17 Email Marketing Templates For An Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Jane Courtnell
February 14, 2023

Email Marketing Templates

$35 billion in sales is generated annually using email.

For each ~$1 spent on a given email campaign, the Return On Investment equaled ~$38 in 2017.

At Process Street, we know email is a popular, practical and powerful way to connect with people. When done right…

This is why Process Street has created 17 Email Marketing Templates, so you can get your email marketing processes right.

Use our email marketing templates to obtain clarityconsistency and save time within your marketing campaign.

By using our templates you can:

  • Test and improve each campaign performing A/B testing.
  • Work in synergy with the rest of your team using our role assignment feature.
  • Ensure task order and task prioritization using our stop task feature.
  • Make sure tasks are completed within a given deadline using our dynamic due date feature.
  • Monitor and manage the progress of any given email marketing process.

These templates are free and easy to use. Scroll down to grab them straight away using the quick links provided.

Our email marketing templates for your effective marketing strategy

With each buzz notification from your phone, or ping notification from your computer, what makes you snap open an incoming email?

I’m guessing you like emails that provide interesting, inspiring and engaging content. Who wouldn’t? So why not make sure you create such emails for your business.

Our first set of email marketing templates are less specific. Rather general guides to help you with key email marketing processes. Processes that help you create engaging content for your emails.

Provided below are the quick links to these templates:

The second set of email marketing templates are specific to aid the actual writing of your emails.  Again, the quick links to these templates are provided below:

Scroll down for more information in regards to theses templates.

Email marketing campaign template

Email Marketing Campaign Template

With a Return On Investment at high as 3,800%, email as a marketing method is profitable.

It makes sense to install both time and energy to create your Email Marketing Campaign. Use this Email Marketing Campaign Template as a guide, to ensure vital steps are accomplished and important information is communicated to create your best email marketing campaign.

This template uses Process Street’s role assignment feature so that your whole team can get involved.

Click here to use this Email Marketing Campaign Template

Email scrubbing template

Email Scrubbing Template

Email list decay is a common phenomenon that you might be familiar with. The average decline rate is a 22% subscriber loss each year. This, combined with low open and click-through rates, implies that some of your subscribers are unengaged. These unengaged subscribers need to be removed from your email list.

Remove unengaged subscribers to refine your list and reap the benefits using this Email Scrubbing Template.

Click here to use this Email Scrubbing Template

HubSpot email tracking template

HubSpot Email Tracking Template

For a well-executed email marketing campaign, you need to know if your methods are working. Clickthrough, open and delivery rates are considered the top email marketing performance indicators.

Gather data from these performance measures using HubSpot’s email tracking feature.

This HubSpot Email Tracking Template teaches you and your team how to use Hubspot’s email tracking feature.

Click here to use HubSpot’s Email Tracking Template

MailChimp merge tags template

MailChimp Merge Tags Template

MailChimp is an effective email marketing service. For example, a 2018 study tracked email campaigns sent to at least 1000 subscribers. Key statistics like email open rates were collected. Results indicated strong customer engagement, attributed to MailChimp features such as Merge Tags.

This MailChimp Merge Tag Template teaches you and your team how to use the MailChimp Merge Tag feature. Follow the process, and before you know it, you will be a MailChimp Merge Tag expert.

Click here to use this MailChimp’s Merge Tag Template

Personalized Marketing Campaign Template

Personalized Marketing Campaign Template

Personalized emails receive a six-times higher transaction rate than generic, non-personalized emails. Personalization of your email campaign builds strong relationships with your prospects. In addition, these relationships are maintained for long-term customer success.

This Personalized Marketing Campaign Template, firstly helps you segment your audience. Your audience is divided based on demographic and psychographic information. The template then guides the construction of your personalized marketing campaign.

Click here for the Personalized Marketing Campaign Template

Remarket leads in Gmail template

Remarket Leads in Gmail Template

The average email open rate is less than 25% and the average click-through rate is as low as 4%. Capturing leads, and persuading them to respond to your emails is challenging.

This is why Gmail created the remarketing feature. This relatively new feature is a powerful way to gain the attention of your leads. This Remarket Leads In Gmail Template teaches you and your team how to use this feature. The end goal is that you re-engage your leads to your content.

Click here to access the Remarket Leads In Gmail Template

Email onboarding sequence process


Email onboarding seeks the answers to unique questions a specific customer may have. Emails are then tailored to deliver a solution to each exclusive query.

Effective email onboarding campaigns can generate a 500% increase in customer lifetime value. Realize such benefits and use this Email Onboarding Sequence Process to help you write an effective campaign.

Click here to access the Email Onboarding Sequence Process

Training sequence email process


Not understanding your business offering can often spark confusion and frustration. These are negative emotions that you don’t want to be associated with your brand, especially considering ~65% of customers stop using a brand after one negative experience.

Providing a training marketing campaign answers customer questions before they are asked. Like an onboarding sequence, a training sequence teaches your customers but does so in a more general sense.

Use this Training Sequence Email Process to create an impactful training sequence.

Click here to access the Training Sequence Email Process

Evangelist sequence email process

Evangelist Sequence Email Process

On average, three new customers are brought in by a single business evangelist. As a whole, business evangelists can lower customer acquisition costs by ~50%.

It goes without saying that business evangelists are beneficial to your business.

Use this Evangelist Sequence Email Process to help you create your evangelist targeted campaign.

Click here to access the Evangelist Sequence Email Process

Lead nurturing email sequence process

Lead Nurturing Email Sequence Process

Lead nurturing develops relationships with prospects as they pass through your sales funnel. With an effective lead nurturing campaign, companies can obtain a 50% increase in sales.

Use this Lead Nurturing Email Sequence Process to develop your lead nurturing campaign and reap the profitable benefits that come by doing so.

Click here to access the Lead Nurturing Email Sequence Process

Upsell sequence email process

Upsell Sequence Email Process

As your lead nurturing campaign focusses on obtaining an initial customer base, your upsell email sequence focuses on your current customers. Loyal customers are 7x more likely to try a new offering.

By implementing a good upsell email sequence, you can capture a huge sales opportunity by persuading your customers to try an additional or more expensive offering. Use this Upsell Sequence Email Process to write your upsell email chain.

Click here to access the Upsell Sequence Email Process

Purchase reminder email process

Purchase Reminder Email Process

Sending purchase reminders to your customers can increase your sales by 70%. To obtain such considerable benefits, your reminders must leave a good impression.

Assure your purchase reminder email chains are positively impressionable by using this Purchase Reminder Email Process to create your campaign.

Click here to access the Purchase Reminder Email Process

Re-engagement sequence email process

Re-engagement Sequence Email Process

As mentioned, email list decay is a common phenomenon. Besides a 22% decline rate, ~50% of your email subscribers will stop interacting with you each year.

Re-ignite these dwindled customer relationships with a re-engagement email sequence. Use this Re-engagement Sequence Email Process and regain strong customer interactions.

Click here to access the Re-engagement Sequence Email Template

Sales email sequence process

Sales Email Sequence Process

Selling is a daunting word. One that often sparks feelings of anxiety. But this doesn’t have to be so. Accounting for sales, email has a high Return On Investment. Creating an influential sales campaign can benefit your sales figures immensely.

Use this Sales Email Sequence Process to convert potential prospects to dedicated customers.

Click here to access the Sales Email Sequence Process

Transactional sequence email process

Transactional Sequence Email Process

Receipts, invoices and payment confirmations. These are all sent as part of a transactional email sequence. The open rate of these transactional emails is as high as 80-85%, which is over three-quarters of your user subscribers.

Use this Transactional Sequence Email Process to make sure your transactional emails are not mundane and boring. Instead, create engaging content that attracts your subscribers to your business.

Click here to access the Transactional Sequence Email Process

Welcome email marketing sequence, new customer process

Welcome Email Marketing Sequence, New Customer Process

Sending a welcome email shows respect and politeness to your customers. Welcome emails are the first point of contact you have with your customer. They are key to developing strong customer relationships.

33% of subscribers who receive welcome emails show more long-term brand engagement. Use this Welcome Email Marketing Sequence, New Customer Process to create your welcome email campaigns.

Click here to access the Welcome Email Marketing Sequence, New Customer Process

Newsletter template process


This Newsletter Template Process is a dynamic and interactive checklist. Each step steers you away from common newsletter mistakes. Every step has a crucial purpose in the newsletter creation process.

Tasks are prioritized as required and a specific task order is ensured using Process Street’s Stop Task feature. Free your time and mental energy so you can focus on creating an engaging newsletter.

Click here to access the newsletter template process

Build an effective marketing strategy today

Process Street is a top Business Process Management software. Use Process Street as a BPM software to manage, organize and arrange tasks for effective marketing.

Use these 17 email marketing templates to implement an effective marketing strategy.

Also, why not check out some of our other marketing-related resources.

Click on the quick links below to access these resources.

How many business emails do you send? What challenges have you faced during any of your email marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments section below as we would love to hear from you.

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