What is the All Members Group?

By default, Process Street places all members of your organization into the ‘All Members’ group.

While you cannot modify the group as you can with other groups, you can use it to assign all of your members to a checklist or task, or to set permissions on a folder or template for all of your members at once.


The All Members group is by default given ‘Can View and Run’ permissions on any new template, or folder created on the home folder (as shown above). Meaning they can see and run checklists on everything by default, unless you change the permission level.

They can also by default see all other checklists on a new template or within a new folder, regardless of if they created it or are assigned to it.

Add the all members group

To add the ‘All Members’ group, simply type in ‘All Members’ into any field that you would otherwise to individually assign or set permissions for a guest, group, or member.

Remove the all members group

To remove the group, simply go to any template, click on ‘Share template’, and click on the ‘X’ next to the name of the ‘All Members’ group.

Likewise, to remove the group from a folder, click the settings wheel next to the name of any folder, then click on ‘Assign Members’. From there, click on the ‘X’ next to the ‘All Members’ group if it is listed.

This will restrict access to only those users or groups specifically shared with.


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