Custom Branding

One way that Process Street allows you to maintain your organization‘s brand is by letting you include your organization’s logo on your exports, Process Street emails, and within Process Street itself.

Note: Custom Branding is a feature on our Standard and Enterprise plans.

Setting a logo in Process Street is quick and easy.

First, go into your organization’s settings by clicking on your organization’s name within the header.

From there, click on the ‘Settings’ tab and then the ‘Change logo’ button.

You will then be asked to upload your logo, which needs to be a minimum of 64px square in size.

Once you’ve uploaded your logo to Process Street, you can then see your logo in a variety of different places.

At the top left of the page within the app.

At the top of your printed checklists and templates

In emails automatically sent from Process Street on behalf of your organization.

Learn more about managing your organization.


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