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A Complete Guide to Promoting a Healthy Remote Work-Life Balance

Healthy remote work-life balance

Our homes are no longer homes, and our offices are no longer offices. 

The long-term impact of an abrupt shift to remote work means many employees struggle to adjust. But employees aren’t the only ones who have to adjust. 

Companies now need to find a “new normal.” Remote work has given employees a taste of great flexibility and they’re not ready to part with it. 

To prevent the Great Resignation, employers need to find a way to keep their business running efficiently while also promoting a healthy remote work-life balance. 

We’ll explore how to adapt to this new reality. We’ll also look at how it’s impacting our recruiting, hiring, and managing of employees.

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What Are the Qualities of a Good Employee?

Qualities of a good employee

As an HR manager, you know a company is only as strong as its employees.

Your employees are the backbone of your company. They are the ones who interact with customers, produce products, and provide services.

In many ways, they are the ambassadors of your brand, and their interactions with customers can either reinforce or undermine your brand identity. 

That’s why knowing what qualities to look for in new hires is essential.

By finding candidates who align with your company’s values and providing them with comprehensive training, employees will be able to represent your brand effectively. So, what should you look for? 

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Everything You Need to Know About Customer Onboarding

customer onboarding

What’s the most frustrating thing in the world?

Buying a product that was perfectly marketed to solve all your problems only to be faced with even more problems once you’ve handed over your banking details.

We’ve all been there – and most of the time, the marketing was truthful. The product could solve my problems. The real problem was that I didn’t know how to get the most out of the product. 

And why’s that? I, the customer, wasn’t properly onboarded. And that led to me feeling tricked by the company because the product didn’t meet my expectations.

Instant buyer’s regret. 

You don’t want your customers to feel the same. Understanding customer onboarding will help you help your customers get the most out of your product or service.

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We Tried 50 Free Workflow Tools – Here Are Our Top 4

free workflow tools

Business success is increased by 70% when an organization uses workflow management software. But that can only be achieved when using the right workflow tool. 

There are plenty of free workflow tools available – great news for businesses tiptoeing around the idea of process management. But while your choices aren’t limited, choosing the wrong one can be a costly affair. 

That’s why I did the heavy lifting for you and sorted through 50 free workflow tools to find the top 4. You can thank me later. 

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Process Reengineering vs Continuous Improvement: What’s the Right Choice for You?

process reengineering

Companies need to undergo change all the time. But when do slight improvements need to be made and when is radical change a necessity? That’s where process reengineering and continuous improvement come into play. 

Each is vital to the success of a company but can’t be used to handle the same set of changes. Optimizing your business operations means knowing when to make continuous improvements and when to use process reengineering efforts. 

So, when’s the right time to use what?  

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6 Templates for Each Stage of the Employee Life Cycle for Long-Term Retention

A company is only as good as the employees it hires. We all know this, but let’s take it a step further.

The employee life cycle is the bloodline for any organization. You need to take proper care of your employees to reap success. To do this, you need to understand each stage of the employee life cycle and where your employee stands in it. 

When implemented correctly, effective employee life cycle management boosts long-term retention. Your employees are happy, so they remain longer and continue adding value to your business. 

That doesn’t mean this management is easy, though. That’s why, in this Process Street article, I’m taking you through each stage with a free template. 

Let’s dive right into it!

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The Ultimate Guide to the Halo and Horn Effect (and How HR Can Limit Its Influence)

halo and horn effect

You judge people all the time! 

But that’s okay, because we’re all guilty. This is specifically the case when we look at the workplace. Hiring managers make these snap judgments each day – and get paid for it. 

Our first impression of someone sticks. We’re then unconsciously looking for signs that confirm our first impression to be right – even when it’s not. 

Think of it this way: A candidate is late for their first day – the impression is that they’re always late. Now, whenever they arrive late, it confirms the impression that they’re always late. Even if they show up early or on-time most days. 

Please welcome unconscious and confirmation bias – the byproduct of the Halo and Horn Effect. 

This sociological theory doesn’t only exist on page. And it isn’t limited to our interpersonal interactions either. The workplace is a breeding ground for biased opinions and quick judgment calls, especially when hiring

To stop the Halo and Horn Effect from influencing your hiring decisions, you first need to understand how this bias creeps into how you perceive others.

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Process vs Project: What’s the Difference and Which is the Best?

“Project management is a cute way to get started, but serious businesses are committed to process excellence.”  

Vinay Patankar, CEO and Co-Founder of Process Street.

I know, that’s a pretty controversial way to start this post, but so is the debate between process vs. project. You’re either Team Process or Team Project. 

We’re Process Street and the creators of the Process Manifesto, so our support towards Team Process seems pretty self-evident. But it’s not that simple. 

At Process Street, we’re not exclusively using processes. We run projects too.

There’s a time and a place for both process and project management.

But, how do you know when it’s right to opt for process management over project management and vice-versa? 

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Why Companies Suffer from a Lack of Process Transparency (and How to Overcome It)

ALT: process transparency

Why Companies Suffer from a Lack of Process Transparency (and How to Overcome It)

86% of executives and employees believe a lack of collaboration is the main reason behind company failure. From this, it’s easy to see how an entire company feels more connected when everyone is working with the same vision and information. 

That’s what makes process transparency so crucial to organizational success. Studies show that organizations with more transparent processes help enhance collaboration, increase engagement, and improve productivity

Along with this, employees also believe workplace transparency to be a large contributing factor to job satisfaction

So, if your company lacks process visibility, you’re not providing transparency in the workplace and run the risk of losing valuable employees. 

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Is Understanding Employee Psychology the Secret to Boosting Engagement?

ALT: employee psychology

Long story short: When employees are engaged, they’re more productive (and so is your organization). 

An engaged workforce is the best foundation for a successful company but little attention is given to what drives that engagement. That’s possibly why 85% of employees aren’t engaged in the workplace. 

A greater understanding of employee psychology will help you hack employee behavior and get your workforce more engaged. 

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