How Premier Claims Uses Process Street to Efficiently Handle New Claims and Client Intake

How Premier Claims Uses Process Street to Effortlessly Handle New Claims and Client Intake-01 (1)

Premier Claims is a public adjusting firm that secures an average increase on claim payments 700% greater than before their involvement in the negotiation. They represent policyholders and contractors when negotiating fair claim settlements from insurance carriers on property damage. This includes damage from hail, wind, fire, and smoke.

Premier Claims discovered Process Street in July 2020, and have since moved many of their processes to our platform. Process Street has given Premier Claims an easy and elegant means of collecting and securely storing client information.

One such process Premier Claims uses Process Street for is their Claims and Client Intake Workflow. When the Process Street version of this workflow was first beta-tested, the salesperson’s response spoke volumes to the reliefs Process Street brings the Premier Claims team.

[Process Street is]…literally the easiest thing in the world.” – Premier Claims salesperson, Claims and Client intake workflow Demo

Premier Claims wanted to share their positive experience from using Process Street and decided to create a video demo of their Claims and Client Workflow.

The Claims & Client Intake Workflow Demo

The Claims & Client Intake Workflow Demo shows Process Street in action. The demo was created to illustrate how Process Street’s features allow Premier Claims to:

  • Speed up the client intake process.
  • Work more efficiently as a team.
  • Collect new claims and client information from anywhere. Especially useful as teams operate out-of-office, onsite.

Premier Claims uses Conditional Logic to speed up the new claim and client intake process

Firstly, the demo shows how Premier Claims utilize Process Street’s Conditional Logic Feature.

Process Street’s simple conditional logic makes setting up [conditional] rules almost full proof. These rules allow for many variables and have different dependencies based on the form field type, and make it possible for us to show or hide content depending on what values the user may enter in the form. This ensures that our team will only see the questions and fields which are relevant to the claim and client they’re working with. This allows for lesser frustration and less overwhelming processes in gathering and entering data.”

Premier Claims uses Dynamic Role Assignments and Due Dates to work better as a team

Because we have so many different individual salespeople, we prefer the ability to design tasks and content based on entered email addresses, rather than always assigning specific users.”

Role Assignments mean tasks can be dynamically assigned to different users on a team. One way of doing this is by using a user’s inputted email address for each workflow run. The true power of Process Street’s Role Assignments feature is, however, not realized until it’s coupled with our Dynamic Due Dates feature. This feature notifies team members of their upcoming deadlines.

Additionally, the dynamically assigned due dates are based on a variety of options that allow us to ensure our teams stay on track and receive reminders to meet their deadlines.”

Premier Claims uses Automation and Integration features to speed up the new claim and client intake process

Premier Claims have utilized Salesforce and DocuSign integrations. As Premier Claims says, these are…

“…seamless and user friendly to set up when connecting the platforms.”

Premier Claims uses Process Steet’s Integration/Automation feature to:

  • Pull data from an account in Salesforce.
  • Automatically create new accounts in Salesforce.
  • Automatically update records.
  • Automatically send contracts through Docusign.

The above can be done without leaving a Process Street workflow.

Premier Claims uses Run Links to operate as a remote team

Process Street’s workflow Run Links create a new workflow run when the link is clicked. This allows Premier Claim’s teams to quickly run a workflow from anywhere using the shared link.

We love that Process Street does not limit the number of variables that we can build in our run link.”

Premier Claims quickly handles new clients and claims without compromising error with Process Street


By taking advantage of these four Process Street functions (+ more), Premier Claims has been able to make the Claim and Client intake process accessible to teams, from anywhere.

Once more, with automation and redirect integration from Process Street to Salesforce and Docusign, the process of creating accounts, contracts, and new opportunities within Salesforce is a lot quicker without compromising accuracy.

We automatically have the information in what correct fields, file uploads are available and links for our internal teams to document, and then we let our automation in Salesforce do the rest.”

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