How Do I Assign People to Checklists?

You can assign users to work on individual checklists, letting you track their progress and activity while showing them what they need to be working on.

You can also assign groups to both regular and scheduled checklists to manage multiple user permissions at once.

How to assign a user to a checklist

To assign a user or group you need to be viewing a checklist. Do this by clicking the cog next to a template‘s name…


… then by choosing from the checklist cards displayed in the bottom of the right-hand menu. If you can’t see the checklist you want, search for its title using the bar above the card display.


Once the checklist is open, click the green “Assign members” button in the right-hand menu.


Now just search the name or email address of the user or group you want to assign to the checklist, then click their name. You can also invite someone to your organization as a guest (and assign them to the checklist) by entering their email address into this field.


Viewing user activity

To see the activity feed of the user (including when checklist tasks were marked as complete), click their portrait in the right-hand menu when viewing a checklist and then on the “View member’s activity” button.


Removing an assigned user from a checklist

To remove a user or group from a checklist, click their protrait in the right-hand menu, then on “Remove from checklist”.


To learn more, see our help articles on templates, checklists, and user permissions.

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