Export and Print Checklists

You can print or export entire checklists using the ‘Print this checklist’ feature.

Exported checklists come with the state, assignees, completed tasks, form field data, comments and everything in the activity feed giving you a printable, mailable record of the checklist.

Store your export for audit purposes or send to a client.

Printing Checklists

To access the ‘Print this checklist’ feature, first, click the cog next to the name of the checklist’s parent template to expose the template menu. From here, select the checklist that you’d like to print or export from the right-hand menu.


Once the checklist is open, select the ‘Print this checklist’ option under ‘Checklist options’ in the right-hand checklist menu.

navigate and click print this checklist Gif

You will be brought to a printable version of your checklist complete with the same form fields filled and task boxes checked as the actual checklist.

printable checklist page screenshot

From here, you can either print your checklist directly or export it as a PDF.

To print a checklist, simply click ‘File’ in the menu bar, and then ‘Print’.

Export Checklists to PDF

To export your checklist as a PDF, you will need to save the print output as a PDF. Follow the appropriate instructions below based on your browser.


Save the file as a PDF document by selecting “Save as PDF” under “Destination”, or in the bottom left corner of the print dialogue in Firefox.

Save as PDF Chrome


Save the file as a PDF document by selecting “Save as PDF” in the bottom left corner of the print dialogue.

Save as PDF Firefox

Internet Explorer

Export a PDF by changing the printer selection to “Microsoft Print to PDF”.

Save as PDF IE


Click “Export as PDF” directly from the browser File menu instead of printing to PDF.

Save as PDF Safari

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