How NW Maids Use Process Street to Increase LCV and Success Rate

NW Maids Case Study Process Street

NW Maids is a maid and cleaning company based in Seattle, WA with over 600 5-star customer reviews and a dedication to the highest standards.

We spoke with founder Ilya Ornatov about how NW Maids uses Process Street daily to drive success rate, boost lifetime customer value (LCV), and reduce employee errors.

The NW Maids story

It was in 2014 that Ilya set sights on the cleaning business and quit his job as a VP of Sales to focus on making the NW Maids vision a reality.

Business is currently booming, with 10 teams operating across the city of Seattle.

NW Maids Process Street Case Study

As the company has grown, they’ve managed to overcome various obstacles in their mission to simplify the home cleaning experience.

Let’s look at some of the insights they’ve gained, and problems they’ve solved with Process Street.

NW Maids uses Process Street for:

They’ve benefited from implementing Process Street by:

  • Increased success rate
  • Lowered employee error
  • Increased employee happiness
  • Increased LCV
  • Increased monthly revenue by over $2,000


Managing processes across multiple teams of cleaners working in a constantly shifting landscape of locations is a tough challenge, made even tougher when almost all of the processes are done manually.

As was the case for NW Maids initially; in the early days, they were losing money and customers while having difficulty tracking KPIs as a result of poorly implemented processes, sometimes even foregoing processes altogether.

Certainly one of the biggest challenges Ilya and the team have faced is the standardization of core processes, to make sure every part of this complex logistical machine involving quality assurance, employee and client onboarding, property database management, communications, and transportation is working at peak efficacy: “Our biggest goal was to make sure that we were doing certain processes in our business the same way every time and not missing any steps.”

NW Maids Process Street Case Study

Growing their business with Process Street

Saving time and money by eliminating manual tasks means more resources become available to grow the company – and this is exactly how NW Maids used Process Street.

By implementing Process Street checklists in their marketing, hiring, and operations departments, they’ve been able to keep track of all of the different processes in the company that need to be run a certain way each time – when in the past that would all have been done manually.

One of the biggest ways they use Process Street is to automate email responses: “So for example, let’s say like a virtual assistant – it allows them to, when they receive an incoming support request, depending on the type of support request, we parse the email and then we append a note to that email that has a link to a specific Process Street checklist, depending on which type of email it is.”

Keeping track of work done in the company and making sure responsibility can be monitored and enforced is also important for healthy operations “We use [Process Street] to track who completed which tasks … so basically, tracking to make sure that all of the things that have to be done, were actually done.”

“I want to use Process Street as much as possible. As we grow and as new processes become necessary, I definitely envision using it a lot more.”


For NW Maids, the effects of implementing processes have been undeniable.

Being able to rely on clearly formatted, easily actionable checklists has made things easier for virtual assistants (VAs), cleaners, and clients alike: “The most obvious advantage is that not only does every VA have a template right in front of their face of how things need to be done every time, but we can also track which employee did which task so that we can identify if there are tasks that aren’t being done correctly, and who’s responsible.”

By using Process Street, Ilya has been able to save, on average, about $2,000 per month in revenue from paying customers previously lost to poorly implemented processes.

“…an extra couple thousand dollars per month in revenue.”

Ilya told us how Process Street has helped boost success and squash errors, while contributing to an overall improvement of employee happiness: “I think that using Process Street has increased our success rate, and lowered the amount of employee errors.

I would say it’s also increased our employee’s happiness. I’ve heard several times from our people that they used to work at companies before where there was no concrete process. Sure, there was some user manual buried somewhere, but there wasn’t really a concrete way for them to make sure they were doing everything correctly, until now.”

Prior to using Process Street, the process (or lack thereof) for customer booking was complicated and difficult to verify manually, and would often result in clients paying less than they should have been.

Now with Process Street there is a process in place in the form of a checklist template for cross referencing property records of NW Maids residents to make sure they are being charged for the correct property size.

“…we’ve increased our LCV, because our customers are actually paying the correct amount now.”

Ilya goes on to say: “This never would have been a thing before Process Street, because it’s just too cumbersome a task to have to do it every time. But if there’s already links to everything in Process Street and examples of how to do it, it makes it so much easier to do.”

NW Maids Process Street Case Study

Taking it to the next level

Ilya plans to grow NW Maids further, building upon a foundation of strong, reliable processes to ensure high quality services and consistent success in future.

Their plans for using Process Street don’t stop here, either: “As we grow, we’re going to be adding new members. Every single person that joins our company that’s on the staff side is going to get an account with Process Street.”

By employing Process Street to streamline workflows and cut out tedious manual tasks via process automation, NW Maids is an exemplary case study in the successful application of workflow management software to improve business.

“Process Street is the missing link that allows you to automate what used to be human error. The human side that you couldn’t automate before; now you can.”

NW Maids Case Study Process Street

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