How To Delete Workflow Runs

From time to time, it may become necessary to delete a workflow run.

For example, if you created a workflow run in error, if you have a duplicate workflow run, or if you have finished with it and no longer need the data contained within it.

Users: In order to delete workflow runs, you must be an Administrator or a Member with “edit” permissions.

How to delete a workflow run

From your Reports area click the name of the workflow run you would like to delete, to open it up.

Next, click “Delete” in the right-hand menu.

A pop-up window appears to make sure you really want to delete this workflow run. Click “Delete” again to finish (or cancel if you’ve changed your mind).

If your workflow run was completed (or archived) you will need to reactivate it to delete it, as shown above.

Bulk delete workflow runs

To delete workflow runs in bulk, you can delete the workflow. At the time your workflow is deleted all your workflow runs will be deleted at the same time.

If you’d like to continue using this particular workflow, you can make a copy of it and then delete the original that your runs were created from.

If you restore a deleted workflow, then all the deleted workflow runs associated with it will be restored at the same time.

Restore deleted workflow runs

When you delete a workflow run, it is possible to restore it, if you need to refer to it again in the future.

Note that only Admins in your organization can restore deleted workflow runs.

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