30+ HR Tools to Build Your Ultimate HR Toolkit

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2/3 of HR managers agree that Human Resources is undergoing a digital transformation. And with this transformation comes a plethora of digital HR tools designed to optimize HR-related operations. These tools improve efficiency, employee experience, regulatory compliance, and save you money.

However, the sheer diversity of HR tools available brings a challenge. The challenge to find the right HR tools for you and your team, to build your ultimate HR toolkit. Your HR toolkit is a set of tools that aid HR-related functions, and it’ll be specialized for you and your business.

How do you choose the right HR tools to optimize your HR toolkit?

The answer to that question lies here. In this Process Street article, you’ll learn what HR tools are and how you can utilize the best HR tools for each specific HR-related function. After vigorous qualitative research and trial-and-error, we’re delighted to present you with our top 30+ HR tools to help you build your ultimate HR toolkit.

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Let’s begin!

What are HR tools?

HR tools are technologies that help organizations complete Human Resource activities. These tools can vary in specificities, some handling unique and strategic HR capabilities such as employee onboarding and performance management.

What does Human Resources do?

HR is the heart of an organization. Think about it, the Human Resources department manages employee affairs, and your employees are your greatest assets.

More specifically, HR oversees a multitude of employee-related functions. I have summarized 7 main HR-specific functions below:

Later in this article, you’ll find relevant HR tools supporting each, so keep reading.

The first HR-like division came about in the 1900s, named the Personnel Management Department. Set up by John Henry Patterson, Personnel Management dealt with employee grievances, discharge, safety, and the relay of information to supervisors.

Why is HR important?

To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.”Doug Conant

HR has evolved over the years, with added complexity and functions. Technological advancement and globalization have steepened competition for top talent. Once more, new employment standards and regulations continue to emerge. It’s therefore critical that adequate investments are made for organizations to remain both competitive and compliant.

HR-related investments vary from industry to industry. For instance, in the oil and gas sector, HR expenditures represent 0.75% of total revenue. Whereas in the Commercial and Professional services industry, costs mount up to 3.61% of total revenue.

These costs are, however, an insignificant pin-prick relative to the benefits HR activities bring to an organization. Allocating enough resources and funding will bring benefits, such as:

  • Higher employee productivity: When employees are appreciated and supported, research shows they’re more productive at work.
  • A strong organizational culture that is maintained: Your HR department guarantees employees are well suited to the company’s culture. You’ll want to make sure this culture is a healthy one to retain employees, establish a good reputation, and increase work quality. Strengthen your company culture via your HR department.
  • Greater employee satisfaction: HR supports employees, understands employee motivations, and ensures the best employee experience is met.
  • Better training and development: HR identifies employee training needs, keeping in mind that training is a continuous process. Employee skills are kept up to date, bringing valuable and innovative ideas to the company. You’ll want these needs to fit in with your wider business strategy.

HR-departmental investments are well-placed. However, what if you could obtain these benefits, and yet bring HR-related expenditures down? This is where your HR toolkit comes into play.

If you take the time to collect the right tools and build an HR toolkit that fits your organization, you’ll save money, witness improvements in efficiency, better employee experience, make better decisions, and enhance regulatory compliance.

Sounds like a sweet deal, eh?

Process Street recommends you take the time to optimize your HR toolkit by using the right HR tools for you and your team. And for that, you’ve come to the right place.

For the remainder of this article, we’ll take a sweeping tour of our top 33 HR tools, split per HR specific function.

Our top 33 HR tools to build your ultimate HR toolkit

Your HR toolkit will include a host of HR-related tools, that together complete and assist HR-related operations. Your HR department has several different functionalities, so you’ll want to use a combination of specific tools specialized for each.

Because we don’t want you wasting time web-surfing, signing up for free-trial after free-trial, we at Process Street decided to do all the hard work for you.

Here are our tried-and-tested top 33 HR tools. Have a play around and use a different combination of tools to develop your ultimate HR toolkit.

HR tools for employee recruitment

Recruitment is the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting and hiring new employees. Here are our top HR employee recruitment tools to add to your HR toolkit.



Xobin is an assessment software for pre-employment, skill, and psychometric testing. Use Xobin to optimize the recruitment life-cycle, from pre-hire screening to video interviewing and cultural fit evaluation.

Pros ✅: The candidate testing capabilities give accurate candidate evaluations, to establish teams that are a good company fit.

Cons : When making candidate appointments, Xobin has been criticized for lacking accuracy when displaying user time availabilities.

Price : Xobin starts at $99.00 per month. No free version. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for Xobin today!

People HR


People HR is designed for small to mid-sized businesses and provides a platform for employee recruitment functions, among others. Features include applicant tracking, personnel tracking, performance review, and more.

Pros ✅: People HR is a straightforward platform, that’s praised for its ease of use.

Cons : Sometimes there is a delay loading employee personal details and files.

Price : Prices range from $2.65/user/month to $7.96/user/month depending on the plan. A free trial is available.

Click here to sign up for People HR today!



Pymetrics uses neuroscience games to predictively match people with jobs. Candidate results are saved and can be accessed at any time.

Pros ✅: This is a fun way to access candidates. Once more, the tool helps you debrief results at the very end.

Cons : Assessments given for the end result could be more thorough. A deeper dive would be beneficial, to discuss success measures and how the candidate’s results compare to others in your company.

Price : Pymetrics has not provided pricing information. Contact Pymetrics to obtain current pricing information. No free trial. No free plan.

Click here to sign up for Pymetrics today!



Lever is the only recruiting software that manages the entire talent relationship lifecycle in a single system. The platform is designed to attract, source, nurture, and hire top talent at every stage.

Great for small and mid-size companies but lacks some enterprise-level features” – Scott Parker, G2 Review

Pros ✅: Lever has quick, responsive technical support. Also, the working candidate profiles are intuitive and fast – especially with the newest CV review feature.

Cons : Lever has a lack of calendar synchronization and support for enterprise users not fully on G-Suite or Office 365.

Price : Lever has not provided pricing information. Contact Lever to obtain current pricing information. No free trial. No free plan.

Click here to sign up for Lever today!

Symphony Talent


Symphony Talent is an award-winning Total Recruitment Marketing platform. The tool helps organizations attract, engage, nurture, and convert candidates into qualified applicants. To do this, a centralized management system is used that automates and measures recruiting strategies and programs.

Pros ✅: It’s a great place to house candidates that have been sourced, screened, and qualified. It’s easy to track each step the candidate was making, for reporting purposes to management.

Cons : Users have experienced candidate duplication and were not alerted of this fact. Also, issues are reported when searching for candidates, with the results provided poor based on the search criteria.

Price : Symphony Talent has not provided pricing information. Contact Symphony Talent to obtain current pricing information. Free demo provided. No free plan.

Click here to sign up for Symphony Talent today!

Employee onboarding and development

Employee onboarding is the process of settling a new hire into their role, which involves integration with the company culture and providing the information and tools needed for productive work.

Employee development is the process of working with employees to add to their professional skillset, while also enhancing, refining, and honing in on existing ones.

Let’s take a look at our top HR employee onboarding and development tools to add to your HR toolkit.

Process Street

Employee onboarding

You can use Process Street for many HR functions, whether it’s building managerial relations, regulating health and safety, or providing personal employee support. In this instance, we’ll consider Process Street’s employee onboarding function to exemplify what Process Street has to offer.

Process Street has a host of free template resources available in our template library, designed to inform, engage, and train employees. Document your employee onboarding processes, using best practices, and create the consistency needed to nurture top talent.

I wish all software companies were run like these guys do!” – Greg H., Capterra review

Pros ✅: With Process Street you can document your employee onboarding processes in templates to identify errors, remove bottlenecks, and optimize your employee onboarding approach. In so doing, you’ll continuously improve your employee onboarding processes.

Cons : There’s currently no offline version, so you will need an internet connection every time you need to run it.

Price : The basic plan is $12.50/user/month. The standard plan is $25/user/month. Custom enterprise plans are available on request. A free plan is available. A free trial is available.

Click here to sign up for free at Process Street today!



As your organization grows, you’ll need to supercharge onboarding and hiring processes, to obtain the top-talent needed for departmental expansion. This can put a strain on HR. To relieve this pressure, why not outsource HR professionals, to give you a helping hand during employee onboarding.

Bambee is an HR platform that connects companies with dedicated HR managers. These HR managers will do what any in-house HR manager does, including employee onboarding and development.

Pros ✅: Bambee gives companies of all sizes access to outsourced HR, helping organizations grow. It has never been easier to access an extra pair of HR hands to meet your employee onboarding and development demands.

Cons : Bambee has a lack of integrations and the reporting functions for training.

Price : Month to month membership at $99/month. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for Bambee today!



Lessonly helps teams transform important work knowledge into lessons. Delivering these lessons to employees aids onboarding, ensuring employees know all they need to know to thrive in their new position. With lessonly, you can share important work documents, Powerpoint presentations, and other files from any device.

Pros ✅: Company policies are accessible online. Lessons can be accessed from anywhere at any time, meaning team members are always learning, taking lessons in areas they believe needs work.

Cons : You can’t import lesson documents. Nor can you search for a particular document or word via the platform. You have to copy and paste to have search functionality.

Price : The basic plan $300/month for 20 learners. The plus plan is $750/month for 75 learners. The growth plan is $1,250/month for 200 learners. The enterprise plan with over 200 learners offers pricing on a quote-by-quote basis. No free version. No free trial.

Click here to sign up for Lessonly today!



Saba is a cloud-based learning and talent management application, designed to assist employee development pursuits, to drive employee engagement, and elevate skills.

Saba offers virtual classroom and recording functionalities, with the ability to track learner progress.

Pros ✅: Saba gives a highly connected, ongoing, and interactive learning environment that empowers employees to create their own learning experience, one that aligns and drives business goals.

Cons : The software is built for larger companies, and not for businesses under 200 employees.

Price : Saba has not provided pricing information. Contact Saba to obtain current pricing information. Free demo provided. No free plan.

Click here to sign up for Saba today!

The Awesome Office Show and Brand Builder (podcast)

The Awesome Office show

Hosted by SnackNation’s own Sean Kelly, The Awesome Office Show – now merged with Brand Builder – is a podcast discussing leading people, creating culture, and employee development to nurture talent for optimal and productive work.

Pros ✅: The podcast focuses on leadership through the lens of culture creation and people management. The show gives actionable tips you can deploy at your company, including employee development advice to improve team engagement.

Cons : Content is delivered to HR leaders, meaning the podcast isn’t appropriate for team-wide listening, having the potential to alienate some of your employees.

Price : The podcast is free to listen to.

Click here to access The Awesome Office and Brand Builder podcast today!



Lattice is a people management platform. The application inspires HR teams to build winning cultures through continuous performance management goals, 1:1s, real-time feedback, reviews, and detailed employee engagement insights.

Pros ✅: Lattice gives a more automated approach to 1:1s and reviews, saving your team time. The software is approachable, simple, and flexible.

Cons : Functionality around dual management (co-leads/co-managers of teams), and their ability to review and provide feedback could be improved.

Price : The price starts at $9/user/month. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for Lattice today!

Organizational culture, employee engagement, communication, and labor relations

  • Organizational culture: Organizational culture is a collection of values, expectations, and practices that guide and inform the actions of all team members.
  • Employee engagement: This is an approach used in the workplace that creates the right environment for employees, to give their best each day, to be committed to their role and the organization’s goals and values.
  • Communication: This is the process of exchanging information and ideas – both verbally and non-verbally – in the workplace.
  • Labor relations: This is the building of strong relationships between the company management/organization and its workforce.

The HR tools presented below help establish one or more of the above-listed HR functions. Add the most appropriate tools to your HR toolkit.

Culture Amp

Culture amp

Culture Amp is a platform that helps you measure and improve employee engagement as well as facilitate feedback. Insights across the employee experience are given and stored in one place.

Pros ✅: App integration is provided, meaning you can run automated surveys during onboarding, exit, and other important milestones.

Cons : The presentation of reports is limited, causing difficulties when presenting data to different stakeholders.

Price : Price starts at $11/user/month. No free version. No free plan.

Click here to sign up for Culture Amp today!

Know Your Team

Know your team

Know Your Team is an application designed to maintain a strong company culture during organizational growth. The tool allows you to hold effective one-on-one meetings, get honest feedback, share progress, and build team rapport.

“Great tool to steer your company to success and happiness” – Jose F.G., Capterra reviews

Pros ✅: Questions are included to guide teams for understanding more about their company. Employees are encouraged to think more about the company culture and how they fit in.

Cons : Difficulties arise when multiple manager collaboration is needed.

Price : Pricing starts at $30/user/month. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for Know Your Team today!



Slack is a great tool supporting team communication, whether your chatting in real-time or asynchronously. Share information, documents, images, and videos instantly, on a global scale.

As a remote team, Slack is used extensively throughout Process Street. This helps us collaborate and communicate effectively across borders. Channels are also set up, such as watercooler chat channels, to create and maintain a strong company culture.

Pros ✅: Discussions can be categorized by channels. Slack acts as an all-in-one communication tool allowing chat, audit, and video collaboration. Once more, integrations can be set up with Google Drive, Process Street, and more.

Cons : If not managed correctly, big organizations are in danger of having too much going on and the creation of multiple channels.

Price : $6.67/month. Free version available. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for Slack today!


Labor soft

LaborSoft is a platform dedicated to building strong labor relations. It’s a cloud-based technology that allows teams to manage, document, and analyze all HR activity in one secure location. LaborSoft provides a module solution that includes HRIS integration, incident tracking, grievance and discipline management, and EEO claims management.

Pros ✅: LaborSoft has a highly customizable design allowing you to adapt to how different workplace instances are tracked. Multiple workplace incidents can be tracked at any one time.

Cons : Lack of integrations limits the software’s use. For instance, emails via Microsoft Outlook cannot be sent from LaborSoft.

Price : LaborSoft has not provided pricing information. Contact LaborSoft to obtain current pricing information. No free plan. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for LaborSoft today!



SnapComms is a multi-channel communications platform designed to reach and engage employees on desktop, mobile, and digital signage. Set up desktop alerts, create full-screen takeovers, or add messages to internally control desktop wallpaper and ensure nothing is missed.

Pros ✅: SnapComms is a simple to use platform, creating messages that are hard to miss. The platform allows messages to be seen and discussed on a peer-to-peer level.

Cons : SnapComms is exceptionally easy to use as an administrator on a desktop, however, the mobile interface could be improved.

Price : SnapComms has not provided pricing information. Contact SnapComms to obtain current pricing information. No free plan. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for SnapComms today!

Managerial relations

Managerial relations is the process of managing relationships in an organization. These relationships can be between the organization and the employees, as well as coworkers working at the same level. The HR tools listed below will help you establish strong managerial relations in your company. Add the best tools – for you, your team, and your organization – to your HR toolkit.



Airtable has a spreadsheet-like interface that anyone can use. The application offers real-time collaboration, with rich features such as file attachments and reporting. The application supports work collaboration, teamwork, and promotes positive managerial relations.

At Process Street, we use Airtable to plan work for each month. To keep track of who is doing what and when. To provide a record of work completed. And to all-in-all manage team schedules.

Pros ✅: Airtable brings structure to the working environment. Once more, it’s possible to integrate Airtable with other applications to promote productivity and ease the workload for employees.

Cons : The free version is limited in options, and paid plans are on the pricey side.

Price : The plus plan is $10/user/month. The pro plan is $20/user/month. Enterprise plan quotes are provided on an individual basis. Free plan available.

Click here to sign up for Airtable today!



Zapier is an integration tool that allows businesses to connect over 1,500 applications, helping people become more productive, saving your employees time to ease workloads, and support good managerial relations.

We love setting up various automations here at Process Street. This is because we know that half of your work can be automated saving time for teams across the globe. On knowing this, we created the following handbook, to help you get started with business process automation. Read: The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Automation.

Pros ✅: Zapier has changed the way the workplace deals with apps and tasks. With every task you and your team need to accomplish, you can ask is this possible to achieve via Zapier? For instance, automate birthday emails to employees (and more), to support good, strong managerial relationships.

Cons : Zapier might not connect certain applications you’re using. Once more, needed actions or triggers could be missing. However, this isn’t Zapiers fault. It’s to do with other applications and whether they make this automated service available or not.

Price : The starter plan costs $19.99/month. The professional plan costs $49/month. Free plan available.

Click here to sign up for Zapier today!



Personio provides a range of HR functions, from creating employee profiles to payroll, time, attendance, and time-off management. In this instance, Personio acts as an HR cockpit to manage your employee data in one place. Among these capabilities, the software is designed to bring employees together, creating a successful relationship management tool.

Excellent, powerful product, great customer service and support”Janosch F., Capterra review

Pros ✅: All features are thoroughly thought through and integrate seamlessly supporting each other.

Cons : A need for more features has been expressed, but it must be appreciated that the product is still growing.

Price : $99.00/month. No free version. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for Personio today!

HR Acuity


You can’t prevent every employee relationship issue, but you can control how your organization responds. Achieve consistency in the way you track, investigate, and analyze employee relations. By using HR Acuity software, you’re equipped with built-in expertise to make best practice your process.

Pros ✅: The system makes tracking HR cases easy. Users can search cases, cross reference, and easily run and save reports.

Cons : Difficulties arise when trying to re-open cases, and deleting documents that are attached to the wrong case.

Price : HR Acuity has not provided pricing information. Contact HR Acuity to obtain current pricing information. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for HR Acuity today!

People XCD

People XCD

People XCD is an HR tool that specializes in employee relationship management. Using this tool you can create belonging, provide connectivity for all users from anywhere, empower employees to manage their data, automate to ensure HR processes are consistently applied, and create clear development plans.

Pros ✅: People XCD is simple to navigate and utilize without direction. Integrations with other platforms are also supported.

Cons : Issues have been raised regarding system faults, which have taken a few weeks to resolve.

Price : Pricing starts at $6.00/user/month. Free version available. No free trial.

Click here to access People XCD!



Zoom is a video conferencing service, offering clear videos with lots of business-orientated features like user management, cloud recording, and 24/7 online support. Zoom makes it easy for colleagues to communicate with one another across different time-zones and regions.

Pros ✅: Zoom is a straightforward, user-friendly interface. It’s easy to set up and offers 720p video calling.

Cons : Zoom has issues with security that could be improved.

Price : Free basic plan. The pro plan costs $14.99/user/month. The business plan costs $19.99/user/month. The enterprise plan costs $19.99/user/month.

Click here to sign up for Zoom today!

Google G Suite


Google G Suite is an integrated suite of secure, cloud-native collaboration and productivity apps, powered by Google AI. This includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and more. With a host of applications on offer, G suite is a great HR tool for workplace collaboration regarding files, documents, email, and online chat.

Pros ✅: Google G Suite provides a full collaboration suite, excellent usability, is an anti-spam, anti-phishing engine, and is HIPAA-compliant.

Cons : Google G Suite is not compatible with Microsoft Exchange. In addition, there have been reports of occasional glitches when receiving calendar invites from external servers. Also, Google G Suite has no built-in way to send encrypted emails.

Price : The basic plan costs $5.50/user/month. The business plan costs $8.28/user/month. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for Google G Suite today!



Most HR professionals are drowning in emails. Sanebox helps busy workers notice and respond to priority communications and save everything else for later. It is an easy means of staying in the loop without feeling overwhelmed.

Pros ✅: This tool eliminates distractions for HR professionals and other team members. Using SaneBox will set you up for success by enhancing team-wide productivity.

Cons : Feature expansions to add filters that automatically delete spam have been requested.

Price : Pricing starts at $7.00/month. No free plan available. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for SaneBox today!

Health and safety regulation

Safety regulations are the strongest official advice that employers have to follow, often created by government ministers meaning most are legally enforceable. These regulations involve making assessments of risk, appointing competent persons to oversee workplace health and safety, and providing workers with relevant information and training.

Below you’ll find out top HR tools for health and safety, to add to your HR toolkit.

My HR Toolkit

My HR Toolkit

My HR Toolkit has a module completely dedicated to Health and Safety. This module provides functions for monitoring various aspects of Health and Safety within your workplace. Managers are given the ability to record accidents, monitor vulnerable employees, keep track of H&S documentation, and manage custom forms.

Pros ✅: My HR Toolkit offers a variety of HR-related functions. This complexity is offset by the application’s simplicity in design, making the software user-friendly.

Cons : A desire for more filters when trying to look at groups of people is expressed.

Price : Paid version starts at $23.00/month. No free version is available.

Click here to sign up for My HR Toolkit today!

Bright HR

Bright HR

Bright HR as a platform offers online health and safety software and advice. The application provides a smarter way to manage everyday health and safety tasks. From this platform, employees can access exclusive CPD-accredited e-learning courses on a range of health and safety topics and share these with your staff.

Pros ✅: Bright HR is credited for its ease of use, friendly and knowledgeable backup team, and for doing what it says on the tin.

Cons : Loading times for reports and functionality has been stated as limited.

Price : The starting price is $3.98/month. No free version available. No free trial.

Click here to sign up for Bright Safe today!

The Access Group

The Access Group

The Access Group provides simple health and safety solutions, designed to join up delivery, recording, and reporting systems in a simple to use online portal. Incident reporting, risk assessments, audits, document management, and eLearning come together in The Access Group’s health & safety solution.

Pros ✅: The software used by The Access Group is simple, giving a great user experience to find their HR needs. From the employee’s side, it’s also easy to contact HR members through the system, giving a great, quick response to health & safety concerns.

Cons : Loading times can be slow, and issues over customer service have been raised.

Price : Pricing starts at $21.24/month. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for The Access Group today!

Personal employee support

Personal employee support is often given via an employee assistance program (EAP). An EAP assists employees with their work-related or personal problems that may impact job performance.

Personal support using EAP’s promotes an employee’s mental and physical wellbeing. In this next section, we’ll consider HR tools designed to support an EAP for your HR toolkit.



Headspace is a meditation app teaching mindfulness. The application focuses on the feelings, emotions, and experiences of the moment. As an HR tool, it can be used to manage workplace stress, anxieties, and promote positive wellbeing.

I love the Headspace application. The app makes meditation and mindfulness easy. The cartoon videos give thorough and easy-to-understand explanations for how to meditate. I take 10 minutes every morning for dedicated meditation time using this app.

Pros ✅: The application provides a free 10-day introduction with custom reminders. Concepts are explained with simplicity, using engaging animations, along with the ability to download the experience offline.

Cons : Discipline and time commitments are required for regular daily practice. Experienced meditators must complete the basic content before advancing.

Price : Price starts at $12.99/user/month. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for Headspace today!



Designed by athletes for athletes, strava is a mobile application and website that connects millions of runners and cyclists worldwide. Why did this app make it into our top 33 HR tools? Because the application promotes physical activity, movement and connects users to local sporting groups. By promoting this application for your workforce, you’ll positively support their physical wellbeing.

Strava is another gem in my application library. This application keeps me motivated to exercise through in-app challenges and the Strava community.

Pros ✅: Strava has a rich set of features, places a strong emphasis on community, and supports many fitness trackers.

Cons : Issues have been raised regarding privacy with the application’s use, along with its expensive premium membership.

Price : Paid plan costs $5.31/month. Free plan available.

Click here to sign up for Strava today!



Welbot is an evidence-based corporate workplace health and wellbeing platform. The application is packed with exercises complementary to positive employee wellbeing. This includes hydration, nutrition, and screen breaks, which are delivered as desktop notifications during the working day.

Pros ✅: The exercises provided are science-backed, delivering optimal wellbeing support to your team. Once more, the platform integrates with existing wellbeing programs. It also features custom signposting to health and wellbeing resources.

Cons : Welbot has no free-plan available.

Price : Welbot has not provided pricing information. Contact Welbot to obtain current pricing information. Free trial available.

Click here to sign up for Welbot today!

Payroll and compensation

Payroll typically involves payments of regular salary and wages. Compensation is broader in scope, including base salary, benefits, perks, on-site amenities, and bonuses.

In this final section, we’ll take a look at HR tools that’ll provide you with a helping hand in supporting your payroll and compensation activities. Select the best tools for you and add these to your HR toolkit.

Sage People

Sage People

Sage People has a detailed compensation management program, to help employers plan, deploy, monitor, and administrate compensation. Sage People aims to ensure managers are applying pay policy fairly across their workforce and to benchmark against similar employer programs.

Sage people allows you to add your personal objectives which are also pretty useful. Especially in the way it collaborates with your manager.” – Sage People Review, Capterra

Pros ✅: Sage People is completely web-based for both employees and HR administration meaning there is no need to install the software.

Cons : Out-of-box configuration is expressed as lacking and demands customization.

Price : Price starts at $10.00/month. No free plan. No free trial.

Click here to signup for Sage People today!

Zoom Shift

Zoom shift

Zoom Shift’s scheduling software is designed for employees who work by the hour. With this software, businesses can make work schedules faster, save money on payroll, and let your employees clock-in and view their hours with ease.

Pros ✅: Employee schedules can be shared via text, push, and email. Automatically remind team members beforehand about their shift.

Cons : Employee shift history archives are limited to 3 months, which has caused issues for some users.

Price : Pricing starts at $2.00/user/month. No free plan. No free trial.

Click here to sign up for Zoom Shift today!



Filling the same positions during company growth and employee turnover may be pointing to a common problem – compensation. TriNet provides a detailed analysis of your current compensation offerings to see if you lead, lag, or match the market.

Pros ✅: TriNet is a great strategic HR software for companies undergoing consistent growth and an explosion in headcount.

Cons : Some aspects of the platform are reported to not be user friendly.

Price : TriNet has not provided pricing information. Contact TriNet to obtain current pricing information. No free trial. No free plan.

Click here to sign up for TriNet today!

Papaya Global

Papaya Global

Remote working is no longer a novelty and is here to stay. If your organization has a global workforce, then handling a global payroll, and managing legal compliance can be a time-consuming affair.

Papaya Global makes it easy by automating payroll for over 160 countries with a platform that allows companies to hire, onboard and pay employees whilst ensuring local compliance

Pros ✅: Cross-border payments are fast and easy to manage benefits.

Cons : Not ideal for small businesses and freelancers

Price : Payroll management starts at $20/employee/month. EOR starts at $770/employee/month. Contractor management starts at $25/employee/cycle.

Click here to sign up for Papaya Global today!


How to integrate Process Street with your HR tools

Process Street is superpowered checklists, and with these checklists, you can document your HR processes in an instant, creating Standard Operating Procedures for your HR department (see video below).

Create checklists using Process Street’s features, such as:

  • Stop Tasks, to ensure task order for HR-related processes.
  • Conditional Logic, to create dynamic processes that are adaptable and cater to your HR-related needs.
  • Approvals, to give the go-ahead, or rejection, on important items, preventing bottlenecks and lengthy delays.
  • Webhooks, to send automated messages and information between applications, integrating your HR tools so they’re centered around the process.
  • Dynamic Due Dates, so no deadline is missed.

How is Process Street unique to the tools mentioned above?

At Process Street, our object of focus is the process. The focus of the tools above is either HR personnel or employees.

By implementing Process Street along with the above tools, you’ll create robust HR operations from the core (the process), while also optimizing the HR departmental output.

Your aim is to create a network of HR tools, with Process Street at the center grounding how you operate.

For further reading on HR and HR-related processes, I recommend the below resources:

Optimize your HR department with our top 34 HR tools

Your employees are your greatest assets. To create a supportive atmosphere for your team, you’ll need to invest and optimize your HR operations.

For this, the digital world presents you with a vast array of tools and software as solutions. The difficulty arises when trying to find the right tool for you and your team. With our top 30+ HR tools, you have a list of top-of-the-market products to choose from.

Whatever tool you decide to use, integrate them with Process Street for robust processes and polished outputs.

What HR tools do you use for your business? Do you document your HR operations? How do you integrate different tools for your organization? We’d love to hear from you, so please comment below!

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Jane Courtnell

Hi there, I am a Junior Content Writer at Process Street. I graduated in Biology, specializing in Environmental Science at Imperial College London. During my degree, I developed an enthusiasm for writing to communicate environmental issues. I continued my studies at Imperial College's Business School, and with this, my writing progressed looking at sustainability in a business sense. When I am not writing I enjoy being in the mountains, running and rock climbing. Follow me at @JaneCourtnell.

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