The Secret to Streamlining Your HR Process with 10 Free Templates!

Improve your HR process

Hiring surges are painful. We can agree on that, right?

Fewer candidates for more positions. Who likes that? 

What it means for you is your HR processes must be good. If we’re being honest, they need to be brilliant.

You need to work hard to improve, refine, and trim your HR processes.

What if you could discover a shortcut and stop duplicating work, maybe even eliminate manual tasks in your HR process? 

That would be sweet. It would also mean more hours per day. Time better spent elsewhere. Maybe on the fun stuff, like increasing engagement with new hires. We promise that you can

  1. Do all that and more with optimized workflows
  2. Go even further than that
  3. Enjoy fully automated workflows: Built to save you time

Process Street is magic. To prove it, you can have nine of our HR processes for free. That’s only a couple of sand grains from our Sahara-like library of workflow templates.

Oh, and the secret we mentioned? 

Process Street’s chefs have a real hot stove. 

They’ve used it to cook up a delicious shortcut called automations.

Want to know how this magic works? No problem.

But first, let’s show you the steps to streamlining your HR process:

The importance of documenting your HR process

What is HR Management? How Your Employees Can Drive Success | Process Street  | Checklist, Workflow and SOP Software

Consider the number of job applications you receive every year. Think of all that paperwork. Think about trying to organize it all. What a pain, right?

It’s time to rethink your planning.

You’ll be more organized with a job application template that Process Street provides. You can use it to run thousands of job application workflows. 

The workflow runs do the planning for you. How does that work?

The original template stays the same. With a workflow run, you duplicate the template so a candidate can use it.

The candidate enters their details into the relevant section of a workflow run. 

You can merge those details into other processes. In a nutshell: No repetitive data entry for you.

The great thing is everything stays online and saves office space.

Automate the HR Process

Automation has been drifting in the water for a while. Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer of Sapient Insights Group, knows this. She tells you in her book: Introduction to HR Technologies

“HR Technology provides the vehicle through which organizations streamline processes, effectively allocate resources and innovate within their HR function.”

The best things in life are free

Our automation can streamline your HR process. Remember, Process Street has a massive gallery of templates to suit any HR task. We’ve put nine of those templates into this article to prove our worth. 

We also add new templates all the time. 

For access to nearly a thousand templates, please take a look at our pricing plans.

Let us tell you about another great product we have. One that is a companion product to workflows. 

One that is free foreverPages:

  • Create living process documents that your teams can collaborate on, wherever they are in the world. You can read your company documents 35,000 feet above the earth or seventy-nine meters underground at Washington Park station
  • Imagine all your operational knowledge, secure in one location. That’s every critical knowledge process right where it can be shared. Yes. It’s yours for free.
  • You can store company documents such as SOPs, training manuals, your annual leave policy, or even your remote employee handbook. Documents can be shared with the whole team or made private if required.
  • Creating Pages couldn’t be easier. You can format your text where needed, and all of it is autosaved. It’s ideal for remote use and stored easily in Folders.

Why struggle with Excel sheets or mountains of paper when you can have Pages for free?

HR process #1: An efficient recruitment process

Also, don’t forget our gallery of templates is an oasis. What’s more, they are so easy to use.

At your fingertips are templates covering straightforward and more challenging tasks in the recruitment process.

More challenging? No, not really.

When using Process Street you avoid

  • Friction 
  • Steep learning curves

You also get templates that are designed for the HR process.

On our fertile land, there is a vast number of onboarding workflows

Those templates are accessible anywhere in the world. When you sip a cappuccino in Paris as the autumn rain patters on a window, Process Street’s templates will be there for you.

Recruitment process checklist template

Click here to get the recruitment process checklist template

HR process #2: Write a SEO optimized job description

Using SEO in the job description


Online networks advertise enormous numbers of job vacancies every year. Consider these two facts:

With that in mind, you need to do your best to make your job description stand out from the crowd. One way you can do that is by making sure your job description is keyword optimized.

SEO checklist: the keyword research process template

Click here to get the SEO checklist: the keyword research process template

HR process #3: Screening candidates

Trim hiring decision processes with pre-employment screening templates

The interview process can go wrong.

Make it go right and without missing anything.

Don’t let issues such as diversity slip past you.

As Diana Coker states in an article titled HR Challenges and How to Face Them

Companies must prepare their workplaces to be inclusive and welcoming to all employees.

You also want to ensure selected candidates are suitable for the position. It would be good to have a workflow run for that. One to go through the processes of resume and video screening. How fantastic would it be to have an approval feature built into that? Once again, Process Street has that covered.

Human resources pre-employment screening template

Click here to get the human resources pre-employment screening template

HR process #4: Improve the interview process

Interview process (with questions)

It’s tedious to check every job application to see if it matches the job ad. 

With our HR interview process template, this process can be easier. It’s also straightforward: You can delegate it to a colleague. Perhaps while eating a spicy breakfast on a beach in Goa? 

HR interview process with questions template

Click here to get the HR interview process with questions template

How to improve your new hire interview process

The hiring manager has been thinking. They know the type of person they want. A person who has fantastic soft skills:

  • Good communication
  • A great team player
  • An ambitious self-starter

You can create a workflow to whittle down the number of job applications. Remember, with Process Street, you don’t do data entry.

See our phone and email workflow checklist to find out for yourself.

Contact prospects via phone and email checklist template

Click here to get the contact prospects via phone and email checklist template

HR process #5: The job offer approval process

The job offer approval process

The job offer approval process is effortless in a workflow. You can even add information for the hiring manager to look over and approve:

  1. Salary acceptable?
  2. Start date correct?
  3. Compensation okay?
  4. References satisfactory?

As well as checking and approving, the hiring manager can add their comments right into the workflow.

Job offer approval process template

Click here to get the job offer approval process template

HR process #6: How to accelerate employee background checks

In the modern world, background checks are becoming more complex. These are your common checks:

  • A drugs test
  • A criminal background check
  • An educational background check
  • A credit check
  • A references check

With Process Street, you can use one of our existing templates. You can also rapidly create a new template or change one of our templates to include a new check.

Employee background checklist template

Click here to get the employee background checklist template

HR process #7: Improve the onboarding process and retain new hires

The problem with the onboarding process is many companies do not understand its full intent. According to Byford, Watkins, and Triantogiannis in their Harvard Business Review article titled Onboarding isn’t enough

“In many companies it refers mainly to completing the required documents, allocating space and resources, and providing mandatory training.”

To fully understand the onboarding process, you must clear the obstacles holding back your progress:

  1. You face problems in using Excel for employee onboarding
  2. Valuable time is lost because your onboarding needs improvement
  3. The offboarding process isn’t giving you the crucial information it can

The solution to these problems is to create onboarding workflows for your recurring tasks. If you invest in automating your repetitive tasks, you’ll save time and money.

Employee onboarding checklist template

Click here to get the employee onboarding checklist template

Increase engagement with new hires

Do you want to reduce new hire attrition? 

  • Be optimistic
  • Think long-term
  • Consider the new hire’s first 90 days and beyond!
  • Sit and remember when you were a new hire

Eliminate poor employee experience with an onboarding checklist

In the onboarding process, your new hires are looking to shine. 

You’re going to have to up your game with onboarding design. 

Think checklists and automation. Think Process Street workflows.

Wait a minute. 

Process Street can think about HR process automation for you. Why should you have to think?

Have a seat. Take the weight off your feet. Let us help you. But please also enjoy a view of our advanced options:

  • Dynamic Due Dates: Set your team a deadline. It can be two days before a contract is signed. 
  • Stop Tasks: Have tasks completed in the correct order. Also, prevent parts of the workflow run from being skipped.
  • File Upload: Upload contracts, aptitude tests, images, and even videos. We offer a huge file size capacity: up to 250MB for images and 5GB for video files!
  • Conditional Logic: Create dynamic workflow runs with if-this-then-that logic. You can create workflows with tasks that will automatically pass from HR to your IT department.

Find out more. Attend a Process Street webinar from the comfort of your office chair:

HR process #8: The first 90 days

The first 90 days checklist: a template for new hires

As Michael D. Watkins states in his international bestseller The First 90 Days:

“Opinions of your effectiveness begin to form surprisingly quickly, and, once formed they’re very hard to change.”

The first 90 days checklist: A template for new hires

Click here to get the first 90 days checklist: A template for new hires

HR process #9: Guidance for new hires on their first day

You have to do a lot for a new hire. There’s sending them company merchandise, setting up their desk, and arranging a buddy for them.

What about covering the above the day before? 

Try double-checking the following:

  1. Does the new hire need a specific type of chair?
  2. Is the new hire using public transportation? 
  3. Will they need onsite parking?
  4. Do they have a map of the area: showing nearby doctors and supermarkets?
  5. Have they been told about the company’s dress code?

You can also wish the new hire good luck. 

Small touches reinforce confidence. They tell the new hire they’ve made the right decision.

Also, think back to your first day on the job: Wouldn’t it have been fantastic to have an online learning workflow? Instead of a big heavy manual? 

Process Street is online 24-7:

  • It’s an employee manual on a smartphone on the bus
  • Hiring managers can check-in and see how their new hire is doing right from day one. And they can check from anywhere!

New hire checklist template

Click here to get the new hire checklist template

Reinvent the HR process with workflow automations

As a savvy HR manager, you’ve hopefully left the paper workflows behind you.

But you still might not have automated them yet.

Right now, you probably have a different onboarding process for each department. And every team and role in that department has its own process.

An automated workflow solves all that. Furthermore, one workflow can be used for onboarding every employee in every part of the company.

Maybe you don’t need to worry about that. You’ve got every workflow you need in Word on a USB stick. That little stick can be passed around to whoever needs it. Besides, it’s only been misplaced six times in the last month.

You need some clarity: With Process Street, your workflows are stored in the cloud. Meaning they can be accessed by anyone, and anywhere. Consequently, there’s no chance of someone losing a USB stick full of critical documents.

Moreover, all your workflows will be in a centralized location. So, everyone who needs them can find them.

Equally important, you can pair your workflows with your favorite apps like:

  • Slack
  • Docusign

That means you could trim hundreds of documents into one single workflow. Just imagine what could be done if all your processes were like that?

Yes. It’s possible.

With streamlined automated workflows doing the work for you.

The end of recurring tasks

Say goodbye to annoying recurring tasks. Forget sending individual emails when you complete a task. Our automations will automatically send updates to your team’s Slack channel.

Imagine DocuSign automatically sending a contract when you complete a task. Sounds too good to be true? No, you can have that too.

The bonus is that you don’t need to be a programming whizz to make your life fun. 

Our automations are no-code and super easy to set up!

With our workflows, duplicated work is a thing of the past. So, why repeat yourself? Our workflows encourage collaboration, so everyone is on the same page. They put a stop to inconsistent results, particularly among hybrid teams.

Make life easy: Connect Process Street to your favorite apps

Imagine if you could link your workflows with thousands of apps?

You can with Process Street’s automations.

And you can complete processes without switching from one app to another.

Here’s one example of what automations could do for you:

  1. You close an opportunity in Salesforce
  2. Using automations, Salesforce automatically sends a Process Street workflow run to an employee
  3. The specific tasks they need are in the workflow run for them to complete

But there’s more!

  • With automations that workflow can also link to DocuSign
  • When a specific workflow task is completed it will automatically send a contract out in DocuSign

Want more inspiration?

Read 50 ideas for linking Process Street with your favorite apps.

If you want to go further, you can link Process Street to Zapier. That will allow you to connect Process Street to over 4000 apps!

Remember, automations make connections that turn into collaborations. 

Let us do the hard work for you

Have offices all over the world?


You can sleep. 

You can sink into a comfortable bed and snooze. When you wake up, please remember Process Street is working 24-7. Like a streamlined train defying the rain on a winter night, Process Street never stops. It’s there to track your company activity and keep you in the loop, at home or away. Responsive isn’t the word. It’s more than that.

Dedicated engineering at the perfect price

No matter how repetitive the task, Process Street is there to help make your life more fun. If you need to know more, please help yourself to our free ebook on the subject of Business Process Automation.

If you’re keen to enjoy Process Street’s workflow automation, sign up now.

There’s no excuse not to enjoy:

  • Becoming streamlined
  • Being rid of paperwork
  • Organizing your HR process in one location
  • Being able to access documents from anywhere 
  • Getting your time back

Life is more fun that way.

How to keep your HR process on the right track

Have a free ticket to Process Street on us!

Jump on board and give our free demo the green light.

Also, let us know your success stories with our product. Be sure to leave your thoughts in our comment box. Maybe even tell us where in the world you’ve been using it?

Who knows: You may even be featured in an upcoming article.

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