Celebrating 1 Million Workflows and Beyond! Inside our Record-Breaking Year at Process Street

It was a year of milestones here at Process Street. Perhaps the one we’re most excited about: 1 million workflows!

That’s right, since launching Process Street users have now created more than 1 million workflows on the platform.

That’s 1 million ways you’re helping us with our mission of making recurring work fun, fast, and faultless for teams everywhere.

And since we’re celebrating, we thought we’d share a recap of some more Process Street highlights from 2021.

A new product in the Process Street family: Pages

process street pages

In 2021 we shipped a valuable new product: Pages.

Pages is a free-for-everyone knowledge base for your entire team. Over the years we’ve made our Workflows product more and more powerful. But we’ve noticed there are always teams who struggle with those early steps of process improvement: getting company knowledge written down and centralized. So we thought, why not give them a place to do just that – and make it free!

Check out Pages — it’s free forever for everyone in your company. We’re hard at work adding even more improvements to it, and we couldn’t be more excited about the developments we have in store for 2022!

Our first batch of native integrations: Automations

We’re all using a lot of different software tools at work these days. Connecting Process Street workflows with this activity and syncing data across all these other apps has always been a big use case for our customers. Thankfully, our friends at Zapier have made this possible through integration capabilities across thousands of apps.

But we wanted to bring certain integrations even closer to the core Process Street experience. That’s why in 2021 we launched Automations, our first-ever set of native integrations with the most popular tools for work.

Check out what’s possible with Automations (and more!) in this full product demo video.

Powering Automations are robust integrations with Salesforce, Jira, Slack, DocuSign, and Google Sheets — plus powerful new functionality within Process Street itself.

Zapier fans, don’t fret! Those integration capabilities aren’t going anywhere. And we’ve got big plans for even more Automations in 2022.

Bringing the workflows to you, with Slack app

process street slack app

Like so many organizations, here at Process Street we’re daily users of Slack. It’s where nearly all our team communication happens. Same with many of our customers. We knew there was untapped potential to make completing Process Street tasks even simpler by bringing them right into Slack.

Our new Process Street Slack app unlocks this power and a lot more.

More power and more features: launching Process Street 3.0

process street 3.0 launch

Back in January, we introduced the world to Process Street 3.0!

With the 3.0 launch, we introduced powerful new features like Approvals, stop tasks, conditional logic, task permissions, role assignments, dynamic due dates, and more. Less than a year later and it’s hard to imagine Process Street without these features.

Our first user conference: Highway

process street highwayTons of customers, friends, and fans joined us for our first-ever virtual event, Highway, in September.

We enjoyed presentations from industry leaders like Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier, and Rich Wong, General Partner at Accel. We also shared plenty of tips and best practices from our own Process Street experts.

The engagement and connection with customers was outstanding. We owe a big thank you to everyone who participated!

From Templates and Checklists to Workflows

process street workflowsProcess Street customers noticed a big name change this year. What previously were Templates and Checklists are now called Workflows and Workflow Runs, respectively.

We wouldn’t exactly say we “outgrew” the Checklist name. We’re still inspired by the concept of a checklist and it guides our product philosophy in a lot of ways. But we’ve also grown Process Street into a powerful workflow engine that can do so much more than a simple checklist ever could.

In other words, it was time to move on, time to grow, and we’re grateful for every customer who joined us through this change.

Ready to master every process? Check out our new podcast, Masters of Process

masters of process podcast process

In 2021, we partnered with our friends at No Code Ops to launch our newest podcast, Masters of Process.

Together, we unpack the no-code revolution by talking with top innovators in the space and exploring how they’re reinventing the way a modern business operates.

Check it out here, or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform, and get ready for even more value-packed conversations in 2022!

Bringing aboard new customers

More than 3,000 customers are now using Process Street across more than 1,000 use cases. Everything from managing onboarding at some of the largest companies in tech, to running small businesses, and one-person operations. Every day we’re so impressed by the scale and scope of our customer base.

Check out a few of this year’s stories and videos from some of customers:

Welcoming the Workflow Wizards

Years from now, we may look back on 2021 as the year the Process Street community really took off. Process Street power users are a goldmine of knowledge and information for other customers. We want to empower the Process Street community as much as possible, so in 2021, we kicked things off with the Workflow Wizards program.

You can learn more and join the waitlist here.

Getting together with our team

process street retreat 2

After more than a year apart, we were able to get back to doing some in-person team gatherings with a few small, well-coordinated retreats.

From San Francisco, to New York, to Barcelona, Process Street teammates got a chance to see each other face to face, many for the first time (even if it was behind a mask).

process street retreat 1

Adding new faces to the team (by the way: we’re hiring!)

We added teammates at a record clip this year, and hired more new colleagues than ever. The Process Street team is now more than 60-strong, with representation from four continents!

It sure was an action-packed year, but these updates just scratch the surface. And we fully expect next year’s round-up to be even more exciting!

If you want to be part of our journey in 2022, check out the open roles on our careers page!

How was 2021 for you? Any big wins? Any lessons learned? Let us know in the comments!

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Oliver Peterson is a content writer for Process Street with an interest in systems and processes, attempting to use them as tools for taking apart problems and gaining insight into building robust, lasting solutions.

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