How Do I Assign People to Checklists?

You can assign users or groups to work on checklists which effectively gives them ownership of that checklist, or accountability for that process.

When you assign groups to checklists, this allows you to assign multiple people in that group to the checklist, at the same time.

When you assign users or groups to checklists, you can track their progress and activity as they work through all the tasks in the checklist.

Users: In order to assign people to checklists, you must be an Administrator or a Member of your organization. 

By default, the person who runs a checklist manually is assigned to it.

How to assign a user or group to a checklist

To assign additional users or groups to a checklist, you need to be viewing an active checklist.

Start in your checklist dashboard and use the search box to search for your checklist by name. Click the checklist name to open it up.

In the right-hand checklist menu, you’ll be able to see anyone who is already assigned to that checklist under “Who’s working on this?”

To assign another user or group, click the “Assign users” button. You can search or scroll to find the name or email address of the user or group you want to assign. Click that user’s name or the group’s name to assign them.

At the point you assign a user or group to a checklist, they will receive an email notification to alert them.

You can also invite someone to join your organization as a guest (and assign them to the checklist at the same time) by entering their email address into this field.

Unassign a user or group from a checklist

To remove (unassign) a user or a group from a checklist, click their profile picture (or the group icon) in the right-hand menu, then select “Unassign user”.

View checklist activity

To see the activity feed for a checklist, click “View activity” in the right-hand checklist menu. Scroll down to see all the activity, and (if there has been a lot of activity on this checklist) you can load more entries by selecting “Show older activities” at the bottom of the page.

View user activity

To see the activity feed of an individual user or group, click on their profile picture or group icon in the right-hand checklist menu, then select “View user’s activity”.

This allows you to see their activity across any templates or checklists they are assigned to in your organization.

Learn more about templates, checklists, and user permissions.


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