Searching Templates and Checklists

If you have numerous templates and checklists in use, it can sometimes be hard to spot the one you need right away.

You can search your organization for templates and checklists in a number of places, or from your iPhone app.

To search for deleted templates or checklists, head to your organization’s activity feed.

Users: Only Admins and Members can see the search box and template dashboard.

Search for templates

In your header bar

Click “Search” at the top right of your screen, next to the “Run” button.

A pop up box will appear, and you can start typing the name of the template you would like to find in the box at the top. You can also search template descriptions and task names from here.

Scroll through the results to find what you’re looking for, and click one of the results to open that template.

You can use shortcut keys to access this search modal. Press “command + K” (on a Mac) or “Ctrl + K” (on a PC).

Search template tags

You can add tags to templates to allow you to access them faster from your template dashboard.

Search for deleted templates

If you are an Admin, you can search for any templates that have been deleted from your organization’s activity feed.

Search for checklists

In your checklist dashboard

Click “Checklists” at the top left of your screen to go to your checklist dashboard.

You can use the search shown below to search for checklists by name in any of the default saved views or views that you have created.

In your inbox

In your Inbox, there is a search box on your main “inbox” tab for any checklists due today, with no due date or that are overdue. There is a separate search box in your “upcoming” tab for any checklists with a due date from tomorrow onwards.

In your scheduled checklists

If you have lots of scheduled checklists set up, you can search these by using the search box in the left of the schedule manager. Start from your template dashboard and click “Scheduled” to access the schedule manager.

In your iPhone app

If you are using our iPhone app, you can search checklists from your mobile inbox.

Search for deleted checklists

If you are an Admin, you can search for any checklists that have been deleted from your organization’s activity feed.

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