Searching Templates and Checklists

You can search your organization for templates and/or checklists using a specific phrase or name. This means that if you know the name of a template or checklist you can find it with two clicks and a couple of words.

You can search from your Home screen, your Checklist Dashboard, your Inbox and any scheduled checklists you have set up.

There are two types of search term you can use:

  • A template’s name
  • A checklist’s name

To use the search feature you need to be viewing your Process Street home dashboard. If you’re currently viewing/editing a template or checklist, click the “Home” button to go back to the dashboard.

The search bar is on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Click on it, then type to start searching – you don’t need to press “Enter” on your keyboard, as the search will automatically start.

The results of your search will appear in place of your regular dashboard view.

Home search examples

When searching a template’s name (or a phrase within a template’s name), your results will contain all templates which have your search term in their name. In the example below we’re searching for “Onboarding”.

If you search for the name of a checklist, you will be shown the template the checklist was run from, along with the checklist containing your search term. In the example below we’re searching for “Serena”.

Finally, if you search a user’s name, your search results will contain every checklist with that user’s name in. In the example below we’re searching for “Ellie”.

You can use the search in Checklist Dashboard to search for checklists by name, in any of your saved views.

To quickly find checklists by name in your Inbox, you can use the search box at the top of your screen.

If you have lots of Scheduled checklists set up, you can search these by using the search box in the left of the schedule manager.

Learn more about templates, checklistsassigning user to templates, and assigning users to checklists.


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