50+ Free & Easy SOP Templates (Sample SOPs to Record Standard Procedures)

easy SOP standard operating procedures example templates

Writing standard operating procedures is a cumbersome task but a serious requirement for businesses the world over.

In many industries it is important to have documentation which shows you have been adhering to ISO guidelines. This can help you clinch major clients and demonstrate your professionalism.

However, when you’re starting out with your first SOPs it can be difficult to know where to begin.

That’s why we’ve pulled together a range of the best free and premium SOP templates for you to work from.

Simply go through the available SOPs below and pick out the one best suited to your needs. We’ve included Microsoft Word templates and Process Street ones too. You’ll also find a guide for writing SOPs to help you get started.

Given that it can be intimidating writing standard operating procedures, we have provided a number of industry-specific examples plus suggestions for how you can pull together basic SOPs even if they’re not documented according to ISO standards.

Read through the following sections to get completely clued up:

Let’s dive in.

Use Process Street to effortlessly manage your SOP templates

process street standard operating procedures

Our free SOP template to quickly & easily write new standardized procedures

There are ultimately two kinds of templates you want.

You want a template for making your individual procedures and a template for creating your procedure manual.

The first is more important than the second. That’s why we’ve put it at the beginning of the article:

As you can see, that template shows you how to get started creating a new procedure from scratch.

The link to that template is here:

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template Structure

And that template can then guide you through making your first standard operating procedures. It is filled with extra resources and best practice examples just in case you need them.

You can add that template to your account for free, edit it, and then either run it as a checklist inside Process Street, or export it as a PDF when you have finished. Easy.

Further down the article, you’ll see some example procedure manuals we’ve created too. But here are some quicklinks in case you don’t want to scroll:

How to write standard operating procedures in 16 easy steps

To help you make use of your templates once you’ve downloaded them, we’ll give you these 16 steps to writing effective standard operating procedures.

You can employ them within the framework of a traditional SOP framework, adhering to ISO 9001 standards, or you can use them to create the processes best suited to your particular needs at this moment in your business’ journey.

Writing standard operating procedures doesn’t need to be a grueling task. If you follow our collaborative guidelines, it could even be quite fun! (Fun not guaranteed)

SOP templates standard operating procedures sop template

  1. 🤔 Understand how you will present your SOPs. This step is about choosing your template to fit the needs of the process. In certain industries you will have requirements which you need to adhere to. The layout of your SOPs will be influenced by the kind of information you need to display. Investigate which international standards apply to your business operations.
  2. 👥 Gather the relevant stakeholders. To properly map the processes in use within the company, you need to have relevant members of the company present. These standard operating procedures must reflect reality so that they can be adapted and optimized to improve reality.
  3. 🎯 Work out your purpose. Are you documenting your standard operating procedures in order to adhere to industry standards? Or are you confident your operations already adhere, you just need to document them? Are you doing this out of a general process optimization push? Knowing the answers to questions like these will help you prioritize your approach.
  4. 🧱 Determine the structure of your SOP. There are different forms an SOP document can take. Before beginning one, understand whether this is to be a manual, a mini-manual, or a procedure document. The larger your company, the more likely it is you’ll be creating an incredibly in-depth manual.
  5. 🔭 Prepare the scope of the procedure. If you’re mapping only one procedure within the document you are working on then you need to understand exactly where the procedure starts and where it finishes. It is important to clearly define the scope in order to reduce overlap with other procedure documents. Not doing so would lead to inefficiencies.
  6. 👒 Use a consistent style. This is more writing advice, but you need to think about the purpose of the document to understand how it should be written. If this is a document used solely for demonstrating to the industry that you have documented SOPs, then maybe the language will be technical and trite. However, if workers are going to be using this document as a reference point, then you’ll need to make the language clear and actionable.
  7. ✍️ Use correct notation, if applicable. There may well be standardized forms of conveying processes within your company, but if not you could begin to implement them. Business process model and notation (BPMN) provides a universal way to explain processes in a concise visual style.
  8. 🏁 Work through all the necessary steps of the process. Assess the process from start to finish and note down each task required along the way to complete the process. This can be done in the form of a bullet point list with pen and paper or a note-taking app.
  9. ⚠️ Try to assess potential problems in the process. If you’re looking to improve your process as you work through your documentation, now is a good opportunity to do so. Assess the basic steps you have recorded and ask if anything else could be added or removed. If something were to go wrong in the process, where would it occur? Where does it currently occur in real life?
  10. 📊 Determine metrics against which SOPs can be judged. This is a great opportunity to make your standard operating procedures actionable and to find a way of assessing their positive impact. What metrics you choose to use will depend on the process you’re documenting. The key metrics may be related to performance or speed or a formula utilizing both of those variables.
  11. 🧪 Test the process. To make sure the standard operating procedures you have documented are the most effective, test the process with the employees who undertake those tasks on a day to day basis. Make sure they are able to give feedback on the procedures presented so that you can make alterations to the process, procedures, or simply the document style before submission.
  12. ✉️ Send the process to superiors. Submit your process for review by your line manager. Alternatively, if you do not have a line manager, find a colleague whose feedback you value and send the SOP document to them before declaring it to be complete.
  13. 💬 Clarify the method of optimizing the process. A standard operating procedure document should track its own revisions over time. However, it is useful to have a general system in place to govern these revisions and how and when they occur. Creating a process for process optimization is an effective means of delivering this iterative change.
  14. 🏃‍♀️ Run a risk assessment on the process. A process involves people or data or something somewhere which can be hurt, damaged, or lost. Make sure to run a risk assessment on your processes to make sure you’re not opening up your company’s risk exposure.
  15. 📈 Consider creating a flow diagram. A visual aid to help other people understand the overview of the process will prove useful for people both assessing and following the process presented in the standard operating procedures. Including one increases the user-friendly level of the document.
  16. ✅ Finalize and implement the SOPs. Once all participants and stakeholders have signed off on the document and people have agreed to its use, implement the standard operating procedure document for the necessary process and file the document appropriately.

Using Process Street for your SOPs

standard operating procedures examplesThere are ways in which you can employ a Process Street template effectively for documenting standard operating procedures. The key advantage in using Process Street for this is that each process can be run as a checklist by staff members following the procedures.

Finding a way to balance the standardized layout of standard operating procedure documents and the regular actionable properties of Process Street will allow you to save considerable process documentation time as your company moves forward.

The most simple way to start working toward standard operating procedures with Process Street is to simply begin documenting your processes.

Not every documented process needs to adhere to ISO dictats. Within Process Street’s system a template acts as the standard procedures for a particular task. You then run the checklist from that template when you undertake the process without it affecting the original documentation. At its heart, that is exactly what standard operating procedures are in the real world.

If your processes are well documented then you’ve made a good start. If your processes are actionable then they are much more likely to be adhered to. No one likes picking up an SOP manual and sorting through page after page to find something useful.

With Process Street, you dodge that barrier and increase the chance of someone following the procedures correctly. In short, running your SOPs through Process Street helps improve process adherence.

Here’s an example Process Street SOP template:

This template is engineered to adhere to the ISO-9001:2015 Quality Mini-Manual standards.

Click here to access this template in a new tab!

You can also find a fully filled-out completed version of that template here:

Being a template, you can edit it as you please and replace the text you’re prompted to replace. The initial few sections cover the key information pertaining to the template while the procedures section where the process is documented follows.

If you wanted to use this template on a day to day level, you can store a master copy in an SOPs folder within Process Street and make a copy of the template which could exist in a different folder for use by a team. Your team could then run the copied template as a checklist every time they come to undertake the task.

This would be one way of making your template actionable within your organization once the SOPs have been documented.

If you want to read more about using Process Street to run an ISO standard quality management system, then check out some of these links:

If you want to keep physical versions of your standard operating procedures, then you can always click to print your template and save it as a PDF. This will provide a clean copy of your SOPs with the task list structured as being a table of contents from which other sections follow.

Process Street SOP templates for every industry and sector

Click on the dropdown arrows to gain access to SOP templates related to that industry. Do keep in mind there are plenty more templates accessible from our checklist template library!

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Client Onboarding for a Marketing Agency (SOP template)

Click here to open the Client Onboarding For A Marketing Agency Template in a new tab!

AB Testing (SOP template)

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Creating a Newsletter (SOP template)

Click here to open the Creating a Newletter Template in a new tab!

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Email Server Security (SOP template)

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Client Data Backup Best Practices (SOP template)

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Enterprise Password Management Checklist Template (SOP template)

Click here to open the Enterprise Password Management Checklist Template in a new tab!

⬇️📝 Click here to see Process Street’s ready-made retail SOP templates

Retail Employee Onboarding Checklist (SOP template)

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Ecommerce Product Listing (SOP template)

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Daily Store Opening Checklist (SOP template)

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Construction Proposal Template (SOP template)

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Construction Progress Report (SOP template)

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FHA Inspection Checklist (SOP template)

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Performance Review Checklist (SOP template)

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Diversity Hiring Process (SOP template)

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Holiday Leave Application (SOP template)

Click here to open the Holiday Leave Application Template in a new tab!

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Sales Competitive Analysis SOP Template

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Sales Presentation SOP Template

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Monthly Sales Report SOP Template

Click here to open the Monthly Sales Report/a> SOP Template in a new tab!

Sales Forecasting SOP Template

Click here to open the
Sales Forecasting SOP Template in a new tab!

Sales to Service Handoff SOP Template

Click here to open the Sales to Service Handoff SOP Template in a new tab!

SaaS Upselling SOP Template

Click here to open the SaaS Upselling SOP Template in a new tab!

⬇️📝 Click here to see Process Street’s ready-made customer success SOP templates

DoubleDutch’s Customer Success SOP Template

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Customer Feedback SOP Template

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Customer Service Training SOP Template

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Churn Prevention SOP Template

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Churn Reduction SOP Template

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Simple SOP Template

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Master SOP Template

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Enforced SOP Template

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Collaborative SOP Template

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Variable SOP Template

Click here to open the Variable SOP Template in a new tab!

Conditional SOP Template

Click here to open the Conditional SOP Template in a new tab!

For information on how successful businesses are using Process Street for creating and writing SOPs, watch the video below.

Free Microsoft Word templates to build your SOPs

The traditional route to take when someone wants to start documenting their standard operating procedures is to begin the task within a word processing system and create a series of smaller documents which eventually can come together to form a larger manual.

Essentially, it’s like writing a book.

The first template we’ll present is one of the most useful. I’ll explain why.

A general-purpose template with guiding notes

hospital SOP TemplatesStandard operating procedures are important in all industries but particularly valued within healthcare. Lives are at stake and stated processes must be very carefully followed.

This template is from the National Health Service in Britain and was designed by researchers from the University of Oxford. Given that is template is a result of collaboration between one of the best universities in the world and the world’s largest healthcare provider, I think we should take it pretty seriously.

More than just being a template you can enter information into, this document contains highlighted text in each section which explains to you how to approach each task.

In this sense, document acts like both a writing template and a writing guide; clearly and concisely guiding the user through the document.

Click here to access this template.

As my grandad would say, “there are many ways you can skin a cat” – not that you would want to.

Not every layout will feel right for every company. That’s why we’ve included a range of other options for you to choose from.

A formal general purpose SOP template

example sop standard operating procedure templates

This template doesn’t do anything particularly fancy.

However, it is four pages long and covers all the areas you’ll need to cover in creating fully documented standard operating procedures.

Again, the template is geared slightly toward medical affairs, but only by specifying that one of the assessors is a medical director. Other than that, this is a fully actionable outline which is ready to go without changes or adaptations.

This is a comprehensive SOP template from and doesn’t provide guidance throughout. Fair warning.

Click here to access this template.

A laboratory technician SOP for workplace safety

standard operating procedure samples

This template is geared toward lab work, as you can see from the preview image above.

This more specialized approach from would be effective not just for laboratory technicians but anyone working within similar circumstances. It has steps already labeled in regards to dealing with controlled chemicals and other such hazards.

If you work in a high-risk single location then this template could prove to be useful for your needs.

Click here to access this template.

An SOP for conducting pilot studies

sop template example

This template is geared for a researcher running trials and trying to adhere to strict processes while doing so.

It’s a very short set of standard operating procedures and isn’t going to intimidate anyone.

As you can see from the preview image above, it is geared more for pilot testing than for full all-out research. The goal is to record each time you have ran a test and to track the processes with the table provided.

This template is useful for anyone wishing to control for process variance when undertaking research.

Click here to access this template.

A GP’s SOP for controlled substances

sample sop templates

This template is designed – as you can probably see in the image preview above – to help doctors with the management of controlled drugs when prescribing and dispensing them to patients.

It is quite a niche use case, but similar structures can be replicated by other industries for controlled access scenarios. The same principles generally apply.

This is a very in-depth standard operating procedure template in comparison to the others presented in the last few given above.

Click here to access this template.

Process Street’s privileged password management procedure template

I’ve included this Process Street Privileged Password Management template here to provide a contrast between different approaches one can take for utilizing standard operating procedures for managing controlled substances or access.

I designed the above template, so I am likely a bit biased – however, I feel that the Process Street solution provides a more actionable way of keeping on top of monitoring, authorizing, and tracking given the flexibility and speed of the interconnectivity the software provides.

That particular password management system is designed for very large companies who limit access to highly sensitive data. If you’re a company that handles high-level client data, you need to have these kinds of processes in place to demonstrate your commitment to data security compliance.

This template – like many of Process Street’s templates – is superpowered by utilizing Process Street’s workflow automation features.

In terms of our features, they include (but aren’t limited to):

Click here to open the Privileged Password Management Process template in a new tab!

More NHS standard operating procedure templates

To finish off our general-purpose standard operating procedure templates, we’re going to return to the templates designed by the University of Oxford for use within the National Health Service in Britain.

We’ll present a number of more niche templates that are geared for specific purposes. These should show you how to construct complex SOPs while providing you with the templates to employ in your business if you have these needs.

Excel database design

standard operating procedure template sop template

This template works as an example SOP for how to standardize the setup of databases within Microsoft Excel.

The specific focus of this template is on setting up the database for medical research purposes, but the structure can be adapted to suit any database needs. The real detail lies in the procedures which you can write to fit your specific needs.

Click here to access this template.

Archiving essential documents

sop template free

As you should be able to see in the preview image above, this standard operating procedure template is structured to systemize the archiving of important documents.

You might include details of the referencing system in one section and then a step by step walkthrough in the procedures.

Click here to access this template.

Document control SOP

sop template examples

Again, as presented in the preview image above, this standard operating procedure covers document control.

This includes elements like naming conventions and storage while also looking to help with standardizing processes. Though originally geared toward the healthcare needs of the NHS, this provides a valuable template for any organization looking to implement document controls.

Click here to access this template.

Ethics committee application

sop templates example ethics committee

This template helps to standardize the approaches for applications. In particular, applications to ethics committees.

However, the general-purpose could be very easily reimagined for the purposes of submitting investment applications, tendering for government contracts, or any similar process.

Click here to access this template.

Preparation and approval of protocol amendments

sop template checklist

Throughout your business you will have different processes, procedures, protocols, or policies in place.

These are the general rules which guide our actions.

However, sometimes these practices need to change or be adapted after they’ve already been put in place. This standard operating procedure template aims to create a clear means of changing those established practices through the correct channels.

The SOP will help you manage your other SOPs.

Click here to access this template.

Qualitative research study protocol template

professional sop template

Within your company, you likely carry out a considerable amount of research. This research may be qualitative or quantitative. Either way, you need to have standard operating procedures in place for how this research is conducted.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to standardize methodologies, but you do need to establish how data will be stored, who has access to what data, how to ensure participants can give informed consent, and a whole range of other factors.

This SOP is geared to make sure all research is carried out to high standards.

Click here to access this template.

Risk assessment SOP templates to review your procedures

Hopefully, by now, you’ll feel fairly comfortable with what is required from your standard operating procedures and how you can approach them.

No standard operating procedure is complete, however, until risk assessments have been completed.

As such, we’ve included 5 links here for you to explore. We have two templates specifically geared for risk assessing standard operating procedures plus one example document to show you how the finished version might look. We then have two more general purpose risk assessments for those of you not aspiring to ISO levels, and performing a more casual documentation process.

  1. US Food and Drug Administration. This PDF works as both a template and a guide to risk assessing your standard operating procedures and further risk management.
  2. National Health Service South Tees Clinical Commissioning Group. This risk management strategy and standard operating procedure document demonstrates what a risk oriented section of your SOP manual would look like. Check out page 30 for some actionable risk assessment insights.
  3. British Transport Police. This PDF template provides a guide to how to manage risk management and its impacts.
  4. Newcastle University. This risk assessment form is general purpose and helps you predict and manage risks and hazards in any given situation. This is the example template created by the university.
  5. Health and Safety Executive of the UK. This document is the combined risk assessment and policy template published by the Health and Safety Executive 08/14. This template is easily actionable and not overly complex while remaining effective. This is my recommended risk assessment given it is produced by a standard setting body.

There’s also our very own Risk Management Process.

Click here to open the Risk Management Process Template in a new tab!

Premium SOP Templates

If you’re in the market the most comprehensive, high-quality SOP templates (read expensive) out there, look no further than the Bizmanualz collection written by Chris Anderson, DBA, LSSBB.

Bizmanualz is a premium library of SOP templates delivered in various formats (including Word) with products that span from a single procedure template to an entire company handbook.

From complete CEO and CFO handbooks to department-specific procedure templates like accounting, finance and IT policy procedure manuals, Bizmanualz is the most comprehensive SOP collection out there.

We’ve been impressed by the exhaustive Bizmanualz library that boasts over 1,200 SOP templates . The procedure manuals cover the core departments of a business, encompassing 7,000+ pages of detailed procedure documentation all available for immediate digital download.

We also love that they offer a sample that you can get for free.

Grab a free sample SOP here.

ISO Quality Procedures
Bizmanualz also has a comprehensive collection of ISO-compliant manuals including ISO 9001, AS9100 D and ISO 22000 Food Safety HACCP.

Take a look at their extensive collection of SOP Templates at

Pick the right SOP template and get started

As much as it can be intimidating when you begin writing standard operating procedures for the first time, we hope these templates, explanations, and examples have made the task at hand a little clearer.

Once you recognize the shared structures between different templates, you can begin to see what are essential elements and what are optional inclusions.

With that knowledge in mind, you can look past the unnecessarily verbose language normally used in SOPs to see that they are just very thorough process documents.

So pick a template – or two – and begin documenting your first procedure.

Before you know it, you’ll have an entire ISO level manual on your hands!

Have you written standard operating procedures in the past? What resources would you recommend for someone approaching it for the first time? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hi, Adam, I’m wanting to put the SOP’s into something like a knowledge base where the details of the procedure set up (as per the infographic) and the process street check lists are combined.

What suggestions do you have there? Right now neither of the approaches you suggest seem to fit the bill. The closest I can see is Google Docs – potentially to Google Sites

Hi Henk,

You could either add links to the supporting documents to your Process Street templates, or you could export the Process Street templates and add them as Word documents to your Google Drive folder. There’s not an ideal workaround right now, but we’re looking into letting users store static documents in Process Street folders, too.

Hi Adam,
please advise me how I could start writing SOPs for pharmaceutical export, Do you have any templates or links to help me specifically on this topic?

thanks and regards,

Hi Adam,
please advise me how I could start writing SOPs for Mechanical & Electrical Installations in Building, Do you have any templates or links to help me specifically on this topic?
thanks and regards,

Hey! Installation specific – no. But, I think you might find these templates I designed for electrical inspections useful: They’re meant to illustrate how you could convey inspection processes for technical matters within an actionable checklist which could be followed on-site. I hope this helps!

Hi Bruce; I am looking at setting up SOP’s within the Country Club industry; however they range from Receiving of gifts to Supply Chain, to every aspect. Do you have templates that I could use?

Hi Adam,
Trust things are fine at your end. I need to structure SOP for sales department. Request if you can help. Rgds, Lalit

Hi Saroj,

I’m not sure 100% whether we have exactly what you’re looking for as I’m not sure what kind of database you use. But you can see a bunch of different IT related templates we’ve done in these following links:

The 11 Agile Processes We Use to Run an Efficient Software Team
6 Server Setup Checklists for Sysadmins (Apache, Ubuntu, Proxy, FTP, and More)
34 Linux Server Security Tips & Checklists for Sysadmins
7 Documented Processes for IT, MSPs and System Administrators

Hopefully something in there will be useful for you, or give you some inspiration for how to get started!


Dear Sir ,
I would like to get a SOP for Accounting for a Plumbing Equipment Production Company.
Thank you

Hi Adam,

Great article. I have been using Process Street for a couple of years now but have not managed to fully transition my quality manual over to it for the following reasons:

1. As Henk mentioned, one needs to be able to create a knowledge base where the process and the associated checklist can be accessed.
2. In regulated industries, one needs to prove that employees have read the SOP as a form of training.

Do you have any further thoughts on how to achieve this? At the moment, I am using but it would be nice if there was a way to do all this in Process Street.



Hi Shaheed,

It depends how you want to approach your “knowledge base” – the whole Process Street platform is a knowledge base. Your processes are in there and your checklists are in there. So, it’s maybe more about how to leverage that.

Perhaps you just want an easier or more formal way to organise these processes?

Well, you could create a mini manual like the one embedded above in this article:

The benefit of that is that it is a centralised document of all your procedures. You could export and print that document and have a physical manual if you ever needed it. That’s one kind of approach.

The other, more modern but less formal, approach is to just have a well-organised process library. I’ve written about the different ways you could structure your process library here: – using the folders and subfolders is the easiest way to a well-organised library, but the tagging system can be really useful too.

For large organisations, I recommended a live/staging folder structure with a Dewey Decimal -esque tagging system. But you can do yours any way you like!

As for your second point, you would just run a checklist of the SOP and assign it to the employee you want to train. They then go through and check off the items in the list.

Or, you have a separate training process which links to the SOPs in question and the employee checks off a task to acknowledge that they have read them.

These are all core features of the Process Street platform, (and really useful when used well) so if you want some further guidance about how they work then I’d recommend reaching out to our customer success team. You can just message them from inside the app, and I’m sure they’d be happy to run through how other customers make the most of certain features!

I hope this helps!


Hi Adam,
We have purchased a new static rock-breaker and I am to write an SOP for its operation, can you please advise me on how to write it.
Thank you

Hi Felix,

We don’t have any materials specific to that use case.

However, we have a couple of machinery related ones which may provide some inspiration.

Forklift Inspection Checklist:

Vehicle Inspection Checklist:

Pretrip Inspection Checklist:

ISO container inspection checklist:

And here are 9 checklists specific to managing drones – mainly at a commercial level.

I hope some of this can be useful for you!


What a great resource! Which template could you recommend for a small catering business? Is there one tailored to the restaurant/ catering industry? This is not for an external audit except maybe in case the business gets sold one day. Thanks!

Hi Margaret,

We don’t have a great deal of premade templates for a catering business in particular.

We have this one as an example of employee onboarding for a restaurant:

Then we would have your general purpose ones like:

We do have a case study of a Canadian healthy-eating fast-food company which has used Process Street to boost performance and has grown its operations to multiple cities:

Or we have this longer article of mine from a while back looking at the history of franchising. It’s a nice read, but the more interesting tidbits for you might be toward the end in regards to how McDonalds systemized their operations, and then there’s a bit showing how Toyota approach systemization in a practical easy-to-replicate kind of way:

I hope some of this is handy for you!

Alternatively, if you want to create new templates for yourself from scratch, here’s a short article I wrote on how to create these processes even when it feels like you have no time at all:

Best of luck with it all! Feel free to shoot me any questions 🙂

Dear Adam

Great article and resource.
I need to do a SOP on optic fibre works. From Civil Construction to the installation of the fibre. That’s underground, aerial and indoor.

Really value this platform.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards


Hi Adam,
Can you help me with an SOP for Computer Based Testing industry? We book examination centres for clients looking conducting large scale computer based exams in different parts of the country. I am often asked for an SOP from the prospective clients. Thank you.

Hi Mayur,

I’m afraid we don’t have any premade SOPs for that particular niche.

However, you could use this structure template to begin creating your own:

We do have this unit planning template which would be a good inspiration for devising a new module for students to be tested on:

Or, if your focus is more on booking rooms/centers then perhaps some of the inspection templates would be useful for you to show you take safety seriously:

And then other general things like expenses and such could be included in your manual:

So, I think we have a lot of general templates relevant to your supporting activities, but you’ll have to create the specific ones for yourself. There’s a little post here on how to do that as quickly as possible:

I hope some of this helps!

Hi Adenike,

You can find our procedure manual structure template here:

And you can find an example of what this looks like when it is completed here:

A simple structure template for writing a standard operating procedure for a sales process is here:

For sales specific use cases you could see some templates we’ve made.

Here you’ll see a series of premade templates for general sales activities (many of these are outbound sales):

Here you’ll find a number of premade templates for account management (more long-term relationship focus):

I hope this is useful for you and gives you somewhere to start!


Hey Adam, Would folks happen to have S.O.P. in overseas international student language exchange programs?

Thank you for your assistance,


Hi Neil,

We don’t have any SOPs for overseas international language exchange programs.

I do own a language exchange business, though – – so I would be interested in exploring this further.

What’s the broad scope of the SOPs you’re thinking of adopting/creating?


Hey Adam,

Need your help dear. I am about to prepare SOP for Repair area of Diesel Engines (Pictorial & also in detailing). Can your pl share templates relevant to that?

Swapnil Saxena

Hi Adam,

Do you perhaps have any SOP templates for an foreign exchange system that i can make use of? or any advise on where to find one.

Hi Geraldine,

What kind of foreign exchange? Do you mean SOPs for sending kids abroad in groups – like travel SOPs?

Or do you mean like language exchange systems of pairing up students on a regular basis to help them learn each other’s language?

If you mean travel, then you could see an example of what a travel process might look like here:

If you mean language exchange then you can check out this useful app: idyoma.


Hi Nimesh,

An issue date would stay the same. A revision date would be updated every time additions or improvements are made to the process. You would list the revision dates in order so that there’s a historical list of all the revisions to the process, if you were using the Word doc templates 🙂

Dear Adam

Great article and resource.
I need to do a SOP on Software Testing.
I have been looking at available templates which makes up for a great resource, but still not something i can readily make use of.
Can you please help me with Software Testing SOP document ?
It would be really a great deal of help.
Thank you for all the efforts !!!

Hi Praveen,

I actually wrote this post for another website which links out to almost all of our IT related checklists:

However, I’m not sure whether we have exactly what you’re describing.

Can you give me a little more detail about what you would use the process for, who would use the process, what the scope of the process might be, and what kind of things you would hope the process would include?

It seems like a good area to build more processes for – particularly as we are a software company so can show off some of our internal processes for this too.


Hello Adam,

I have been asked to prepare an SOP for office facility management, facility check, maintenance policy and procedure for my company. its a construction and interior design company. Please, could you assist on what format to use and how to generally go about it?

Best Regards,

Hi Sophia,

It depends exactly what they’re looking for, but my preferred method would be to build out each process individually in Process Street and then to collate those processes in one of our mini-manual templates.

This means that people can easily follow the procedures by using the software. But it also means that you can export the mini-manual as a document to have a physical paper copy you can show people. Many companies still want to have that – and it sounds like that might be part of what you need.

For the mini-manual, I would recommend having a look at this post about creating a policy and procedure document. We have a structure template you can work from, and an example completed template too.

How to Write an Actionable Policy and Procedure Template (ISO Compliant!)

In terms of content to go into that template, we have a bunch of premade procedures which you can add to your Process Street account or just view in your browser. Some of these might be suited to you, some might simply serve as inspiration – if you add them to your Process Street account you can edit them to your heart’s content, hopefully saving you a bit of time.

11 Checklists to Optimize Your Accounting Processes
7 Construction Templates to Improve Processes, Standards, and Client Relations
8 Electrical Inspection Checklists to Keep Your Workspaces Safe
12 Inspection Checklists to Maximize Safety in the Workplace
8 Office Management Checklists for Astounding Operational Efficiency

The policy and procedure mini-manual structure template mentioned above is designed to be ISO 9000 compliant and the way we recommend approaching it is to list each of the individual processes in that manual as separate Tasks and then to provide an overview of each procedure in the detail of that Task, with a link to where the procedure is stored as an actionable business process in your Process Street account.

That’s the rough overview anyway!

We have plenty more premade templates than just those, so let me know if you have any other questions 🙂


Hi Adam,

I’ve been tasked to create an SOP for a crm software ie salesforce ,zendesk on how to receive, answer and send email . Need to list best practices along with photos. Is there any examples that follow this format?

Hi Gene,

We’ve wanted to put together some SOPs for Salesforce for a while, but don’t yet have any specifically for that platform. What we do have is a little project we created recently which mirrors how a lot of our clients use Process Street alongside their property management CRMs.

There are 3 packs of templates here which provide SOPs for managing different property CRMs, and hopefully they can act as inspiration:

5 AppFolio Checklists for Core Property Management Workflows
5 Buildium Checklists for Superior Management of Core Rental Processes
5 Propertyware Checklists for Keeping Rental Processes Running Smoothly

I hope these help!


Hello Adam,
I’m looking to create SOP’s for a Commercial Bakery. This includes the front office, Customer Service, Sales, Buying etc. I would greatly appreciate a template to work off of as this a pretty huge project I am taking on. Please advise.

Marieanne Herrera
HR & Operations
Julian Bakery

Hi Marieanne,

I actually made a personal process not too long ago for the production of bagels! However, that isn’t live as an SOP I can give you – and I’m sure you have much better baking processes than my personal ones!

My recommendation for any template is to start with this one:

But if you want some you can start with straight away and simply make small edits to, I would check these packs out:

And I see you’re in HR, so here’s a whole load of HR-related processes which we don’t have compiled in a single pack at the moment:

I hope some of these can be useful for you!

You can add them to your Process Street account and edit them as you wish.


Hi Adam ,

My company recently introduced a new P2P(peer to peer) model for their car sharing business. I have been tasked with creating SOP and processes that will maximize host as well as renter satisfaction. Can you help me to decide which template should I go about? Btw, great post you got here!

Thank you and best wishes,
Syed Mohamed Ariff

Hi Syed,

Could you give me a little more info about some of the potential procedures you might be thinking of?

I assume tech ones will always be useful, but I’d love to know more.


Hi Adam,
great article.

Could you help me with a template for Standard Operating Procedure for content writing department. I will appreciate if it’s also an advice on where to get one.

Best regards,

Hi Lucy!

Yes, we have lots of example SOPs for content creation.

Here’s an article on the system and workflow we use at Process Street: Content Creation Workflows: Why You Need One and How to Build It

And here are a selection of premade processes:

We also have more design related ones which you can find here too: 7 Essential Design Processes & Checklists (UX, Web Design, Branding…).

I hope some of these can be useful for you! 🙂


Hello Sir,

I am working on SOP for quality department in a Apparel manufacturing industry. I have to make the SOP for all departments including fabric inhouse, cutting, sewing and finishing. Also, i have to make a manual for the same.
So, Sir could you please assist me on what format to use and how to proceed?

Best Regards,

Hi Adam please help me with a draft SOP if you have for a LOGISTICS department in a Manufacturing company

Hi Dear,
I am working at Coir product /Coco peat industry. So,I would like to get a SOP for this industry.
Thank you

I have been asked to deliver SOP s for Student council. Can you please guide which format would be best. Regards


If you need physical copies, I’d suggest making each SOP in Process Street and then exporting it as a pdf.

That will format everything for you. It will be structured so that it has an overview of the steps in the SOP at the top (like a contents section) and then it will be followed by each step in the process with any text boxes or clarifying information included.

Try building one and exporting it to see how it would look. That should do well for you.


Hi Adams,

Good write up
How can SOP be done for the office of a mechanical and electrical contracting company where lots of activities from engineering (electrical and mechanical) designs and specifications, materials selections, material request, materials purchase, materials delivery,materials storage, materials transfer to sites etc take place with the following sections involve purchase department, account department, commercial departments, engineering departments (electrical and mechanical), import department, security department etc

Hey there,

That’s a really good question and exactly why so many companies who have paper SOPs struggle.

If you use a cloud computing solution like Process Street, you can create SOPs which any team in the company can access. Or, you create SOPs which involve different teams in the company and so different tasks in the process are assigned to different people. Simple.

You can have one team following the SOPs from a tablet on the site and another team completing their approval steps on a computer in the office.

If you want to get a better idea of it, check out some of these posts:

* 7 Construction Templates to Improve Processes, Standards, and Client Relations
* 12 Inspection Checklists to Maximize Safety in the Workplace
* 8 Electrical Inspection Checklists to Keep Your Workspaces Safe
* 8 Logistics Management Processes to Perfect Your Supply Chain

I hope this helps!


please help me draft cluster detection and response SOP, and can you kindly suggest a suitable Template

Hello Adam,
Happy new year!
Can you help me with an SOP for an online wellness (yoga, meditation etc) classes business?
Thank you!

Sorry, by mistake a posted the same question again, it didn’t appear to me at first.
Well, it’s a meditation and yoga classes business. We are going to operate it online, so all the process stating from the purchase, scheduling etc is on the web. Thank you for your attention!!!!

No worries! I think the SOPs in the previous comment of mine should help you with most of those things then!

If you want some more SOPs to help you with some of your email marketing and outreach to potential, new, or existing customers, then try checking out this article too:

Best of luck Luciane!

Hey Charles,

I’m afraid we don’t currently have anything specific to what you’re looking for, but we do have the following checklists which can hopefully act as inspiration and give some guidance to how you can construct your SOPs.

In each of these templates, you’ll find a section at the end called Related Checklists which should show you a bunch more templates on this theme.

I hope some of this can be helpful for you!


Hey Natarajan, could you give us any examples of what kind of things this SOP might cover? Cheers, Adam

I have been tasked with creating and scheduling the annual review process for our Campus Security Department’s policies and procedures. Rather than tackle the entire manual at one time of the year, it is preferred that we look at individual policies and procedures on an ongoing basis. The process must include timelines for my and/or other key parties to review (as well provide feedback and/or approve), staff notifications of revisions, related in-service training and testing on knowledge and understanding of the policy in question. Can you please advise which templates might be most helpful for this?

Hi Marlene,

I think it’s worth checking out a few of these articles and the templates which are in them. Across all the templates there are loads of different use cases, and for different levels of need – small team to big corporation.

My personal advice would be to have a minimum of 3 different processes occurring:

  • One which tracks progress: You create a big checklist with lots of different sections which correspond to sections in your existing policies and procedures (plus at least one section at the end for new policies or procedures). You then work through that checklist sequentially, assessing each set of items one by one. This evidences your progress through a systemized approach
  • One which assesses procedures: For each individual procedure you assess, you can have a checklist to guide the assessment. You use this checklist to make sure the procedure in question adheres to the quality standards you’ve set, that it is accurate, and that it is approved or marked for an update.
  • One which assesses policies: The same as the above other than the fact that policies and procedures will be judged on different things and it makes more sense to separate that out.

At the end of this process, you will have worked through each policy and procedure and identified which ones need improvement. You can choose to improve them as you go; section by section as you work through the first checklist. Or, you can improve them in one go at the end, or send them back to their relevant department with guidelines as how those members of staff can improve their own procedure(s).

In terms of templates which are similar to the first process, I would consider looking at one of these corporate-level ISO audit checklists:

Those two checklists should be really useful in giving you that top-down view of the whole process, if you choose to run your review like an ISO audit.

I hope some of this helps, Marlene!

Best of luck with it all, and we’re always happy to point you in the right direction if there are other things you need a hand with.


Hi Adam
Do you perhaps have any SOPs for office staff working from home during this lockdown period in your armory?

Hi Adam, I need your help in creating SOP for the IT Department for a pharmaceutical company that supports me to pass the GMP audit.

Hi Amr, if you’re looking for something suitable for a large organization which has to adhere to standards like GMP, I recommend taking a look at our article on ISO 9001, which contains instructions and loads of templates exactly for this kind of use case.

I hope this helps!

Hello, can help me to provide a SOP for an inventory pick & packing and stock controls. Can you share please?

thank you.

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