Process Street 2.0: Your Workflows, Now With Superpowers & Confetti

When we started building Process Street, we thought we knew all the features our users would need.

We were quick to learn that we’d left an awful lot out…

After a year of continuous development, we’re rolling out Process Street 2.0 — a whole new app with a ton more functionality, including:

  • A rebuilt UI from the ground up
  • Form builder and automation
  • Task assignments and due dates
  • Run links and checklist sharing
  • Zapier, Google Apps, and Microsoft integrations
  • Easily complete tasks and checklists

Process Street isn’t just a checklist app anymore. It’s a complete platform for workflow automation, business process management and reporting.

It helps you cut back on the useless work being done in your organization, automate the work you shouldn’t be doing by hand, and run your business seamlessly by creating easy-to-run processes for recurring tasks.

Let’s take a look at what’s changed.

A new explainer video

Pretty self-explanatory:

A brand new look with blasts of confetti

The first thing you may notice if you haven’t logged into the app in the last year is a completely updated brand (check out the post on how we rebranded our startup in 3 months), color scheme and UI.

To go along with the new UI, we’ve added some fun when you complete checklists:

Form fields to collect data and automate tasks

Checklists now come with form fields so you can collect data and store it in a way that is easy to
understand and manipulate.

You can even push that data to your favorite apps for a seamless integration experience.

If you were running an employee onboarding checklist, for example, you’d want to record data like the employee’s name, job title, mentor name, etc. With form fields, you can create fields to collect each data point.

Form fields also make integrations more useful. You can send the employee’s data to your payroll system automatically, or, like in the example below, send customer data to and from your CRM. This is done via Zapier or our API.

View checklists and form field entries in a sexy grid view

Once you have run workflows and collected data, you can view it in our template overview or export it to CSV.

template overview

Assign checklist tasks to your team

Improve team efficiency and accountability by making it clear exactly who’s responsible for each task. Use assignments in your workflow steps, and get better results with actionable processes.

Instead of assigning a whole checklist to a group of people, you can now assign the tasks within it. If there’s a handoff between the sales and customer success teams, for example, you can mark the tasks each is responsible for so there’s no confusion.

When you’re assigned a task, it makes it easier to see exactly what’s pending from you when you use search (for your own name) or flip to the template overview tab.

Create surveys and more with the “Run Checklist Link”

Use the new checklist run link feature to launch surveys and integrate with other apps.

With a simple link, anyone can run a checklist from a template and complete it, even if they don’t have a Process Street account.

Try it out yourself, click on this link.

Quickly share checklists from a link

Build a more collaborative business, and encourage people to follow processes by privately sharing checklists that you can track as they’re completed.

The person you share it with will be able to complete the checklist, fill in form fields, upload files, and add comments; they don’t even need a Process Street account, similar to a public Dropbox link.

Integrate Process Street with Zapier, Google Apps, and Yammer (750+ apps total)

Connect your checklists to over 750 different apps and start automating the work you hate doing.

Zapier turns simple checklists into automated workflows, so you can trigger events in other apps by just checking off a checkbox in Process Street.

In late 2015, we used our API to build an integration with Zapier, which means you can connect Process Street to apps including Gmail, Salesforce, and Dropbox and create rules (known as ‘zaps’) that trigger actions automatically:

For example:

Our Yammer integration means that all Process Street activity is fed to your Yammer channel and you can use your Yammer account to sign in. If you’re a Yammer user, all your organization’s activity is easy to see.

As for the Google Apps integration, it allows you to log in faster with your Google account instead of using the old-fashioned email and password combination.

Easily complete tasks and checklists

It’s easier than ever to blaze through your checklists thanks to two new features.

The first is a new button inside the task that helps you complete that task faster, and a ‘next’ button to skip down the list:

Next, you can save clicks by hitting ‘Check all tasks’ — completing a checklist will take it off your dashboard, so all finished work is hidden and won’t clutter up your workspace:

process street confetti
Plus, get showered with confetti as a reward! 

What do you think? Have you had a chance to test any of these features yet? Let me know in the comments!

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