Business Systems Explored: A New Podcast Revealing The Systems Behind Amazing Companies


It’s finally here.

I am excited to say after numerous delays the release of our brand spankin new podcast: Business Systems Explored hosted by myself (Vinay Patankar) and Tony Brown has arrived.

You can download and listen today on iTunes (iOS) or Stitcher (Android).

Why should I listen?

The mission of this podcast is to bring you (the reader-soon-to-be-listener) unique, insightful and detailed systems that can be used in your business today.

We take deep dives into topics like:

Just to name a few…

And no, the podcast is not all about Process Street and no, we don’t spend 20 minutes asking guests about the origins of their business, what they eat for breakfast, or their first living memory.

Instead we do deep breakdowns into specific business systems with a specialist guest each week.

We’ve already interviewed a number of awesome people including Walter Chen (iDoneThis), Steli Efti (, Dennis Mortensen (, Jon Nastor (Hack the Entrepreneur), Tim Page (LeadPages) and have an exciting future lineup.

So if you’re interested in growing a business, improving your team’s efficiency, saving time, money or just like to hear awesome people talk about cool hacks, you should subscribe.

How do I listen?

Ready to jump into the first episode?

The best place to get the first episode is on iTunes (iOS) or Stitcher (Android) where you can also Subscribe for future episodes.

We will be releasing a new episode every Friday so keep a look out in your iTunes feed.

If you prefer to listen on your computer, you can do so at the Business Systems Explored Website.

Links to subscribe

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Now, time to get into the show with the first episode, hot off the press.

Full season one episode list:

  1. Chris Savage – Wistia’s System for Converting High-Ticket Customers with Video
  2. Walter Chen — The Startup Marketing Strategy Used to Get iDoneThis to $500k in Recurring Revenue
  3. Alison Groves — The Growth Strategy Zapier Used to Get Over 1,000,000 Users
  4. Jon Nastor — How to Start a Podcast and Get 1,400,000 Downloads
  5. Steli Efti — How to Build a Kick-Ass Outbound Sales Team for Your Startup
  6. Kate Erickson — Niche Marketing, Content Creation and Managing a Virtual Team
  7. Tim Paige — How to Master Conversion Rate Optimization
  8. Dennis R. Mortensen — The Future of SaaS, AI Programming and Robots Taking Your Job
  9. Michael E. Gerber — Exactly Why Small Businesses Fail
  10. Aaron Lapierre — A Stressful Month in the Life of a Customer Success Manager
  11. Vinay Patankar — The Content Promotion Process We Use to Generate Over 100,000 Monthly Pageviews
  12. Tom Cagley — Where to Start with Agile Software Development
  13. Pouyan Salehi — Cold Emailing Sales Tips from the Founder of PersistIQ
  14. Cameron Gray — What to Do When Hiring Engineers: Expert Tips for CTOs
  15. Wendy Tadokoro — How to Systemize Your Business from Scratch
  16. Chris Lavigne — How to Create Video Customers Will Actually Watch
  17. Matt Goldman — How to Reduce Churn and Save Your Doomed SaaS Company
  18. Armando Biondi — An Expert’s System to Manage Facebook Ad Campaigns
  19. Vinay Patankar — Startup Hiring: How to Find the Perfect Candidate Without Going Insane
  20. Zachary Sexton — How to Be More Efficient at Work
  21. Vinay Patankar — How to Delegate Tasks Successfully Without Wasting Time
  22. Doyle Albee — How to Build a PR Strategy for Your Business
  23. Dmitry Dragilev — Startup SEO: How to Get Traction in Your First Year

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