29 Small Business Podcast Interviews with the Experts

After 29 episodes, season one of Business Systems Explored is over. In this episode, we’re looking back over our favorite episodes, and forward to what season two might hold.

From video marketing to building a sales and customer success system, we’ve learned loads about all aspects of business, and improved our interviewing skills! We even have some feedback for you from implementing the systems ourselves.

With guests like Jon Nastor, Michael E. Gerber, Walter Chen and Amy Schmittauer, we’re privileged to have had such such high profile guests in the first season!

If you don’t know where to start with the most valuable wisdom from Business Systems Explored, give this a quick listen (it’s only 12 minutes long), and get recommendations from myself and Tony.

Links to listen to the season one summary:

Full season one episode list:

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Benjamin: Will season two have a theme? Are you taking a break now? When will season two start? Maybe I should listen to this episode to get the answers? 😉

I had a question on how you created the show notes. I am waiting for an answer… 😉

All the Best,


Hey Martin! I’m not sure about the direction Vinay and Tony have planned for Season 2, but we are taking a break to think about it and get some more great guests on board.

As for the show notes, I listen to the episode and type the list in WorkFlowy. My template is here if you’d like to see: http://i.imgur.com/ulpiSXx.png

Your latest podcast episode sounds like it has a really interesting concept, by the way — will have to give it a listen. 🙂


Thanks for your reply! I will check out your template. I am using WorkFlowy for my core values.

Have Vinay and Tony covered social CRM and ERP B2B systems and processes?

Thanks in advance for listening to my podcast! I appreciate it very much!

Talk soon again!

All the Best,


So you mention, “quick listen (it’s only 12 minutes long)” – none of the episodes are 12min in itunes and the links provided don’t get me to episode 29, but do get me to episodes through 28. Perhaps there is a missing link for the season summary?

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