How does the Image Widget work?

In order to edit templates, you must be an administrator or a member who has been given ‘can edit’ access by your administrator. If you don’t see the green new button, contact your administrator to give you access.


The image widget allows you to add images when editing a template.

Find the template you want to add an image to, click the cog next to its name in your home dashboard, and then click “Edit this template” from the menu on the right.


Next select the task to add an image to by clicking on it. Then select “Image” from the right-hand content menu.

This will create an empty image widget at the bottom of the task you are viewing. Click the “Upload an image” button to upload your image of choice.

Alternatively, you can create an image widget by dragging and dropping (or copy and pasting) an image into the task whilst editing.

Note that taller images will take up a lot of space in your template, so it’s best to use landscape format images.

Aim for an aspect ratio of 16:9 and these will resize comfortably once you have uploaded them.


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