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Overseeing a remote team doesn’t have to be like herding cats. Organize, manage, and track your team’s progress with Process Street!

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For remote working to work, you need the proper tools

Process Street’s intuitive design and overview checklist dashboard allows you to see how remote employees are progressing with tasks in mere seconds.

More insight

Using Process Street’s superpowered checklists makes working collaboratively part of the process. Assign people or roles to checklists or individual tasks and have them appear in the right person’s inbox straight away.

More collaboration

When colleagues aren’t hunting for the most recent process document and managers aren’t spending their time chasing up tasks, there’s more time in the day to focus on what’s important: Doing good work.

Reduced downtime

Humans make mistakes, both in the office and when working in alternative locations. By documenting your remote team’s processes, you’re instantly cutting down the number of errors teammates will make.

Reduced mistakes

Remote work anxiety is real. It causes new and established employees alike to worry unnecessarily, thereby increasing their chances of burning out. Stop the anxiety and give your team access to clear directions for every step of the process.

Reduced anxiety

Remote work is the future. But with Process Street, you can take control today

Process Street enables teams to document important processes as templates. The information templates contain means employees will know exactly what to do, how, why, and when.

Document your team’s processes with ease

Checklists are single-use versions of templates that guide users through every step of a process. Wave goodbye to uncertainty, human error, and micromanagement. Say hello to consistency and high quality work.

Let teammates thrive with checklists

Don’t force your team to trawl through separate files, documents, and software to find the processes they need to follow. As a centralized workflow hub, Process Street is the one-stop location for remote teams to access and complete their core processes. You can even use folders to neatly organize workflows by department, role, or person.

Store processes in a single, accessible location

There’s nothing worse than not knowing the status of remote teammates’s tasks. But with our Overview Dashboard feature, teams are given a transparent view of all in-progress tasks. Here’s to always being on the same page.

Track the status of tasks with the Overview Dashboard

With our Approvals feature, approving or rejecting items from colleagues has never been so easy. Decisions can be made with one click from your phone, in-app, or straight from your email inbox, you never have to worry about delays again.

Streamline decision-making with Approvals

Remote work means working flexibly and across time zones. This can make things difficult where deadlines are concerned. But with Task Due Dates and even Dynamic Due Dates (because a little automation never hurt anyone) you can keep employees accountable and always on track.

Keep track of time — all of the time

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Trusted by great people

Trusted by great companies

Teams around the globe 💙 Process Street. Here’s why

Process Street rocks

"We could have created a traditional playbook in MS Word, but we wanted something more action oriented. We want everyone to feel they are responsible for executing on something rather than just reading something."

Jeremy Smith

Director Product Development, H&R Block

Elegant and efficient

"An elegant, yet efficient, checklist tool! I love the overall design and the simple way that you can update or change a process. You can tell how much thought went into things like click reduction and ease of use.."

Matthew Kelley

President, Gold Medal Waters

Oozes quality

"Awesome product. The guys have put huge effort into this app and focused on simplicity and ease of use. The product oozes quality. Nice one."

Paul Clifford

CEO, Disruptware

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