listing: Process Street on Software Suggest.

Review sites can help potential customers know how happy your current users are

The headline above sums it up.

Review sites work great because people trust other people more than they trust a salesperson or a marketer.

Review sites embed trust and assurance at the heart of the process.

When you see a film on Netflix you haven’t seen before, do you watch it straight away or might you give it a quick Google first?

Well, all of your customers are doing exactly that.

What are your favorite review sites? Which ones are the best to contribute to? Let us know all that and more in the comments below!

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