Creating & Managing Folders

Folders are used to manage templates, checklists, and permissions for different sections or teams of users.

For example, each team in your organization (eg, HR, sales, finance, etc) can have their templates in a separate folder, giving them access to only the processes which they need to see.

This increases productivity and security, as no-one has access to templates and checklists which they do not need to see.

Users: In order to create or manage folders, you must be an Administrator in your organization. 

Creating folders

To create a new folder, go to your home dashboard view, click the green “+ New” button on the left-hand side of your screen, then click “New Folder”.

After that, type in the name of your new folder and click “OK”.

Note that new folders (or subfolders) will be created in the location you’re viewing. This means that if you are viewing the home screen a basic folder will be created. If you’re inside an existing folder, a subfolder will be made instead.

Create subfolders

Subfolders are created in exactly the same way as folders, except you need to be inside the folder you want to create a subfolder in.

For example, if you went into your “Marketing” folder, clicked “New”, and then on “New folder”, you’ll create a subfolder inside “Marketing”.

Managing folders

To access a folder’s settings, click the folder to enter it, and then click the cog next to its name at the top of your view. Select “Change folder settings” from the dropdown menu.

Rename a folder

To rename a folder, go into the “Properties” tab, type in the new name, then hit “Update” to save your changes.

Delete a folder

To delete a folder go into the “Properties” tab and click the “Delete” button.

Note: You can only delete empty folders. If you have templates in there, you would need to delete the templates first, and then delete the folder.

Manage folders permissions

To manage the users assigned to a folder, go into the “Members” tab.

Here you can invite a new user by typing their name or email address, alter the permissions of an existing user, or remove them from the folder entirely, by clicking the “Remove User” icon to the right of their details.

Learn more about user permissions.


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