9 School Checklists for Teachers and Administrators to Bring Order to Chaos

school checklists

Checklists keep us on track and organized. They keep things standardized and controlled.

So where better to employ checklists than amidst the chaos of children?

In this Process Street template pack we’re covering a much requested use case: education.

Thomas R. Hoerr, writing for ASCD, describes how easy it is to imagine incorporating checklists into a whole range of different educational situations:

I can envision checklists that ensure that we have reviewed all aspects of a student’s progress, that teachers have incorporated all of our talking points in their presentations to parents, and that I have spoken to all the relevant stakeholders before I initiate action.

These school checklists cover use cases which apply to teachers, some for administrators, and others which could be useful around a campus.

The 9 checklists below should help users adhere to best practices, create consistency of approach, and document important information for future review.


9 School Checklists to Bring Order to Chaos

Classroom Management Plan Preparation

school checklists classroom management plan preparation

This Process Street Classroom Management Plan Preparation template is designed to help teachers prepare for taking a proactive approach to developing their management style in a way which best benefits them and the learning experience of their students.

This classroom management plan is based upon the structures proposed by Colin Haysman of Stanford University in his document The Classroom Management Plan along with other supporting literature.

From formulating your philosophical statement to devising different seating plans, the classroom management plan provides an introspective look at how to be a better professional.

Click here to get the Classroom Management Plan Preparation template.

Weekly Lesson Plan Template

school checklists weekly lesson plan template

This Process Street Weekly Lesson Plan Template is designed to be run each week in advance of a lesson in order to plan appropriately the upcoming activities and learning goals.

By using this Process Street checklist, all planning data and documentation is saved for review and improvement. This template is geared to ensure teaching methods can consistently hit their highest standards through the following of industry accepted best practices.

This process functions by an 8 phase structure of planning a lesson from the chapter Lesson Plans and Unit Plans: The Basis for Instruction in the book New Teacher’s Companion by Gini Cunningham, which you can find on the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development‘s website.

Some of the chapter’s notes are quoted throughout this checklist for further guidance and advice.

Click here to get the Weekly Lesson Plan Template.

Teacher Job Description Checklist

school checklists teacher job description checklist

This Process Street Teacher Job Description Checklist has been designed to guide administrative staff at a school, college, or other educational establishments through the process of advertising for a teaching position.

This Teacher Job Description Checklist will walk through the steps of the process from determining the scope of the role to be filled to beginning an interview process.

The process contains certain suggestions and tips as you navigate through along with sample form fields where you can enter data.

Click here to get the Teacher Job Description Checklist.

Unit Plan Template

unit plan template

This Process Street Unit Plan Template has been designed to guide an education practitioner through the necessary stages of planning for an upcoming unit.

This template should be run at the beginning moment of formulating a new unit up to the point of submitting your unit plan for review by senior management.

This unit plan structure and formulation process is also founded on the book New Teacher’s Companion by Gini Cunningham.

The purpose of an effective unit plan is to turn one big idea into loads of little ideas which all work well with each other. Then you can segment those ideas and draw them out over time. Through constructing an effective unit, a teacher is able to convey a wealth of information in what feels like a natural process.

Click here to get the Unit Plan Template.

Student Registration Process

school checklists student registration process

This Process Street Student Registration Process is engineered to assist in welcoming a new student to an educational establishment and integrate them into the required systems and the community.

This process is designed for smaller educational organizations and is engineered to be usable with or without a student information system (SIS).

This is a process which could be used by a small local school, an international school of limited size, or an academy which focuses on extra-curricular activities.

The checklist makes sure all the relevant information is gathered to adequately support the student’s learning experience.

Click here to get the Student Registration Process.

Laboratory Safety Procedure Audit

school checklists laboratory safety procedure

This Process Street Laboratory Safety Procedure Audit has been engineered to make sure the highest standards are kept to in ensuring a safe working and studying environment while in the laboratory.

This process applies to a self-audit of procedures or preparation for an external audit. In the case of an external audit, this checklist prepares you to meet with the auditor and be fully ready for their visit.

The template has been designed alongside materials from the University of Iowa’s internal safety procedures.

Laboratories have the potential to be very dangerous places. Through implementing strong procedures and ensuring people stick to them, we can look to maximize safety in the workplace.

Click here to get the Laboratory Safety Procedure Audit.

Residential Rough Inspection General

school checklists Electrical_Inspection_Checklist-residential

This Electrical Inspection Checklist: Residential Rough Inspection General is engineered to provide an NEC compliant process to guide you in your safety inspections.

As a result of their frequent use, residential areas constitute some of the more dangerous electrical locations. The sheer number of residencies on a campus means that fires or other problems resulting from poor wiring practices and other electrical faults pose a serious danger to the student body.

The purpose of the residential rough inspection general is to begin to identify the key areas which require checking, and to make sure all electrical systems adhere to appropriate standards.

This checklist could be useful for university bodies, boarding schools, or schools which offer summer school programs.

Click here to get the Electrical Inspection Checklist: Residential Rough Inspection General.

Student Discipline Management Process

school checklists student discipline management process

This Process Street Student Discipline Management Process is engineered to make sure punishments along with their reasonings are always documented and implemented alongside procedure.

This checklist is designed to be run each time a child has behaved particularly poorly. When a behavioral issue requires broader discussion with your team, the process is run.

The first half of the process features tasks to be complete by the teacher who initiates the process. Halfway through, if the problem has sustained to this point the ownership of the tasks switches to the school head or head of department, depending on the size of institution.

The checklist uses the automation-esque conditional logic throughout to only show the next required tasks at any one time.

Click here to get the Student Discipline Management Process.

Expense Management Process

school checklists Expense-Management-Process

An expense management process allows for companies to monitor what they are spending on employee expenses, and the education sector is no different.

This process is geared to create easy to understand records for expense claims, to make sure that appropriate permission has been sought for all claims, and to make certain that all expense payments are able to be audited.

This process is to be initiated by the member of the accounting team who is responsible for processing expenses after receiving an expenses request.

All members of the expense approval process will contribute to the allocated tasks in their sections of the checklist.

Click here to get the Expense Management Process.

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