Managing Your Organization

Accessing your organization settings

To access your organization settings, simply click the name of your organization on the top right of the header bar within the app.

access organization settings

Members & Guests Tab

The ‘Members & Guests’ tab gives you the ability to add and remove Members and Guests, and set a user as either an Admin, a Member, or a Guest of your organization.

To add a member to your organization, simply type their email into the ‘Email Address’ field provided and click invite. You can also pre-set their name, though this is optional. To invite a guest, follow the same procedure except make sure to click the ‘Invite as Guest’ button under the ‘Email Address’ field.

You can turn Members into Admin’s of your organization by checking off the check-box next to their name under the ‘Admin’ column. To turn a member into a guest, you can demote them using the down arrow next to their name. You can also remove a member completely by clicking the ‘X’ next to their name.

If you visit the ‘Guest’ sub-tab, you can either promote a guest to a member by clicking the up arrow next to their name, or remove them completely by clicking the ‘X’ next to their name.

Please keep in mind that you are billed based on the number of members in your organization, so adding a member or promoting a guest to a member will incur a cost.

members and guests tab

Groups Tab

The ‘Groups’ tab allows you to view all of the groups that are a part of your organization.

You can add a new group by clicking the green ‘New Group’ button. You can edit your existing group names, membership, or profile picture by clicking the pencil icon next to the group name, this is also where you will find the ‘Delete’ button to delete the group.

groups tab

Settings & API Tab

The ‘Settings & API’ tab allows you to:

  • Change the name of your organization by changing the text in the ‘Name’ field
  • Change the associated domain by editing what’s in the ‘Domain’ field
  • Change the industry by selecting the appropriate item from the Industry dropdown
  • Generate a new API key to be used with Zapier

settings and api tab

Activity Tab

The ‘Activity’ tab allows you to view all of your organization’s activity across all accounts, templates, and checklists. This is great for keeping track of any changes that your team has made regardless of when or where they were made.

activity tab

Billing Tab

The ‘Billing’ tab allows you to view and edit all of the organization’s billing details.

From here you can:

  • Upgrade your plan from the Free Plan to either our Yearly or Monthly Business Plans
  • Update your organization’s billing email (unlike your account, you can have only one)
  • Add or change your organization’s billing credit card and address
  • Cancel your subscription by clicking ‘Cancel Subscription’ at the bottom of the page

billing tab

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