Custom Branding

You can maintain your company brand inside Process Street by adding your company logo.

This ensures that your organization’s logo appears on any workflows and workflow runs that you export and share with anyone working in, or outside Process Street.

It shows when you’re working in the app, and will also appear on any email notifications that are triggered from the platform, such as when you invite new members and guests to work with you, or when you assign someone to tasks or workflow runs.

Plan: Custom Branding is a feature on our Pro and Enterprise plans.

Users: In order to add custom branding you must be an Administrator.

When you first create an organization, the default bradning is the Process Street logo.

To change this to your own brand logo, start by clicking your profile picture in the upper right corner of your screen, then click “Settings“. This opens your organization’s management area.

From there, click on the “Settings” tab and then you will see the place where you can “Change logo“.

The image file you upload needs to be a minimum of 64 pixels square in size. Upload your file and click “Update” to finish.

Note: Your image may need to be on a square background for it to show properly in the frame.

Once you’ve uploaded your logo to Process Street, you can see your logo in a variety of different places.

At the top left of your screen when you’re working in Process Street.

At the top of your workflows and workflow runs when you print them or save them as a PDF:

In emails automatically sent from Process Street on behalf of your organization:

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