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Streamline HR processes with Process Street - the ultimate tool for onboarding, policies and empowering your workforce

Kickstart new hire onboarding with user friendly HR process automation

Ensure every new hire embarks on a journey to success from day one. Standardize your employee onboarding process using our intuitive workflow technology, part of our HR process management platform.

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Enhance team collaboration and keep everyone in the loop

Keep your team aligned and forward-moving through our HR App. Stay updated on statuses, delegate responsibilities efficiently, and bolster collaboration across different teams.

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Access all your HR policies and procedures at once anytime anywhere

Consolidate all your HR policies, procedures, and resources in one cloud-based location. With Process Street's HR cloud solution, optimize your human resource management like never before.

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Redefine hiring excellence with automated workflows

Accelerate the candidate selection process without manual hassle. Automate hiring workflows with Process Street's AI features and identify top talents in no time.

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Cultivate an inclusive company culture effortlessly

Leverage our efficient HR tool to enforce company policies uniformly, conduct effective training programs, maintain open communication channels and foster a more inclusive work environment.

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Revamp employee performance reviews for clearer evaluations

Automate the performance management process by providing customizable templates via our HR app that foster clear and constructive evaluations.

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Propel your HR team into an era of digital excellence

Boost operational efficiency and significantly reduce manual errors in your daily HR tasks with Process Street's powerful integrations and automations – an ideal complement to any HRIS, HCM, or HRMS.

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Common use cases
Employee Onboarding
Create standardized onboarding workflows for new hires that ensure all necessary documentation is collected and required training is completed.

Recruiting new employees involves numerous steps, from screening resumes to scheduling interviews. This can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and lead to potential talents being overlooked.

Process Street Solution

With Workflows, HR teams can automate the entire onboarding process. You can schedules workflow runs, send necessary onboarding materials, and automatically follow up, ensuring a smooth, organized, and efficient process.

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Talent Acquisition
Performance Reviews
Leave Management
Employee Training & Development

Popular templates

Employee Onboarding
  1. 1. Assign onboarding team
  2. 2. Review employee details
  3. 3. Select employee region and team
Performance Management
  1. 1. Review performance to date
  2. 2. Define performance goals
  3. 3. Discuss ways to improve
Employee Development Plan
  1. 1. Identify 3 long-term goals
  2. 2. Identify positive tasks in the current role
  3. 3. Identify additional skills and experience
Employee Background Check
1. Record candidate details
2. Perform educational background check
3. Send results to hiring manager
Training Plan
  1. 1. Complete a business needs assessment
  2. 2. Draft training plan procedures
  3. 3. Review feedback from training
Employment Termination
  1. 1. Receive a letter of resignation
  2. 2. Confirm all online accounts are terminated
  3. 3. Disable access to company buildings and property
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