Managing Members in Your Organization

You can easily view and manage the permissions of the users in your organization using the organization manager.

Open the manager by clicking on your organization’s name in the top right of your dashboard.

A list of your current admins, members, and guests will be displayed in the “Members and Guests” tab.

Adding new users

Invite a user to your organization by typing their email address (and, optionally, their name) and clicking “Invite”.

Note that this will automatically give the user member-level permissions; to invite them as a guest, click the box under the email field.

Controlling user permissions

To promote a member to an admin, click the check box to the left of their name. The reverse is true for demoting admins to members.

A member can also be demoted to a guest by clicking the arrow to the right of their name, or removed from your organization entirely by clicking the “X”.

Learn more about user permissions.

Guests can also be promoted by clicking the arrow next to their name, or removed using the “X”; to see your list of guests, click on the “Guests” subtab.

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