7 Construction Templates to Improve Processes, Standards, and Client Relations

Construction_Template_Pack_Header-08Within the construction industry, the need to follow well-documented processes is high!

Maybe you need to use processes to make sure project management techniques are being followed correctly? Maybe you want to make sure all industry safety standards are being adhered to and followed as best as possible?

Or maybe you just want to make your clients as happy as possible and know that effective process management will achieve that end?

Whatever your reason for wanting to implement processes within your business, we’re pretty sure we can help.

This is why we’ve constructed this template pack to demonstrate the wide-ranging potential of Process Street in dealing with and managing these use cases. From reporting to clients to guaranteeing safety on site, the automatic recording of results with the ease of reporting through our checklist structure will help boost your efficiency and let you hit your targets.

Our construction templates cover a wide range of use cases

We’ve looked to cover a selection of varied use cases in this template pack to demonstrate the potential process management and checklist structures have in meeting the needs of the industry.

Construction, as you will well know, is a generally highly regulated industry – in part because of the severe risks presented from building inappropriately and partly because of the higher levels of on the job safety risks. Add to this the large numbers of people having to work together on-site while following the same plans, and construction becomes an industry where the following of processes is paramount.

In this pack, we cover a few different kinds of processes.

We have our straightforward actionable guiding processes. These lay out the steps required in a short process to complete a relatively short construction job. These include the processes for installing solar panels, roofing a house, and installing a pool in someone’s home. These processes feel like classic Process Street use cases to me as they mirror the way I use Process Street to guide my work and map out my tasks.

We also have two processes within this pack which are constructed to turn Process Street into reporting software. These are detailed checklists with form fields to leave notes and upload evidence. We’ve used this structure as part of our inspection checklists. We’ve looked to map these inspection checklists to industry standards to illustrate how much better they are than carrying around pen and paper wherever you go.

Lastly, we have client facing processes which are engineered to act as report templates. They’ve been designed to hook up with Webmerge – competitors and alternative services do exist – to automatically generate client reports from the information entered into the checklists. There’s a one-time setup cost in terms of time, but once you have that done you’ll begin to save time the more reports you generate with this automated system.

If you want to check out the templates directly without all the info and explanation for each, I’ve included the quicklinks here below:

Construction templates quicklinks

7 construction templates to boost your business

Jump right in and find out which templates would be best for your business.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar_Panel_Installation_Construction_Template_Pack-07Solar energy is one of the most up and coming sources of energy production and particularly decentralized distributed energy production.

In the past 10 years, solar energy has risen from 0.1% of energy production in the EU to 10%. The US isn’t far behind, and emerging economies across the world are seeing similar rises.

One of the immediate consumer benefits of solar energy production is the ability to install solar panels on your own home, reducing your energy bills and even earning money by contributing to the national grid. As solar panels drop in price, this option is opening up for a wider spread of the public.

Demand for home based solar energy systems is rising and this checklist aims to help small solar management firms meet this need.

We run through the process step by step, from assessing suitability to installing the racking, to inviting the regional inspectors to sign off on the project.

Click here to get the solar panel installation process.

Roof Installation Process

Roof_Installation_Process_Construction_Template_Pack-06Roofing is one of the standard parts of any building construction process. This is a repeatable process used the world over and one which is performed countless times every day across the US.

This process is geared to take a small roofing firm through all the elements of the roofing process. There is a focus on safety and preparation along with inbuilt checks for quality assurance.

The process is designed specifically for residential construction, particularly for those who wish to add a new roof to an existing structure. This is a classic Process Street use case for small construction firms and one we’re sure our users will make use of.

You can edit this template once you have added it to your account to tailor it to your specific needs depending on what your most common customer needs are.

Click here to get the roof installation process.

Pool Construction Process

Pool_Construction_Process_Construction_Template_Pack-04It’s a gorgeous day outside as I write this. I’ll be honest with you, I would rather not be in the office while the sun shines and the sky glows blue.

If I could, I would love to hop into a swimming pool as soon as I clock off. Unfortunately, my apartment doesn’t have a swimming pool and I doubt I could construct one effectively in my kitchen.

There are many others, however, who have this same desire and sufficient outdoor space to turn those dreams into a reality. This is a process geared to meet those wishes.

This process, like the others above, is specifically targeted at meeting the needs of small firms who specialize in pool installations in residential scenarios. From excavation to diving in, this process should take you through each step.

Click here to get the pool construction process.

Electrical Inspection Checklist

Electrical_Inspection_checklist_Construction_Template_Pack-03We’ll start off by saying: electricity can be dangerous.

In 2015 in America, electrical fires accounted for 51,000 fires, 500 deaths, 1,400 injuries, and nearly $1.8 million in property damage.

How do we stop this?

The primary means we have for combatting electrical fires is proper and thorough inspection procedures. These, properly implemented, drive up quality assurance at the beginning and spot mistakes before they become tragedies in existing systems.

This process consists of two parts. The first is the industry standard checks that any electrical inspector should perform before beginning an inspection – to protect themselves. The second is a general purpose inspection geared toward residential and commercial properties.

Electrical inspections are long and complex procedures, so we encourage you to take this template and edit it to add in the extra inspection steps which pertain specifically to the area you will be inspecting. All the steps we have laid out in our inspection checklist adhere to the NEC guidelines and hopefully provide a blueprint for how you can do the same.

Click here to get the electrical inspection checklist.

Site Inspection Checklist

Site_Inspection_Checklist_Construction_Template_Pack-05I’m not going to lie to you. This site inspection checklist is thorough.

As you well know, a site inspection is not a short affair. There are a whole array of different things to check and a series of individual elements to each.

We’ve tried to construct this template to cover all key aspects of a construction site inspection, keeping it varied and multi-purpose. You can edit this template to add or remove tasks to make it more specific to your individual needs.

Like with all the Process Street templates, the data gathered from each checklist you run is stored in the template overview tab. This gives you, over time, an exportable database of previous inspections with all detail recorded automatically. This should make your reporting and recording much easier and allow you to focus on the task at hand.

For each item being inspected, we have included upload fields to add evidence to support the claim. Depending on the question, this evidence could be in the form of photographs or files. The flexibility is built into the platform to allow you to use it the way you need to use it.

Click here to get the site inspection checklist.

Construction Proposal Template

Construction_Proposal_Template_Construction_Template_Pack-01This is the first of our report templates.

These templates work in a slightly different way to the others in this list. The structure is the same – the great thing about Process Street is you’re always interacting with the software in the same way – but the outcomes are different.

You could use these templates in a very simple way. They could act as a guide to help you write your proposal template; providing form fields to gather your thoughts for each section before you copy and paste those answers into another document to build your proposal.

But that’s not what I recommend.

We’ve constructed these report templates so that you can hook them up with Webmerge, a document building SaaS product. Ideally, you would connect Process Street to Webmerge by using the third party automation service Zapier. You then go through the checklist step by step, filling in each section, and at the end click to export all that information over to Webmerge.

If you’ve made your proposal template in Webmerge – adding your branding and styling – then the data you entered into Process Street will automatically populate the Webmerge template and build your document for you.

For me, this is one of the most interesting use cases of Process Street and shows the flexibility and potential of modern software solutions once you begin to add in elements of automation.

Click here to get the construction proposal template.

Construction Progress Report

Construction_Progress_Report_This construction progress report works similarly to the proposal template other than serving a different use case.

The progress report is a client-facing document which allows you to give updates and extra information to clients to keep them in the loop about what is happening on-site.

This template is geared toward a large construction firm taking part in a fairly hefty construction job. However, it is built to be flexible and to be able to be used by companies of all sizes.

I don’t need to explain to you the value of keeping your customers happy. You’re very aware of that already.

We hope this checklist can assist you in maintaining high customer relations and managing expectations. Finding new clients is always tricky, but less of a pressing concern when previous clients want to keep coming back to you!

Click here to get the construction progress report.

Build processes before you build anything else

Having strong processes in place helps guide your team and drive your business forward.

Whether your process implementation goal is to raise quality standards, adhere to safety regulations, or to simply put more smiles on your clients’ faces, we’re confident you’ll find Process Street to be a useful ally in meeting your targets.

We have a rule at Process Street that you should create a process for any task you perform more than twice. It works for us and I’m sure it will work for you too!

Build your processes, build your buildings, and build your business!

Or check out our other template packs!

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