Checklist Sharing

You can share a checklist with anyone you want by creating a Checklist Share Link. The person you share it with will be able to complete the checklist, fill in form fields, upload files, and add comments; you don’t have to assign them, so they don’t even need a Process Street account!

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How To Share A Checklist

To share a checklist, go into the checklist hit the “Share Link” button in the right-hand menu.

checklist sharing - sharing button

Once clicked, this will generate a link which you can send to anyone you wish. To copy the link to your clipboard, click the button next to the link.

checklist sharing - sharing link

You can then share the link with another party through email, Slack, or any other channel you wish. Anyone with the link will be able to access and fill in the checklist, but (unlike public templates) it will not be submitted to Google.

checklist sharing - client screen

Any alterations (such as marked tasks, comments, and completed form fields) will be recorded in the activity feed as an anonymous user, whether you are logged into a Process Street account or not. Remember this, as if you want to be able to track the activity of an individual team member, this is only possible by inviting them as a guest.

checklist sharing - activity feed

How To Stop Sharing A Checklist

If you want to stop sharing the checklist at any time, just click on the “Share Link” button again. This will stop any existing links to the checklist from working – to access the checklist, someone will need to be a member or guest in your Process Street organization as usual.

checklist sharing - back to private

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  1. Nice feature but what would be much better is to only give them access to one task within the checklist.

    1. Vinay Patankar

      Hey Peter, thanks for the idea, have added it to the list

      1. Yes indeed. If it’s client onboarding, you might want to have them complete part of the list. And not only that, you may not want them to even see some of the other elements.

  2. Excellent. Now I just need an easy way for people to pay to access checklists! Great mini product if this is possible one day.

    1. Vinay Patankar

      Hey Tom, what kind of checklists would you want to sell?

  3. Ruben Orozco

    What about giving people ability to only view the checklist and it’s completed tasks. Such as to provide status to the progress of a checklist. Maybe even embed it into gmail?

  4. Is there a feature to set specific permissions to the shared link?

    We would like that our client is able to view the checklist, but is not allowed to edit or complete it. However commenting by the client is allowed. Any options for this?

    1. Vinay Patankar

      Right now there is no view only option, but we have tracked your request. For the time being, you could just export your checklist as a PDF and send it to the client to give them a status update. Would that work?

  5. Hey Vinay, having some trouble:
    I have a multi-step process I’d like to trigger from a Zap, and either auto-assign to one of the guests based on selection from within Zapier, or auto-share. But when I try to assign a guest to the checklist, they don’t show up in the selection – only I (the sole paid member) show up.

    1. Vinay Patankar

      Hello, to do this you will need to enter their email address.

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