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Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Updated June 20, 2023

Maintaining your company’s brand profile is important, especially when sharing workflow runs or sending emails to your clients, customers or new hires.

There are a number of ways you can maintain your company’s branding in Process Street:

Users: In order to add cover images or emails you must be a Member with edit permissions. To add a company logo or change brand colors, you must be an Administrator.

Customizing your Process Street Colors

You can personalize your Process Street organization in your brand colors to stay in sync with your company’s visual style and brand persona.

Go to your Organization settings and use the color picker to set your brand color.

If you have a hex code of your brand’s dominant color, you can enter that in the brand color field.

Your preferred colors will also reflect in the workflow run you share with your guests and customers so they can have an integrated experience of your brand.

Defining your custom subdomain

If you’re on our Enterprise plan, you can also define a custom subdomain, for example: “”.

Reach out to your account manager or our support team to activate this feature.

Note: If you don’t log in to Process Street using the subdomain, you will get redirected to the login page with the subdomain automatically added for you.

Adding cover images, logos or emojis

You can add custom cover images into your Workflows and Pages and add a logo, icon, or emoji for extra personalization.

Edit your workflow or page and click “Add cover” or “Add icon“. Select your image or choose one of the emojis from the icon library.

You can change the skin tone of emojis by clicking the yellow bar and making your selection, as shown below.

In Pages, your cover images show full width. Images wider than 1500 pixels work best in Pages.

In Workflows, your cover images appear above your task list. Images wider than 700 pixels work best in Workflows.

You’ll see icons and emojis in your library folders, when searching for items and in your inbox.

Note: While gifs may upload as a cover image, they are not supported due to sizing constraints.

Creating emails with HTML or rich text

You can use an HTML editor to create beautifully formatted and branded emails, then copy/paste the HTML code into the email widget.

Using the rich text editor, you can craft emails with formatting and add hyperlinks into the text.

Learn more about using the email widet.

Adding your company logo

When you first create an organization, the default branding is the Process Street logo.

To change this to your own brand logo, start by clicking your profile picture in the upper right corner of your screen, then click “Settings“. This opens your organization’s management area.

From there, click on the “Settings” tab and then you will see the place where you can “Change logo“.

The image file you upload needs to be a minimum of 64 pixels square in size. Upload your file and click “Update” to finish.

Note: Your logo may need to be on a square background for it to show properly in the frame.

Adding your company logo ensures that it appears on any workflows and workflow runs that you export and share with anyone working in, or outside Process Street.

It shows when you’re working in the app, and will also appear on any email notifications that are triggered, such as when you invite new members and guests to work with you, or when you assign someone to tasks or workflow runs.

Read more about custom branding in our blog.

Learn more about managing your organization.

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