How Do I Switch a Guest to a Member/Vice Versa?

There may be occasions when you need to give someone more access in your organization, and other times when you need to give them less.

Upgrading a guest to a member gives them more access, and vice versa gives them less access.

To switch a guest to a member, or a member to an admin, or to change user permissions in general, you first need to be in your organization manager area.

Users: In order to access the organization manager, you must be an Administrator.

Start by clicking your profile picture in the upper right corner of your screen, then click “Settings” under your organization’s name.

Promote a guest

The organization manager will open on the “Members & Guests” tab.

Find the guest you want to promote and click the dropdown next to their name that says “Guest”. You can then select “Member” or “Admin”, depending on how much access you would like to grant them.

Once you make your selection, they will be promoted.

Note: Admins have full access to your billing and account details, so if you would like to have someone be able to edit templates, you should consider just promoting them to a member.

Demote a member

If you want to switch a member to a guest, click the dropdown next to their name that says “Member”, and select “Guest”. Once you click your selection, they will be demoted.

Note: When you demote a member, they will be removed from any groups they were part of, and they will only be able to see checklists and templates that they have been assigned to.

Learn more about the difference between members and guests.


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