17 Checklists for Life to Ring in the New Year

Checklists for Life

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The new year is bearing down upon us.

With it, resolutions and promises of personal change will fill our newsfeeds.

“This is the year I’m going to really hit the gym!”

“Committed to curbing my spending this year. No wasting my money on silly things!”

“Decided I’m going to travel the world at some point this year #goals #YOLO”

We can laugh at others, but we’re all guilty of it.

Despite all the promises made for New Year’s resolutions, the vast majority of us will fail to stick to our commitments – only 8% report being successful! Why is this?

It depends on each individual, but New Year gives us a time for reflection – a momentary pause in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. Those revelations found in that temporary calm can get lost when real life kicks back in.

You stop thinking about the promises you made and begin to settle back into your normal routine. To break that routine, something structured and goal driven is needed – something which pierces your existing schedule.

This is why we at Process Street have developed these checklists for life.

Why Checklists for Life?

A process allows you to know the steps ahead of you and to remind you that each step takes you closer to your goal. A process lets you know you’re making progress.

This process pack has been designed to do three main things:

  • Structure your days to help you achieve future goals
  • Plan out and live rewarding experiences
  • Break down big purchases and life-moments into manageable systems

Start with our budget planning templates to help you structure your spending and our scheduling templates to manage and balance your work and personal lives. Next thing you know, you’ll be running our backpacking checklist as you prepare for your trip around Europe, or our moving checklist as you look toward that dream new home.

Begin your positive personal development with Process Street at your side.

Check out the quick links below, or scroll down for an intro to each pack!


Budget Template

Budget Template

We all want to improve our finances, even those in a great financial position. Why spend money you don’t need to be spending?

This budget template is designed to help you determine your goals and structure your finances to achieve them.

Do you want to save for a holiday, a new car, a house? Or, are you looking forward toward retirement and realizing you could be saving more now to provide for more comfort later?

Whatever your goal is, the budget template will help you achieve it. The aim of this template is to free up finances to begin the other checklists.

Click here to get the budget template

Daily Budget Template

Daily Budget Template

Once you’ve determined your monthly goals and how you can achieve them, you need to be able to stick to the desired budget.

Sticking to a budget is the hardest part of a budget – making it and telling yourself how amazingly frugal you’re going to be is easy.

This daily budget template is a super simple way of recording each day’s spending. With our template overview, you can then view your daily activities in spreadsheet format with drag and drop columns to help you see where you’re letting yourself down, and where you’re succeeding!

Click here to get the daily budget template

Daily Schedule Template

Daily Schedule Template

This template is designed to raise your productivity.

This is an easy to follow way to provide structure to your work on a daily basis.

Plan your tasks at the end of each day so that you can start with a clear picture of all you need to do.

You can run this checklist for yourself or run it for others. It can be used to help you organize and structure the work of remote workers, for example.

This flexible template aims to help you get more out of your working days, leaving you more time for yourself.

Click here to get the daily schedule template

Daily Routine Checklist

Daily Routine Checklist

Managing your in-work activities is not enough to achieve a balanced life.

Sometimes we need a little structure to remind ourselves of all the other important areas of our life, and to help us avoid neglecting them.

You can use this template to help you structure your days in advance and plan in the simple things which you often forget.

If you have a habit of skipping breakfast and spending too long in the office, you might find the two are related. Structure yourself to make sure you eat a good breakfast and don’t let yourself stay later than your plan allows. You might find your increased morning productivity makes that extra hour in the evening unnecessary.

Achieve your work life balance!

Click here to get the daily routine checklist

Weekly Meal Planner

Weekly Meal Planner

Eating well is a vital part of living the productive and successful life you desire.

Let’s double-down on this area of our lives!

This checklist is designed to allow you to construct your weekly meal plan and follow it. There are two sections at the beginning – one which includes an example weekly plan with links to recipes and videos for each day of the week, and another where you can create a custom plan of your own.

Once you kick off this checklist, you fill in a different task each day to confirm you’ve followed your plan. If you’ve strayed from the righteous path of healthy living, you can record your transgression and document how you were tempted away from the light.

After following the weekly plans for a longer period of time, you will be able to go back to the overview tab which documents your activity and review what you thought of the different meals, what days you’re more likely to cheat on, and how that cheating occurs. From here, you can iterate and improve your process to have the lifestyle you want to have!

Click here to get the weekly meal planner

Fitness Planner

Fitness Planner

Staying in shape is tough. You know it, I know it, we all know it.

But it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Once you get into an exercise routine, your fitness levels will rise and you’ll wonder how you were ever so slovenly in the past. The difficult part is breaking your old routines and crafting new ones.

This process will help you stick to the fitness changes you want to make in your life. It will allow you to assess and iterate your process while keeping you determined.

We provide an example 3-on-1-off fitness planner designed to work all your key areas alongside space to construct your own fitness plans.

Don’t just dream of a better body; build it!

Click here to get the fitness planner

Airbnb Hosting Checklist

Airbnb Hosting Checklist

Renting out accommodation on Airbnb has rapidly become the world’s second income stream with nearly 100,000 properties listed in US cities alone.

Some people use Airbnb as a way to make a little extra money from a spare room. Others set up a buy-to-let holiday home investment empire. You could do one, the other, or somewhere in between.

How you employ this is up to you.

This template will guide you through the process from the moment someone wants to book to the moment the accommodation is clean and ready for the following guest.

Click here to get the Airbnb hosting checklist

Camping Checklist

Camping Checklist

Now you’re freeing up space for yourself and feeling comfortable in your finances, it’s time to start living life.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the metropolitan jungle week in week out. Some people love this, and good on you if you do.

However, the occasional trip out into nature can do a world of good in grounding you and relaxing you. The cleaner air and abundance of green can do wonders for your mood and health.

Life is for living, and this checklist looks to prepare you for camping trips from a weekend to a month, in the heat and in the cold.

Click here to get the camping checklist

Hunting Checklist

Hunting Checklist

We all love the outdoors.

Some are happy with a little hike or a camping trip.

For others, part of the outdoor appeal can come from the quiet focus of a hunting trip.

This template runs through a series of best practices with a focus on preparation and adherence to safety and regulations.

From the planning of the hunt to packing away your gear safely, this checklist is designed to cover the full scope.

Click here to get the hunting checklist

Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist

Travel broadens the mind!

It can also be wonderfully relaxing.

If you want to spend your time lounging in the shade of a palm tree by the beach as you sip on cocktails then there’s a good chance you’ll have to travel to experience this.

I mean, surely some of you live in paradise – someone has to – but you’re the lucky few.

This checklist will help you make sure everything is prepared for your fun adventure, letting you relax and enjoy it.

Click here to get the travel checklist

Backpacking Checklist

Backpacking Checklist

Weekend trips are great, but how about month long journeys?

This template is geared for eager travelers looking for European adventure.

Backpacking around Europe (or anywhere, really!) requires a good amount of planning and preparation.

From managing all the travel to negotiating the limited luggage you have with you, backpacking can present some challenges.

This checklist takes you from the point of committing to the journey to the moment of leaving for the airport.

Bon voyage! Buena suerte!

Click here to get the backpacking checklist

Used Car Buying Checklist

Used Car Buying Checklist

So far, we’ve balanced the budget and opened up some more disposable income. We’ve improved productivity at work. We’ve realigned the work-life balance. And we’ve had some great experiences on the way.

It’s time to start making some purchases.

A car is a pretty essential piece of kit in much of the world. Maybe you’re buying your first, upgrading, or simply adding to your collection.

This checklist will guide you through the different steps to make sure your purchase is well considered, and all necessary checks have been made.

Click here to get the used car buying checklist

Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist


You’ve met that one person who really gets you. Something beautiful is happening and you want to tell the world.

What better way than to gather your family and friends, and their family and friends, and have a party?

This wedding checklist runs from teary-eyed engagement to the romantic bliss of marriage administration.

Don’t underestimate the momentous size and importance of this occasion. In the immortal paraphrased words of the Spice Girls: “when two become one, I need a process like I’ve never needed a process before…”

Click here to get the wedding checklist

How to Start a Corporation Checklist

How to Start a Corporation Checklist

You’ve stumbled on your big idea.

Maybe it’s a social network for birdwatchers? Maybe it’s a Swedish/Haitian fusion restaurant? Maybe you’re just passionate about selling insurance?

Either way, you need to set up as a business.

This template focuses on taking your idea from concept to operating legal entity.

Do you need to be an LLC, S-Corp, or a C-Corp? Which one’s best for you?

The checklist will help you navigate these questions and turn your idea into a reality while implementing the necessary processes to continue that success.

Click here to get the how to start a corporation checklist

Home Buying Process

Home Buying Process

Whether you’re buying your first home or you’re buying your fifth, given steadily rising housing prices this is probably going to be the biggest purchase you’ve made in your life so far.

For this reason, a process is of utmost importance to help you make this purchase a success.

There are a lot of complicated elements to buying a new home, with legal and financial areas of chief concern.

This checklist will hold your hand through the process each step of the way.

Click here to get the home buying checklist

House Hunting Checklist

House Hunting Checklist

How many homes do you need to see before you find the one right for you?

I don’t know. And neither do you.

You could find your dream abode on the first visit, or you may scour the market for years. You’ll most likely see a large number of homes before you settle on the one you want.

That’s why we’ve designed this checklist to help you assess homes as you first visit them. The focus is on recording the positives – What’s the garden like? How big is the master bedroom?

By quantifying what each potential home offers, you can switch to the overview tab and see all your visits itemized by 16 different variables, measured with a 1-10 score, plus a final overall rating.

Quantify your life, and select your next home wisely!

Click here to get the house hunting checklist

Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

You’ve done it, you madman. You’ve bought a home.

Now you need to navigate the complicated task of moving all the belongings you’ve amassed from one location to another.

If you’re only moving next door this might not prove too much of a problem, but if you’re moving to the next town or opposite coast you’ll find you have a large operation on your hands.

In this process, we work down from 8 weeks before the move to the completion.

This way, you have ample time at each step to overcome any hurdles and prepare fully.

Click here to get the moving checklist

Give Them a Try!

It starts with a simple budget and it finishes with you and your family settling into your new home.

It’s as easy as that.

Okay, it’s not. But it certainly is easier when you set clear achievable goals and can understand how they relate to each other. More specifically, it’s easier when you have a process.

Change is possible, but only when you put your mind to a good process!

What resolutions will you be making in the new year?

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