Small Business in the Cloud: Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365

Google Apps vs Office 365


The productivity suite covers all of your basic needs such as email, calendar, documents and shared file storage and is the first step for any business looking to move to the cloud.

There are two major players in this space: Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365

If you have never used one of these two tools before you are in for a pleasant surprise.

How it Works

You will get a simple control panel to manage everyone in your business, allowing you create and delete users.

Each user will get their own email address, their own calendar, a folder on the cloud storage drive and access to an office suite to manage word documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations etc..

Everything will be synced to the cloud securely, accessible by any browser or mobile device.

There is zero IT maintenance required, everything is hosted and run by the provider all you need to do is create an account and login.

There are numerous mobile apps, both made directly by the provider or by 3rd party developers allowing you to access email, calendar, documents and more.

If you have ever messed around trying to set this kind of environment up yourself, you will know the headaches that come with it. IT administration and support staff, server rooms, 20 different licences and a ton of headaches.

Do yourself a favor and move your office productivity suite to the cloud.

Google Apps or Office 360

Now you’ve decided to move to the cloud, what provider are you going to go with? The answer to that really comes down to your business and personal preference.

Both platforms provide very similar feature, but to simply state the difference:

Google Apps: Slightly cheaper, less complex, less advanced features.

Microsoft Office 360: More expensive, more features, option for desktop apps.

Google Apps vs Office 365

There is pretty much no getting around one of these two suites in today’s business environment.

If you want to read a detailed comparison of the two, below are a few resources:
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Do you use Google Apps or Office 365?

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