Managing Checklist User Permissions

Managing checklist permissions in Process Street is simple – with a couple of clicks you can assign new members and guests and see the permission level of all users currently assigned.

How to manage checklist permissions

First you need to open the checklist you want to manage the permissions of. Do this by finding a checklist in your home screen or in a folder, and click on the blue card to open the checklist.

Assign or unassign users

To assign a user to a checklist, first click the “Assign members” button” then start to type the user or group’s name or email address into the field supplied, and then select them from the dropdown.

To unassign a user or a group, click their profile picture in the checklist menu and select “Unassign user”.

Note: You can invite a new user to your organization as a guest and assign them from this field. To do this, type in their full email address into the box and hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

View inherited permissions (assigned users)

To see the permission levels of users assigned to a checklist, you need to first click on the activity tab in menu on the right side of the checklist.

Next, scroll to the bottom of the activity tab and click on “View all activity”.

Finally, click on the “Members” tab. Here you will be able to see the permission levels of all users assigned to the checklist, the template or folder.

Learn more about user permissions and running checklists.


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