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How To Link Pages To Workflows/Vice Versa

Updated December 15, 2021

Pages can be shared with your whole team, and they can easily be added to your workflows for reference, or links to workflows added into your pages.

For example in your employee onboarding workflow, you might want your new hire to read through your company mission statement and Human Resources documentation.

Or in your remote work approval process, you might want your team to be able to read your policy to see if they are eligible to work remotely before submitting a request for approval.

Plan: Pages are a feature on all plans.

Users: In order to create, edit or share Pages, you must be an Administrator, a Full Member with “edit” permissions, or a Free Member with “edit” permissions.

Adding Pages to workflows

You can use the embed widget to show the live Page within your workflow or you can hyperlink to your Page or multiple pages from a text content widget.

Embed a Page

Navigate to your page and click “Share” from the top right of your screen.

Select the appropriate permission level and copy the share link.

Head to your workflow and edit it. Drag and drop the embed widget into the center of your screen and paste the link to your page.

Save changes to your workflow.

Link to a Page

You can also hyperlink to a page in a text widget inside your workflows.

Edit your workflow and drag and drop a text widget into the center of your screen. Type the text you’d like to link to, then click the lick icon to paste your link, as shown above.

Save changes to your workflow.

Link to multiple Pages

You can tag your Pages to allow you to group them together. You can then link to them.

Click on the tag on the left side of your Library and copy the URL from your browser.

Add this URL into the link in a text widget into your workflow, as described above.

Linking workflows to Pages

Share link

Open your workflow and click “Share” from the right-hand menu. Click “Share link” and set the appropriate permissions.

Copy the link and head to your Page, click “Edit“. Select the text you’d like to link to and paste the link into the field shown above. Click “Save” to add the link and “Publish” your page to save the changes.

Run link

If you’d like your team to be able to run that workflow when they click the link, you can use a workflow run link instead of a share link.

Learn more about creating and using Pages and Workflows.

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